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30 Restaurants in 30 Days: Rumi’s Kitchen

AJC Staff

AJC Staff

Do you know what an 11-top is? In restaurant parlance, this is a table of 11 and, believe me, you do not want to be stuck on the tail end of one of those.

When we arrive at Rumi’s Kitchen — a Persian restaurant in Sandy Springs that I’ve long been eager to try — we discovered that an 11-top had walked in not 5 minutes before us. They seem an amiable group of young men in their 20’s who had chosen to cluster in one large conversation circle in the half-opened front door. If I had to guess their function, I would say Dungeons & Dragons Meetup Group or, perhaps, an I.T. Department office party.

The hostess tries to bring them inside to the narrow front bar area but they then block all passage into the restaurant, so she shoos them outside. She just kind of pushes on the perimeter of the group and they all shuffle out the door en masse.

“It’ll be just a few minutes,” she tells us with a smile.

A lesser restaurant than Rumi’s Kitchen would have been completely undone by …

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The “30 Restaurants in 30 Days” Project Begins!




During the month of November, I will begin each morning on this blog with a visit to a local restaurant. While these won’t be formal reviews, I do hope to tell you which places to seek out, which ones to avoid and how you can best use each restaurant to satisfy your budget as well as your appetite. Expect a few lousy iPhone pictures, as well.

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Back on the Dining Beat


AJC Staff: My alter ego (guess which one?)

Five years ago I asked to step away from reviewing restaurants. At that time, I wanted to learn more about journalistic endeavors that didn’t involve stuffing my face. I also needed — after so many years of constant dining out — to spend more time at home, cooking for my family.

But starting today, I am back on the dining beat in a big way.

I will be exploring Atlanta’s food scene with a reinvigorated appetite — checking out interesting newcomers, revisiting forgotten oldies and alerting you to the intriguing ethnic dining options that make Atlanta such a unique food town. I’ll also have a stronger Digital presence with my Food and More blog, where you’ll be able to find daily restaurant news and food buzz. Meridith Ford Goldman, to whom I passed the baton in 2004, will continue writing the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s formal restaurant reviews every Friday in the AJC’s weekend Go Guide.

Let me quickly tell you …

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