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30 Restaurants in 30 Days: West Egg Cafe

westegg1What we have here is one extremely well made sandwich ($7.95). Between these two thick, pillowy slices of toasted challah bread are two hard-cooked fried eggs, cheddar and jack cheeses, bacon, crisp greens, slivers of red onion, enough mayonnaise to gush ever so slightly out the sides and a surprising tomato jam.

When you pick it up, you realize that you are in for the long haul with this creation. It will fall apart into its slippery constituents should you loosen your grip. You have no choice but to bite, chew, bite, chew, bite, chew until you are close enough to the crust to lay it down without mishap.

Each one of those bites will be a mouthful of conflicting signals. That tomato jam is sweeeeet – too sweet you will think at first. But, no, those red onions respond with their sharpness and bite. The bacon, like a scary ex-girlfriend, will not be ignored, and chimes in with smoke and salt. Meanwhile the eggs, gooey cheese and gushy mayo keep trying, unsuccessfully,  to suffocate these competing flavors.

I think this what the best sandwiches do: they force all their components to cooperate.

So, here’s my advice. If you’re used to visiting the West Egg Cafe for breakfast, you might want to try out lunch. I might skip the too-sweet, one-note Brunswick Stew and get some of the cafe’s thin, crisp fried green tomatoes for a side dish.

westegg2And, of course, you want one of the famous Coca-Cola cupcakes ($2.25) for dessert. Look at that frosting: creamy but just a little crusted on the surface so it all stays in place.

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November 29th, 2009
10:32 am

“Food writer walks into McDonald’s”……How was the coffee? Did I miss your rating on it? It’s very good and I’ve tried them all. Well worth going for breakfast just for the coffee!


November 30th, 2009
4:42 pm

Went for breakfast with my daughter. Service was poor.


November 30th, 2009
6:36 pm

The Coca Cola cupcakes are the best! Thanks West Egg Cafe.


December 1st, 2009
7:17 am

Linda, I experienced bad breakfast service as well when I went with my children (who behaved very well, for those ready to blast me for having the audacity to take my pre-adults out of the house into the public sphere, oh, the horror). I wonder if the staff members don’t like families with children to come in and discourage it this way. Shame because the food was delicious.


December 1st, 2009
7:32 am

Wow – I completely agree with the ‘poor service with kids’ comments. Took forever just to get drinks/orders, then again more delays with the food and bill. Stay away.


December 1st, 2009
7:53 am

West Egg is a gem! I live on south side and when our friends in the city took us to the Egg for the first time last year we fell in love. I have never tried the lunch menu since I can’t get enough of the breakfast, but I can imagine it is amazing. The service doesn’t bother me as some of the others have said on here, but I’m not going to West Egg for the service, I’m going for the food, and if I have to wait a few more minutes for my grits and eggs I gladly will. I have taken some of my coworkers at lunch and they love it too, but yes it can be difficult for lunch during the week if you are under a time crunch. But, if you aren’t in a rush for breakfast give it a try!


December 1st, 2009
7:59 am

Service isn’t great even for those of us without kids. But we normally go on Saturday or Sunday mornings for breakfast and it’s always packed. So we’ll keep going back because the food is good but the service can be spotty when they’re busy.


December 1st, 2009
8:40 am

Tried this place for the first time about six montyhs ago with our monthly office luncheon spot.
The food was okay but pricey for what it was worth. But more importantly, the service was one of the worst I ever experienced. The waitress was slow to respond to the table from the on-set. She then proved how rude she was with her attitude and facial expressions which follwed soon afterwards by her mouth. She was not worth the dime I wanted to leave in gratuity; however, I did feel that she was worth every penny of the 2 cents I did leave for her!


December 1st, 2009
9:21 am

I’m surprised by the comments about poor service. We live on the westide and have been going to West Egg since it opened and I can’t remember ever having bad service. Granted it can be slow on a weekend morning when they’re slammed, but I think that’s fairly typical of any Atl breakfast spot. We’ve also been a number of times with our (now 17mo) daughter and haven’t had any issues.

John Kessler

December 1st, 2009
12:14 pm

I, too, am surprised at the comments on bad service. I thought my waitress was incredibly attentive, and she had a lot of advice about the menu. I wouldn’t have tried the egg sandwich without her urging.


December 1st, 2009
6:00 pm

The West Egg Rocks!!! The comment about poor service with kids…well I seen alot of misbehaved kids WITH rude parents in restaurants. If that is your family please stay home so others can enjoyed a meal in peace.


December 2nd, 2009
8:26 am

ClemsonDude, yes, I have seen those kids and parents as well. We’re not among them. And I went on a weekday between the main breakfast and lunch rushes, so they were not busy. Trust, if you want others’ kids to let you “enjoy your meal in peace,” encourage waitstaff to not leave their table hanging forever without food, drinks and silverware.


December 2nd, 2009
3:39 pm

You won’t hear anything but positive review about West Egg from me. Best cupcakes in town…red velvet to be exact. It’s not ideal if you in a hurry to eat and get out. Food is great and local artists showcased on the walls are always changing. Check it out!

philip d

December 4th, 2009
6:16 pm

cool cozy location, good cupcakes, breakfast/lunch – questionable i give it a 3 out of 10

I live in on the Westside and have dined here 6 times. With each visit, the food became less and less appetizing down to my last visit, from which I decided not to return again. I’ve never had any real issue with service. It had actually been good to decent each visit. But I need to focus on the food. It’s mediocre. Nothing special about breakfast. I ordered a sandwich here and was shocked to discover the bread was no better quality than a slice of Kroger brand sliced bread and get this, it was not pressed! I would expect a fried green tomato sandwich….any hot sandwich to be pressed, right? Of course, and not to is a sin. I heard they were going to move back into the Abattoir building off the main Howell drag. That sounds like a deathly move. Don’t do it West Egg!

For a solid breakfast, you can’t beat Thumbs Up Diner right up the road. Highland Bakery in Inman Park is more comparable in regard to charm/character and totally blows this place away “tastewise” – I’ve only been once but loved every dish on the table, breakfast and lunch.