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Feel-good Blog Comment of the Day

Mary Mac's beloved owner Margaret Lupo, who died in 1998

Mary Mac's beloved owner Margaret Lupo, who died in 1998

This blog comment just came in from Judith Lupo Wold, daughter of Margaret Lupo, on the Mary Mac’s thread. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. I know I’ll be thinking about Ms. Wold’s letter this Thursday when I’m snapping green beans, making cornbread and roasting turkey.

John: Since you have not been in Atlanta “forever”, you never had the pleasure of meeting my mother, Margaret Lupo who owned and operated Mary Macs Tearoom from the early 1960’s until her death in 1998. Mother was at the “tearoom” every morning around 6 (not home till 10 pm). She personally tasted everything on the steam table (with clean spoons of course) for quality…she was a hands on owner-operator. My father, who was in the produce business for many years in Atlanta, personally visited the farmer’s market daily, choosing vegetables from “produce row.” String beans were snapped by the bartender, at the bar, during slow hours. Mary Mac’s was a place where folks from politicians to bridge clubs (sometimes lined up outside the door) met for lunch or dinner–the food was excellent and the prices fair. Food is very personal to southerners, as shown from some of your comments on the blog. Thanks for allowing people to share their thoughts. I wish you had known Mom.

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November 23rd, 2009
3:58 pm

I had the opportunity, and the honor, to meet Miss Margaret during one of my visits to Mary Macs for lunch back before the Olympics. The restaurant was different then, both in it’s atmosphere and it’s smells. It was as close to my Grandmother’s food as I have ever had the fortune to discover.

The world is an emptier place with her passing. And Mary Macs survives, but it’s not the same.

A similar thing happened to me recently when I had the chance to return home back to Connecticut for a visit. Yes, unfortunately I am a Southerner by choice and not by birth: blame my parents.
The place we’d always visit after holidays at my Grandparents place was a small restaurant called Capital Lunch. Their hot dog sauce was legendary. My personal record was 6 at one setting.

We heard from our relatives that the last of the tree original brothers that opened the place had died. It appears he took the recipe with him. The product looks the same, but something is missing.
Perhaps the same thing as with Mary Macs.

Dang I feel old.


November 24th, 2009
9:36 am

Mrs. Lupo gave Georgia Tech students a 10% discount and Mary Mac’s was our home-away-from home for good southern cooking at a reasonable price. I saw her many, many times during my Tech days. She was a fine lady.


November 26th, 2009
11:20 am

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