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Joël Antunes definitely not returning to Joël


courtesy Joël Restaurant

courtesy Joël Restaurant

In a prepared press statement, chef Cyrille Holota (left) of Joël Restaurant makes it abundantly clear that his friend, Joël Antunes, is no way, no how coming back to the Atlanta restaurant that bears his name.

“Joël was and always will be a magnificant chef and friend. My staff and I wish him the best of luck in whatever he does in the future,” says Holota in the statement.

Antunes, who recently parted ways with the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel in New York, has not announced his next move yet. However, he is no longer affiliated with the Atlanta restaurant.

Holota’s performance has so impressed the ownership of Joël that he has been named managing partner. He has added new dishes to the menu to make it more his own.

Which begs the question: Will a name change come any time soon?


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Shopping find: red watercress


This past weekend I happened upon some beautiful red watercress at Your DeKalb Farmers Market. It has the same grassy, sharp flavor of green cress. But the texture is different — more matte than glossy, if you know what I mean, and not quite as crisp and juicy. The bigger maroon leaves are veined with green, while the smaller, furled ones are a vibrant purple color. It’s a pleasure to eat.

Here, I combined it with different colored oranges (navel, cara cara, blood orange), shaved fennel and fried cashew bits in a light vinaigrette. Next, I want to try and sauté some, Chinese style, with minced garlic.

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Snow day maple taffy




During our recent trip to Québec, we really enjoyed stopping for a sweet treat called “tire d’érable” that was served by street-side vendors. They poured strips of molten maple syrup into pans of fresh snow. The reduced syrup seized instantly into taffy, ready to roll around a popsicle stick or small wooden spoon. It was soft and chewy at first, and then hardened a bit on the stick. As soon as I was done with one, I wanted another.

This is pretty easy to do at home, and if you have a patch of clean snow in your yard (a likely bet today!) and a bottle of maple (or any other) kind of syrup in the pantry, fun for a supervised activity with kids.

Heat the syrup over medium-medium high heat in a heavy saucepan until it reaches the soft ball stage (best between 234 degrees and 238 degrees on a candy thermometer). Then carefully pour or ladle about 1 1/2 ounces of the molten syrup in 3 inch lengths on the snow. Be ready with popsicle sticks or spoons to twirl the taffy …

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RA Sushi coming to Midtown

RA Sushi — a national chain of sushi/bar/restaurant/bam-bam-oramas — will soon open its first Atlanta branch at 11th and Peachtree in the new 1010 Midtown development. 

The Phoenix-based company, which was purchased by Benihana in 2002, creates a club-like atmosphere to target a young crowd. From the website: “There’s never a dull moment in the RA. The music is pumping, the mood is upbeat and the atmosphere is as stimulating as a big bite of wasabi.” I’m guessing Geisha House meets Ru San’s. 

Look for a lengthy menu of sushi and “Pacific Rim” dishes and lots of sake and cocktail. Signature dishes have names like “Viva Las Vegas roll.” 

And if you’re looking for a job, they’re hiring.

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