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сырники (syrniki) joy!

I made a great discovery yesterday at the New Odessa European Market and Deli, but had to consult a Russian syllabary before I could figure out what it was. My discoveries are stacked in the cake stand on the left, and they are identified here as “сырники.” 

The woman behind the counter advised me to heat them up in the oven first — maybe even to top them with a little jam after they were hot.

Who needs jam? These little beauties emerged from the oven with crisp edges and a soft, creamy-custardy interior. The flavor teetered on the sweet/savory edge between cheesecake cheesy and fried mozzarella stick cheesy. 

Once I could sound out the Cyrillic letters into “syrniki” I found both many odes to and and many recipes for this cheese pastry that is well loved through the Slavic world. Most recipes list only whole-milk farmer’s cheese, eggs, sugar, salt and a bit of flour. Wowza. 

I also picked up some fried pirozki pastries, with fillings that ranged from sauerkraut to potato to chicken. They were all very tasty in a floppy/greasy way. 






Next time I’m going to hit up the baked pirozki case.

I also stocked up on some hard salami and morello cherry jam. I also love the selection of individually wrapped Russian chocolates, some of which look like nesting dolls and make great lunchbox curios. 

New Odessa is located in the Williamsburg Village center on Clairmont Rd. just below I-85.

2793 Clairmont Rd., 404-321-3544

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August 13th, 2009
11:25 am

I’m about to make syrniki. It is very easy and kids love them as well!
Greetings from Baltic side, Latvia



July 25th, 2010
7:35 pm

My husband and I were exploring the Russian delis in the Baltimore area today and I decided that the syrniki looked good. I will have to learn how to make them. This shop had them with just a few golden raisins. We also got some baked pirozki with chicken in them that were tasty.