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Dork high-fives Martha Stewart

Yesterday at the Georgia Aquarium, Martha Stewart wedged me in for 10 minutes — just after her lunch of fried chicken and collard greens (hand delivered by Watershed’s Scott Peacock) and just before 700 eager souls got their copies of “Martha Stewart’s Cookies” and “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School” signed. Some had waited in line for three hours, so I was brief. 

I managed to ask her a few stupid and semi-stupid questions, But mostly I had fun making these observations about her:

  • She’s smart. You see the mental wheels turn very quickly after every question, and her responses come out as well-formed declarative sentences with all the parts of speech in the right places.
  • She has a gift for reading tone and mood. One television interviewer was serious, one was a bit fawning, and I was simply odd. In a flash, she could switch gears from reasoned response to the noblesse oblige expected of her, to lobbing a quick joke. That’s why she’s always so good with the master of squirrely tone, David Letterman.
  • She’s slyly self parodying: When I asked her about her favorite cocktail, she said “straight vodka” but then decided to Martha it up a bit. A slice of orange. No, a kumquat. No, a really good kumquat. Over ice. In a beautiful glass. I think “Martha Stewart’s Cocktails” was just born. 
  • She’s always game: For some reason, I suggested an ironic high five.  I expected an arched eyebrow. Instead, her arm shot up. 

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February 19th, 2009
2:16 pm

i would have been a dork too, no, a totally unassuming nerd… kewl stuff. i wish i would have known..

[...] Oh, if only Sonny would come to town and we could ask him our questions!  Actually that raises an interesting point….Has anyone ever seen Sonny Perdue inside the Decatur city limits?  Has he ever snuck in for some fried chicken at Watershed?  (I wouldn’t think Scott Peacock would be as willing to hand-deliver fried chicken to the Gov as he was for Martha Stewart at the aquarium!) [...]