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Abattoir Not Opening Any Time Soon


The latest effort from Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison is still an empty shell, so I wouldn’t be hounding Opentable quite yet for a reservation. Though the couple was shooting for an early 2009 opening, it doesn’t look imminent.

Abattoir — set in the White Provisions complex across the railroad tracks from Star Provisions and Bacchanalia — promises the coming of a new era of slaughterhouse chic in Atlanta dining. It is the former site of the United Butchers Abattoir complex that opened a century ago and, yes, was an actual slaughterhouse floor. (Click here to see a historical map.)

When I spoke to Quatrano about it a few months ago, she said the restaurant will specialize in “whole animal cuisine” and feature many items roasted in a wood-fueled oven as well as an expanded charcuterie program. Prices will be reasonable — less than those at the couple’s Floataway Cafe. 

The most striking architectural element of the new building is the slanted ramp that cuts a diagonal angle up one side of the roof line. Can anyone figure out what it was for?

Yes, you in the back. Exactly right: this was the ramp up which the cattle were driven for, um, processing. When I spoke to Quatrano, she claims to have already had her eye on a ceramic cow to adorn the ramp.

Mmm. Yummy dead things.

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Elliott Shimley

January 26th, 2009
12:02 pm

Yes, Mr. Kessler, have been an avid reader of your restaurant reviews in the past. Hopefully I will be one of the suppliers to Josh when The Abattoir comes to life. Lee Farms is in Lamar County and is the home of Epicuristic Southern Veal. I have had the pleasure of working with Ford Fry, Linton Hopkins, Patrick Gebrayel and Ron Eyster and their help has been invaluable to me. Please email me, I would like to send you some further information about our very, very small business. I am 72 years old and this is a labor of love for me, I grew up in Oklahoma and breaded veal cutlets with white cream gravy and real mashed potatoes was a mainstay in our home and all really good restaurants. We just harvested our first animal from our new Mennonite abattoir and I would be proud to sample you with some cutlets for your family. They are not tenderized and are cut from both the chuck and the round. I look forward to hearing from you. Please forgive the length of the email, but old men do like to ramble…. Best regards Elliott Shimley