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While other college boys are slogging through macroeconomics or Immanuel Kant’s “Critique of Pure Reason,” these four students at Birmingham-Southern College are traveling around the South in a Ford with a pig snout on its grille and snarfing up barbecue.

For credit.

It seems the college has a 4-1-4 yearly schedule, so the BBQ boys talked the college administration into letting them pursue porcine pleasures for their winter study month. Of course, they’re not merely stuffing their faces but rather “focusing on the cultural origins, differences in style, and significance of Southern pork barbecue through an 17-day tour of southeastern barbecue establishments.” All this will end up in a pile of individual research papers, to be submitted at the end of term, presumably with Wet-Naps.

The boys — Jeff, Will, Art and Matt — will stop in northern Georgia on January 18-20 to try three famous old-timers: Fresh Air Bar-B-Que in Athens, Old Clinton Bar-B-Q in Macon and Sprayberry’s in Newnan (that Lewis Grizzard recommendation still gets traction).

They’re also going to try one newcomer: Weezy’s Movin’ On Up Cafe Jazz & BBQ in Johns Creek, which is owned by Sanford Sanford — the son of Isabel Sanford who portrayed Louise “Weezy Jefferson. Why? Because it sounds original, and it’s close to Will’s folks’ home.

 (Have you heard the theme music in a while?)

The BBQ Boys detail their adventures in a blog, on a website, and in a Youtube video. We expect them to post the research papers.

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January 23rd, 2009
3:32 pm

Thanks for the post Jeff. The BBQ Boys had a great time in Atlanta. Prior to our journey, we researched the BBQ meccas of the South..Memphis, The Carolinas, and other random spots. Unforunately, Atlanta did not come up. But after our journey and a visit to Fox Bros Bar-B-Q, it should be among that list of heavyweights. Fox Bros is a fairly new joint that guarantees unique dishes (I suggest the Tominator) with a friendly, life is good attitude. The Ribs were amazing, the Mac and Cheese was better than your momma’s, and the banana pudding sinfully pleases the palate. If I had to make any suggestion from this 17 day journey, I would instruct any person who thinks they love ‘Cue to check out Fox Bros. I think this is their link:
Also, our journey is almost over but we are still taking recommendations for a possible second trip and any BBQ fanatic will enjou our reviews of each BBQ Boys stop. Check it out at Happy Eating! BSC BBQ Boys

[...] have already reported on Weezy’s Movin’ on Up Cafe Jazz & BBQ opened by Isabel Sanford’s son, Sanford [...]