What tempts you when buying a cooking magazine?

According to a new report in the New York Times even with the economy going south, the sales of food magazines are still going strong.

Even formally “high minded” journals are reflecting the times by featuring more accessible recipes with familiar ingredients and food costs in mind. In the article, Ruth Reichl, the editor in chief of Gourmet, states, “This is an incredible opportunity. People need help learning to cook again, and they need advice on less-expensive ingredients, and we’re trying to give it to them.”

The article also points out a new trend in food magazines, those that feature celebrity chefs. Rachel Ray’s and Paula Deen’s magazines are especially popular. Even the Food Network has its own magazine which features its on-air personalities prominently.

What tempts you to buy a magazine when you are at the supermarket checkout? Is it more likely to be a cover photo of food or a personality you relate to? How much does the lure of budget recipes tempt you?

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