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Moobuzz Pinot Noir

Gil Kulers

Gil Kulers

Moobuzz Pinot Noir, Monterey, Calif.

2008 Moobuzz Pinot Noir, Monterey, Calif.

• $17

• Two Thumbs Way Up

• Intoxicating aromas of ripe black cherry, smoke, violets and leather. Medium-bodied, it has rich flavors of dark berries, plums , cola and something reminiscent of smoky bacon.

Despite nearly two decades of increased consumption, wine still suffers from an image problem. If one shows even the slightest interest in vintage highlights, varietals beyond the usual chardonnays and merlots or vineyard location, people tend to slap a label on you: “Oh, a snooty wine drinker.”

That really chaps my behind because it ain’t necessarily so.

But out of every dark cloud streams a ray of hope. In this case, it comes in the form of The Other Guys, the unpretentious winemaking division of Don Sebastiani & Sons. I recently tasted the latest release of Moobuzz Pinot Noir; I loved it! If not for the rich, black cherry flavors, then for its down-to-earth, anything-but-snooty personality.

These are the same guys who brought you Plungerhead Zinfandel, Gino da Pinot (alas, no longer with us. R.I.P. Gino) and other amusing labels. These wines, including Moobuzz (wine from the land of milk and honey, get it?), are fun, tasty and fairly priced. Something more wine industry muckety-mucks (and “gotcha” media types) need to get behind.

The next time you’re headed over to a dinner party, feel safe bringing a bottle of Moobuzz. If anyone gives you a sideways glance because of the name or the twist-off cork, tell ’em to get off their high horse and let the wine do the talking.

Gil Kulers is a certified wine educator with the Society of Wine Educators. You can reach him at

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