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Gorgeous Cookware Highs and Lows

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, many of us who love to cook can finally turn our thoughts to spending time in the kitchen, slowly braising or concocting soups and stews. And colorful enamel cast iron cookware is not only ideal as a heat conductor on the stove and in the oven, but with its clad of many colors, it also adds a drop dead gorgeous element to your kitchen decor. But there’s often a heavy price to pay for enamel-clad cast iron cookware. Or is there?

Le Creuset is often hailed as the favorite in the category. This French cookware is so revered for its stellar cooking qualities and good looks that owners consider the pieces heirlooms. And you can expect to pay more than $500 for a Le Creuset goose pot, the largest cooking vessel the company makes.

Le Creuset Goose Pot in Flame.

Le Creuset Goose Pot in Flame.

But, really, most of us don’t need a 15-and-1/2-quart pot.

Here’s a handsome 5.5-quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven that sells in most local kitchenware stores for around $275.

lecreuset 5.5

If that’s …

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Three Simple Tips For Successful Homegating

Whether you’re interested in who wins the game or turned on by the food and libations, tailgating is a big deal this time of year. But not all tailgating has to take place in a dusty parking lot, and that’s when homegating enters the competition.  These tips will easily turn your home into game central.

Keep Your Eye On The Game

You mean you don’t have a big screen TV on the deck? You do now. With the FAVI J5-PICO-HD projector, which is about the size of your cell phone, and the companion FAVI 72-inch portable tripod screen, you can set up an extra game viewing area anywhere you want, including outdoors.

The FAVI J5-Pico projector is about as small as an iPhone.

The FAVI J5-Pico projector is about as small as an iPhone.

The portable projector features a range of inputs so that you can easily connect it to your iPad, iPhone, android device, Mac, PC or gaming console. It’s available online for $599, or you can order it from Walmart and have it shipped at no charge to a store near you for $569.99.


The FAVI tripod …

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Three Keyless Entry Locks. Three Price Points.

The digital age has pretty much infiltrated nearly all parts of our daily lives, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an everyday item as ancient and constant as a keyed front door could now become obsolete.

Take a look at these keyless entry deadbolts and decide if you’re ready to toss out that key in favor of a combo code. Note that while these easy to install keyless systems are considered safe, it could be possible for someone to hack some electronic locks. Oh, and the entry code is yet one more pass code to remember. But, let’s face it, bad guys have been circumventing traditional keyed locks for centuries.
Schlage Camelot Aged Bronze Touchscreen Deadbolt with Nexia Home Intelligence and Alarm, $319. (On sale for $232.74 at Door Locks Direct)
Backlit touchscreen is also enabled to work with Nexia Home Intelligence.
Nexia subscription allows you to receive text alerts when an alarm is triggered or specific codes are …

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La-Z-Boy Crawls Out Of The Man Cave

When you think of a La-Z-Boy chair, do you picture some guy sprawled out on a baggy recliner that resembles a giant brown marshmallow, while glued to a television with pizza sauce smeared on his grungy T-shirt and a beer can in his hand?

Does this look like a frat boy’s chair to you?

Aria accent chair ($679) is available with a matching ottoman ($439).

Aria accent chair ($679) is available with a matching ottoman ($439).

Aria Ottoman

La-Z-Boy now offers a line of accent chairs that seamlessly slip into classic and contemporary styles. Take a look at a few.
Keagan chair
Keagan ($1,199) screams modern while whispering La-Z-Boy. Note that these accent or occasional chairs are stationary, not recliners. Some, however, do swivel.
Elizabeth chair
The classic and curvy Elizabeth occasional chair ($1,279) takes La-Z-Boy out of the depths of the man cave and into high-styling social circles.
Bree Chaise
La-Z-Boy Bree chaise ($1,199) allows you to lie down and get comfortable with a touch of elegance.
You can check out the many styles of La-Z-Boy accent …

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Have A Ball At Your Desk

Powersystems stability ball wall storage rack.
By now, many of you have one of those large exercise balls rolling around your house. Today, the trend is to make the ball work beyond your exercise routine and use it as a desk chair. It’s not unusual to spot stability balls in offices.
Keep in mind that, by virtue of its design, a stability ball, despite its moniker, is not so stable on its own. If you’re sitting at your desk, you don’t want to spend time chasing down your chair each time you get up.
You might want to consider anchoring the ball, and then you could take it a step further. Take a look:
Covered in your choice of supersoft faux fur, this inflatable exercise ball comes with a foot pump and can be used with or without the included metal stand. Available at Pottery Barn Teen for $129.
The serious looking Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is available through Amazon for $79.98.

Staples Ball
The whimsical, mushroom-like Safco Zenergy Ball Chair comes in a variety of colors, including crimson and lime …

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Six Steps To Clean & Organize Your Garage

While it’s not nearly as thrilling an observance as National Ice Cream Day or National Pie Day, the fifth annual National Clean Out Your Garage Day, will make you feel much more satisfied than a day spent with pie a la mode. Really, it will. Trust me.

Five years ago, the Lehigh Group, maker of Crawford garage and home workshop organization products, proclaimed Saturday, September 7, National Clean Out Your Garage Day.

“We established National Clean Out Your Garage Day to occur on the first weekend after Labor Day, a time when much of America moves from summer to fall, and items such as bikes, outdoor toys, sports and camping gear, lawnmowers and garden tools are put away for the season,” said Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for The Lehigh Group.

Here are six tips to get your garage from this:


To this:


1. Before you begin the dirty work:

*Have plenty of trash bags on hand.

*Purchase plastic containers with lids for items you want to store. Those cardboard …

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You Can’t Hide That Tissue Box. Or Can You?

Several years ago, Oprah declared on her television show that she hated the sight of tissue boxes lying around. I never thought much about it before; I’m just grateful there’s a box within reach when needed. But, I did find myself pulling tissue out of the boxes and placing them in the little drawer of a small cabinet I have sitting on the guest bathroom vanity. The tissue fit perfectly and it saved on counter space. The problem with that clever idea is that no one else knew there was tissue in the drawer.

The perfect hiding place for tissue -- no one can find it.

The perfect hiding place for tissue — no one can find it.

There are plenty of kitschy ideas out there if you want to cover up that tissue box — some less dignified than others.

Luau anyone?

Luau anyone?

To sneeze or not to sneeze...poor Shakespeare. Reduced to a novelty item from Amazon.

To sneeze or not to sneeze…poor Shakespeare. Reduced to a novelty item from Amazon.

At least these little pots, which remind me of cartoon cannon balls, don't just cover the tissue box. You can get them from The Container Store.

At least these little pots, which remind me of cartoon cannon balls, don't just cover the tissue box. You can get them from The Container Store.

However, my favorite facial tissue holder comes from a …

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Digitally Imprint Bold Personality Onto Your Cabinets

Custom Cupboards recently launched its dramatic new Facets line, which introduces a proprietary process that digitally prints designs and personal artwork directly onto furniture, cabinet doors, drawer fronts — solid stock as well as paneling – allowing you to personalize your home to the 10th power.

Facets Custom Cabinets


But with this new technique comes great responsibility because, after all, you might want to sell your home someday, and it’s going to be difficult if you’ve plastered every cabinet in the house with photos of your Schnauzer or, well, plaid.

Facets Feet

Facets Plaid

From a distance, Facets may look like contact paper or a painted surface, but the images and patterns are deeply imprinted onto the wood’s surface, making a bold, permanent statement. As far as cost, Facets cabinets are slightly higher than standard cabinetry but, remember, this is meant as an accent, not the whole shebang.


Depending on the color and pattern you select, Facets can lend tranquility to a room.


For more information, and …

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Three Wet & Dry Floor Cleaners. Three price points.

Let’s take a look at a trio of floor cleaners designed to multi task.
DYSONhard2 (482x800)
Dyson Hard DC56 Cordless Floor Cleaner

Making its debut on September 2, the latest offering from Dyson promises to vacuum dirt and wipe grime — in one swipe. This 2-in-1 hard floor cleaning solution offers powerful Dyson suction and a double-edge cleaner head that inhales dirt before and after the wet wipe. Designed to easily fit under furniture, the Dyson Hard conveniently converts to a hand-held vacuum and cleans wood, tile and other hard, sealed surfaces. Available at, Best Buy and Macy’s.
Priced at $329.99.

Shark1 (2)
Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System

This latest entry from Shark cleans hard surfaces as well as carpets, including area rugs, by spraying pet-and-child-friendly cleaning solutions onto the floors, in front of the machine, then using a scrubbing action. The starter kit includes no-rinse carpet cleaner concentrate, stain and odor remover, various reuseable cleaning …

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Quick Tips to Dress Up Your Outdoor Walls

If you’re planning a bang-up Labor Day bash this weekend, you’ve probably decked out your outdoor space by manicuring the lawn, arranging comfy patio furniture and giving the grill a good cleaning. But if your patio or deck looks a little bare, you might consider dressing up your exterior walls.

There’s no reason not to treat that blank outside wall as you would an interior wall — keeping in mind the weather, naturally.

Outdoor wall

To perk up this dull stucco, I took a wire window box planter that I found at HomeGoods, removed the fiber basket, turned it upside down and screwed the flat side against the house. I needed a fairly wide surface to hold the large iron lantern (on sale at Hobby Lobby), which is why I had to turn the wire basket upside down. I cut a piece of plywood slightly larger than the opening and painted it black to match the iron. The plywood is just sitting in place.


See? It makes the perfect outdoor shelf and fills up some drab space, giving the area a open-air …

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