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Hang Your Holiday Wreath Without Damaging Your Door

Weather you’re eying a ghoulish Halloween wreath, one that’s blooming with autumn colors or waiting for a traditional pine-scented wreath to usher in Christmas, you’ve got to know how to hang it without destroying your door.

Use A Magnet

If you’ve got a metal door, this is the easiest method. The magnet comes as two powerful disks — one rests on the inside of a glass pane and the other on the outside. Or, if you’re using it on a door without glass, simply stick one of the magnets on the outside of the metal door and hang your wreath. The hook holds a wreath that weighs up to about six pounds. And while you once only found chrome magnets, you now can buy them in colors, including black and white. The magnets are available in most hardware stores and at The Container Store.

Wreath Pro Adjustable Hanger

This clear polycarbonate hook system, with a slim, invisible design, allows you to easily hang just about any wreath from doors and windows. While Wreath Pro comes with a choice of ribbons, any 2.5-inch wire ribbon fits, so you can select from your favorite style, and use Wreath Pro throughout the year. Wreath Pro is available online for about $20. You can see a demonstration video here.

Command Outdoor Large Metal Hook

Designed to be used outdoors, this UV and water resistant brushed nickel hook will effortlessly hold a wreath that weighs up to five pounds. The adhesive strips remove easily and cleanly — without damaging the surface — when you’re ready to take down your wreath. Note that the Command hook needs to be applied to a clean, smooth surface. You can find it for under $4 at most mass merchandisers and hardware stores.

Do you have a great way to hang your wreath? Are you the type who hangs a seasonal wreath year round? Let’s see your wreaths. Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.


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