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Five Umbrella Stands Keeping It Dry


By now, you’re all too familiar with rain and the mess it can make, especially when you’re coming into the house with a drenched and dripping umbrella and no landing gear. You can lean it against the front porch, or you can cradle it until you reach the bathtub, hoping you haven’t left a river-like trail in your wake.

What? You don’t open your wet umbrella and leave it to dry out in the tub or shower?

More practical than the tub is an umbrella stand; one that can hold those soggy umbrellas while dressing up your entry or front porch. They’re available in styles to suit all tastes  — from traditional to whimsical.

Umbrella stand Container store

This contemporary Belmont umbrella stand ($39.99) is available from The Container Store. It comes with a removable drip tray and is covered in a linen-like fabric.

umbrella stand crate and barrel

The good looking, handwoven Kensington umbrella stand ($139.95) is made of iron and comes from India via Crate and Barrel.

umbrella stand orange

No one said umbrella stands can’t be fun, as evidenced by this playful orange aluminum boot ($69) available through Found By Fab.

umbrella stand copper

Made of solid copper with hand-pressed embossing, this traditional umbrella stand ($129.95) will add a bit of elegance to any entry. It’s available from Excellent Accents.

umbrella stand wicker

This roomy wicker umbrella stand ($129) from Ballard Designs comes with a stainless liner that you can easily remove for cleaning. Note that it’s for indoor use only.

umbrella stand blunt

What do you use for an umbrella stand? An antique milk jug? Large ceramic pot? Do you have a fun and affordable DIY umbrella stand? Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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