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Four Kitchens Without Uppers

Sometimes you can end up with a kitchen sans upper cabinets by design. Maybe you have spectacular views that trump storage space. Or, more likely, you simply don’t have enough wall space to hang cabinets. And, too many upper cabinets can make a Lilliputian kitchen seem downright claustrophobic.

Large or small, you can still have a killer kitchen without uppers. Take a look.


Obviously, this grand kitchen is spacious enough that it can spare the space and allow for the dreamy view. Plus, there’s added space in the brilliant island. Note the microwave built in the island. Total island envy.

House French

This small French kitchen desperately needs the light coming in from the large window. Cleverly arranged shelves and monochromatic dishware add a little punch and storage to the walls, without closing in the space.

Kitchen sink

No upper cabinets also means a more open feel, and if you can afford the space, that’s a nice trade off as in this sink area that would feel far more cluttered and closed in if it were flanked with traditional banks of cabinets. Also, if you’re short (raising my hand), then those pesky upper cabinets are a royal pain, especially when you’re constantly reaching for the step stool.

Kitchen  IKEA

And, finally, leave it to IKEA to take it to the extreme in this postage stamp of a kitchen. Charming, but the dogs would have a field day with the “toys,” and I think you’d find the cat curled up in a bowl. For some, that might not be a bad thing. I’ll leave you with one word for this sweet kitchen: Dusty.

Could you make do without uppers in your kitchen? Do you have a kitchen without upper cabinets? We’d love to see it. Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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