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Celebrate National Coffee Day This Sunday & A Giveaway

I don’t need a designated day to get me excited over a cup of joe. However, since Sunday, September 29, is National Coffee Day, let’s talk java.

First, a moment to appreciate the work of Japanese latte artist, Kazuki Yamamoto, who creates whimsical 3-D art with a bit of froth and a bucket-load of talent, ending up with cups of coffee almost too precious to drink. Almost.


According to a recent national survey conducted by Keurig, the leaders in single-serve coffee brewers, 58 percent of Americans surveyed said that they can’t start their day without coffee. And they found a cup of joe more important than a morning shower. Clearly, we’re coffee crazy – I’ll joyfully include myself in the mix.

So, on National Coffee Day, you can load up on freebies at various coffee establishments — a gratis taste here, a complimentary mug there. But, armed with the right information, you can indulge in your idea of the ideal cup of coffee without ever leaving the house or sliding out of your bunny slippers and yoga pants. And, really, some days, isn’t that a good thing?

On those days when staying in isn’t an option, I’ve got the perfect item to keep your coffee close at hand, and piping hot for hours. First, make some coffee.

Prepare your own pumpkin coffee.

coffee Pumpkin Spice

When fall hits, limited-edition Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups start hitting the shelves. Grab them while you can online or at Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Pumpkin Spice makes a fragrant cup of coffee that needs no embellishments; but a touch of sweetness and a dollop of cream transforms it into a luscious dessert.

For espresso aficionados only.

coffee Nespresso Pixie

It may be diminutive in size, but don’t underestimate the Nespresso Pixie when it comes to brewing the perfect espresso while dressing up your kitchen with its bold finishes. The sleek coffee makers are so popular in France that it’s not unusual to find eager customers lined up to get into Nespresso boutiques where they can ogle jewel-like capsules that go by the name Grand Crus. Nespresso Pixie sells for $229.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

Take your favorite coffee with you.
coffee Contigo Mug

You’ll keep that coffee perfectly hot and safely contained no matter where you are with the Contigo West Loop travel mug. This handsome mug fits most single-serve brewers and features Autoseal technology that automatically seals the opening after each sip. It’s leak and spill proof, fits in most cup holders and keeps coffee hot for four hours. Iced coffee stays cold for 12 hours.

West Loop mugs come in assorted colors and in two sizes – 16 and 20-ounce. Priced at $20.99 and $24.99. Available online and at most mass merchandisers.

Giveaway Alert!
Where’s your favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee? Curled up on the couch with a book? At the local coffee joint with friends?
Let me know in the comment section and I’ll pick a winner who’ll receive a pair of AUTOSEAL West Loop travel mugs, the number one selling line of travel mugs in America.

So, are you planning to commemorate National Coffee Day this year? Are you the coffee house type or do you prefer to make your own? Me? I’m DIY all the way. What’s your favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee? Make mine strong and dark. Send your favorite coffee photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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September 30th, 2013
1:07 am

My favorite places to enjoy a cup of dark roasted, French press coffee is in Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens during the fall. There’s nothing better to wake the senses than a crisp day, a hot brew, and an arboreal sight line. Though, a rainy or snowy day when you can stay in bed with your coffee and a good book is a close second.

Sabine Morrow

September 29th, 2013
3:21 pm

Eileen, I’m with you. Nothing happens before that morning cup. Well, nothing good.

Sabine Morrow

September 29th, 2013
3:19 pm

Christi, totally agree. Best of luck in your studies.


September 29th, 2013
3:09 pm

I usually drink my coffee in the kitchen when I wake up. But I also love to curl up with my cup of coffee and read the news. I’m pretty on-the-go in general, I prefer to be able to just sit down and enjoy.

But did I ever mention the fact I’m like a zombie in the morning until I have that cup o’ joe?


September 29th, 2013
1:33 pm

Happy Coffee day! As a busy grad student, coffee is the perfect addition to studying.


September 29th, 2013
11:46 am

I would like to have a cup O’ coffee with O’Daughter O’mine


September 29th, 2013
11:29 am

Free Coffee Time today


September 29th, 2013
11:28 am

Have your Coffee free on me today Loveya dad


September 27th, 2013
12:40 pm

I love to sip my coffee every morning while reading the old fashioned hard copy of The Atlanta Journal, you know it covers Dixie like the dew, sitting on my back deck swatting the Bejesus out of those pesty mosquitoes.

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