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Four Tips For Young Travelers

Let’s face it, summer took flight only hours ago, but many of us are already gearing up for the hectic holiday season. And today’s kids are nearly as mobile as adults, so you’re either going to entertain a young house guest or send a child off for a holiday visit. Either way, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Get these safety related items on your radar before you get distracted with the scramble that accompanies the impending holiday crunch.

1. Keep a temporal thermometer handy.

Temporal Therm

When kids travel, it’s not unusual for them to catch a bug. If your little house guest isn’t feeling well, the Exergen Temporal Scanner will quickly and easily take a temperature with a gentle stroke to the forehead. No more probing into the ear canal or under the tongue — and no stress. These are available at most drugstores and mass merchandisers for about $30.

2. Endevr MyID emergency identification bracelet.


Ideal for the young traveler with a medical condition, MyID offers a customizable ID band that stores vital medical information, including name, birth date, blood type, organ donor information, emergency contacts, medications and the wearer’s doctor’s information. The information is easily accessible to first responders and medical professionals through an app or by calling a 24/7 live operator. The bracelet comes with three color options and is adjustable, making it stylish as well as practical. Available online for $40.

3. The little traveler with allergies.



Beware Bandits provide a low tech but effective method to make everyone around your child aware of his or her allergies and other medical conditions. These colorful bands are latex-free with nickel-free snaps. Each band clearly states the allergy (or other medical condition) as well as an emergency contact phone number. There are about a dozen wristbands with warnings, from Poker Face Peanut and Mr. Moo to Billy the Bee and Buckshot Bob, who lets folks know that the wearer is a diabetic. Available at Target and Publix stores for $5.99. Note that these are brand new and still rolling out at some stores.

4. A child’s backpack with options, including GPS and a bullet-proof panel.


No kidding. Customizable AttachaPack, designed, and launched just last week, by a former police officer, features fashion and style options along with built-in, high-tech gizmos that include a GPS tracker with a wireless voice enabled SOS, solar panel that charges mobile devices and a bulletproof shield ($149.99) that slips into a special pocket on the backpack. The online backpack builder lets you add different pockets and design elements that keeps your backpack a one-of-a-kind, tailored to your specific needs and whims. A ready made backpack starts at $49.99.

Would you consider outfitting your child’s backpack with a GPS or a bulletproof shield? Or is that over the top?  Let us know.

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