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Digitally Imprint Bold Personality Onto Your Cabinets

Custom Cupboards recently launched its dramatic new Facets line, which introduces a proprietary process that digitally prints designs and personal artwork directly onto furniture, cabinet doors, drawer fronts — solid stock as well as paneling – allowing you to personalize your home to the 10th power.

Facets Custom Cabinets


But with this new technique comes great responsibility because, after all, you might want to sell your home someday, and it’s going to be difficult if you’ve plastered every cabinet in the house with photos of your Schnauzer or, well, plaid.

Facets Feet

Facets Plaid

From a distance, Facets may look like contact paper or a painted surface, but the images and patterns are deeply imprinted onto the wood’s surface, making a bold, permanent statement. As far as cost, Facets cabinets are slightly higher than standard cabinetry but, remember, this is meant as an accent, not the whole shebang.


Depending on the color and pattern you select, Facets can lend tranquility to a room.


For more information, and to find a dealer near you, check out Custom Cupboards.

So, what do you think about Facets? Would you consider this for your home? If so, where and how?

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