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Three Wet & Dry Floor Cleaners. Three price points.

Let’s take a look at a trio of floor cleaners designed to multi task.
DYSONhard2 (482x800)
Dyson Hard DC56 Cordless Floor Cleaner

Making its debut on September 2, the latest offering from Dyson promises to vacuum dirt and wipe grime — in one swipe. This 2-in-1 hard floor cleaning solution offers powerful Dyson suction and a double-edge cleaner head that inhales dirt before and after the wet wipe. Designed to easily fit under furniture, the Dyson Hard conveniently converts to a hand-held vacuum and cleans wood, tile and other hard, sealed surfaces. Available at, Best Buy and Macy’s.
Priced at $329.99.

Shark1 (2)
Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System

This latest entry from Shark cleans hard surfaces as well as carpets, including area rugs, by spraying pet-and-child-friendly cleaning solutions onto the floors, in front of the machine, then using a scrubbing action. The starter kit includes no-rinse carpet cleaner concentrate, stain and odor remover, various reuseable cleaning pads and wood and hard floor polish. Available online.
Priced at $199.80.


Steamboy T2 Hard Surface Sweeper & Floor Mop by Reliable

The handy T2 sweeps dry messes, mops up wet spills, and sanitizes carpets. And it cleans with only water, using eco-friendly steam power, no chemicals. The T2 Steamboy is designed with a removable dust bin and a swivel head that easily maneuvers around corners.
Simply push the button to sweep, and press the steam trigger to clean and sanitize. T2 comes with a 16-foot cord and two washable microfiber cloth pads. Available through

Priced at $129.00 with free shipping.

Do you have a favorite cleaning tool to keep hard floor surfaces pristine? Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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