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Quick Tips to Dress Up Your Outdoor Walls

If you’re planning a bang-up Labor Day bash this weekend, you’ve probably decked out your outdoor space by manicuring the lawn, arranging comfy patio furniture and giving the grill a good cleaning. But if your patio or deck looks a little bare, you might consider dressing up your exterior walls.

There’s no reason not to treat that blank outside wall as you would an interior wall — keeping in mind the weather, naturally.

Outdoor wall

To perk up this dull stucco, I took a wire window box planter that I found at HomeGoods, removed the fiber basket, turned it upside down and screwed the flat side against the house. I needed a fairly wide surface to hold the large iron lantern (on sale at Hobby Lobby), which is why I had to turn the wire basket upside down. I cut a piece of plywood slightly larger than the opening and painted it black to match the iron. The plywood is just sitting in place.


See? It makes the perfect outdoor shelf and fills up some drab space, giving the area a open-air living room feel.

You can make it even easier on yourself by buying sconces and arranging them on your outdoor walls. You can add plants, candles or other little mementos that will weather the elements.


This one is from Hobby Lobby, and if you’re afraid of the rain or humidity, you can try the new Rust-Oleum NeverWet spray that is supposed to make just about anything waterproof.

I’d suggest not attaching too many decorative items on the wall because, just as with your living room or other indoor spaces, clutter is not your friend. I am looking for the perfect outdoor mirror, though.


These stone sconces are on a wall in a private patio area on the opposite side of the house. I bought them several years ago at HomeGoods, which usually has a good variety of sconces at reasonable prices.


Have you decorated your outdoor walls? If so, let us see your ideas. Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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