City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Quench Your Weekend Thirst

It’s the weekend. Time for fun with friends and family, and I’ve got some hassle-free ideas on how to keep everyone cool and hydrated. There’s a little something for the adults-only crowd as well.


Keurig Brew Over Ice
I ran into a fellow at the store the other day who had just acquired a Keurig, and he had no idea that the single-serve brewer made more than just coffee. Really? How is that possible? Today, there are almost as many K-Cup choices as lipstick colors. And the Brew Over Ice selections are varied enough to keep a houseful of finicky guests happily sipping away throughout the weekend. For instance, ice tea flavors run the gamut from peach and raspberry, to sweetened, unsweetened and half-and-half, meaning tea mixed with lemonade. Iced coffees are just as varied. Looking for a healthy iced drink? Consider Vitamin Burst acai-berry or strawberry-pomegranate K-Cups. And the list goes on.


Invite SodaStream to the Party
I’m new to the SodaStream phenom. I don’t know what took me so long. It’s not that I drink a lot of soda, I don’t at all. But, I tend to use a lot of club soda. And I’m always running out. So, yes, SodaStream lets you create your own soda shop at home– indoor or out – no electricity needed, but it also provides a constant stream of fizzy water, which I use in everything from hibiscus iced tea to an Old-Fashioned.


Pina Colada Light
I’m not a big fan of flavored vodkas. But there’s an exception. And if you’re looking for a light cocktail to launch the weekend, then grab a bottle of New Amsterdam coconut-flavored vodka. It tastes like a creamy, dreamy coconut. Pour some over ice, add a bit of pineapple juice, finish with a big splash of club soda — or SodaStream super carbonated water, and enjoy the flavors of the tropics without all of the added calories. Cocktail umbrella optional. Locally, New Amsterdam is available at major  liquor stores. Cheers!

Do you have a favorite summer drink? Please share. Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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