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Three Ways to Chill While Snoozing

Waking in the middle of the night because it’s too hot to sleep is a big pain. And while you can go out and spend thousands of dollars on a fancy schmancy mattress with remote controlled cooling (and heating), I’ve got a few ideas that won’t break the bank. Oh, and there’s even a little something to keep the family pet from overheating.

Amerisleep ChiliPad


Offers thermostat control in a pad that’s removable and portable.

Available in single zone with one control for the entire surface, or dual zone with a control for each side of the bed. Comes with wireless remote.

Cools and heats with water, not air.

Available sizes range from single and extra-long twin to California king and standard king.

Available from (free shipping), and

Price starts at $399.


A gel pillow pad, surrounded by medical grade material, slides into your pillow case, over your pillow, to keep you cool.

You add water to the Chillow, which circulates within the inner chamber, keeping the pillow at room temperature, which is cooler than body temperature. You only need to add water the first time you use the Chillow.

The cooling pad measures 21 inches long by 12 inches wide; it’s the size of a standard pillow.

Available online and at most Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

Priced at $12.99.

K & H Cool Bed III For Pets

PetCool Bed

Essentially a Chillow for Fido, this pet cooling pad works very much the same. Add water to the pad, seal it, and your dog has a cool indoor and outdoor place to rest.

Comes in sizes small, medium and large.

Decorative covers are sold separately.

Prices range from $58.99 to $116.99.

Available through PetSmart.

So, how do you stay cool on hot summer nights? Send your photographs to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #AJCdiy.

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