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Gerald West

July 15th, 2010
7:10 pm

Good for you, Cynthia! Lay the facts before us and marvel at the reaction. The opinionated and intransigent will never accept any facts that challenge their prejudices; they’ll think up a thousand reasons why the no-jobs Bush administration was right all along to give big tax cuts to the rich, who invested in “exotic” financial instruments instead of American industry and commerce, and add $5 trillion to the national debt, just to keep the jobless growth from going negative.

The Bush administration was everything “conservatives” want and stand for; and the result was glaring failure. How many people are flexible enough to change their beliefs in the face of facts and experience? Not many. A recent psychological study concluded that people tend to harden their position rather than bend to contrary evidence.

Let’s see if the reader comments will confirm this finding!