No suspicious devices found at Apalachee High School

No suspicious devices were found at Apalachee High School in Barrow County, which was evacuated this morning after the threat of an explosion was discovered, authorities said.

“The students are preparing to re-enter the building at this time,”  Lt. Matt Guthas said in a statement just before 1 p.m. “The students are receiving lunch at this time as well. Everyone is safe and there is no need for undue alarm.”

A Barrow County Sheriff’s Office bomb-sniffing dog was used to search the school for possible explosives, but none were initially detected, he said.

Authorities said the threat originated from a phrase written on a bathroom wall in the school that did not specifically use the word “bomb,” but did make an insinuation that authorities considered a threat, Guthas said.

The incident remains under investigation.

“The investigation will seek to determine the responsible person(s) for the threat,” Guthas said.

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