Cops: Waitress scams $800 in extra tips

Jennifer Lynn Pringle

A former Applebee’s waitress is accused of giving herself at least $800 in extra tips by altering customers’ receipts, according to Dunwoody police.

Jennifer Lynn Pringle, 25, was arrested Oct. 11 and charged with first degree forgery for allegedly stealing from nearly 100 customers, police and restaurant officials said. She was released from the DeKalb County jail two days later after posting $3,500 bond.

For example, if a customer left a $6 tip, Pringle allegedly added an additional number in front of the “6″ and pocketed the extra cash, according to police. The crimes allegedly occurred between July and September.

A customer contacted the restaurant after noticing a different amount paid on a credit card bill, and restaurant officials contacted police. The restaurant has issued refunds to many of the customers affected. Anyone who believes they are a victim should email the restaurant at

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