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Judge orders prison for Taco Bell handcuffer

If you’ve already been repeatedly denied a date, chances are decent that handcuffing yourself to your crush isn’t going to work.

But a northwest Georgia man tried it anyway. And now he’s going to prison because of it.

On Aug. 10, 2011, James Earl Dean approached the object of his affection, then 18, after her shift ended at the Ringgold Taco Bell. Before she could get into her car, Dean handcuffed his hand to hers.

Romantic? Not exactly.

The woman screamed and other co-workers urged Dean to release her, police said. He did and drove away.

Two days later, Dean was wearing handcuffs again. Only this time, they belonged to a police officer.

This week, a Catoosa County Superior Court judge sentenced Dean to four years in prison followed by six years on probation, The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported. And he’s not allowed to contact the victim or her family, according to the judge’s sentence.

Come on now, James Dean. Clearly she just wasn’t that into you. Next time, I’d …

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