Rebel gone wild? Life isn’t beach for Denzel Nkemdiche after Spring Break video

This isn’t your typical Spring Break video, but it landed Denzel Nkemdiche in even more trouble.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze is upset over a video that shows the linebacker from Grayson in what the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal described as a “profanity-laced tirade on the beach at what is believed to be a group of fans from an opposing team.”

The video was posted on YouTube, but appears to have been removed.

“I’m not happy with him, not proud of it, hope he’s not. It’s definitely not what we want to be about and the way you want to handle (a situation) regardless of what initiated it or caused it,” Freeze told the newspaper. “There’s a way to handle adversity and controversy, and it’s certainly not that, and that’s been made clear to him.”

The video is the latest in the offseason of woe for Nkemdiche, whose brother Robert plays defensive end for the Rebels.

Denzel Nkemdiche probably would have already missed Ole Miss’ season-opener against Boise State at the Georgia Dome as a result of an arrest in February, when he was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

The Nkemdiches are also being sued for $2 million by a man who has accused them of beating him at a frat party more than a year ago. They have filed a counter-claim.

Denzel Nkemdiche was All-SEC as a freshman in 2012, but missed time with injuries last fall.

Robert was on the All-SEC freshman team after he had 29 tackles, eight tackles for loss and two sacks in 10 starts in 2013.

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Mindy From Dacula:

Why are you getting involved in “Man Stuff”???

Don’t worry your pretty little head(IF only you had one) and get me another beer hon! Make it snappy!!!!

You bring back memories of the 2 “Blackest Days” in Georgia History. Remember them????

It was when they started allowing women to get DRIVERS LICENSE & Register To Vote!!!!!!

Where is that beer dahling???????????

[...] Rebel gone wild? Life isn’t beach for Denzel Nkemdiche after Spring Break video [...]