ESPN poll: Most coaches don’t like proposed 10-second rule

A proposal that would slow college offenses might be coming to a stop.

ESPN polled 128 of the nation’s FBS coaches, with only 25 saying they favor the rule to put the brakes on the speedy offenses.

From the article:

“Of the 25 in favor, only 11 are coaches at a ‘Power 5 Conference’ school in either the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC, plus Notre Dame. Of the 128 coaches overall, 73 percent (93 coaches) are opposed to the proposal while only 19.5 percent (25 coaches) are in favor. Seven percent (nine coaches) are undecided.”

The article reported that several coaches, including Georgia’s Mark Richt, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, Florida’s Will Muschamp, among many others, are against the proposal. Alabama’s Nick Saban and Arkansas’ Bret Bielema are outspoken proponents of it.

Here’s how the rule would work, according to the article:

It would prohibit offenses snapping the ball until at least 10 seconds run off the 40-second play clock, which would allow defenses to sub. The only exception would be in the final 2 minutes of each half or if the play clock began at 25 seconds. If the offense snaps the ball before the play clock is less than 30 seconds, it would be penalized 5 yards for delay.

The rule will come up for a vote by the NCAA’s 11-member playing rules oversight panel on March 6.

Here are the folks on the playing rules oversight committee:

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher, WAC commissioner Jeff Hurd, Northeast Conference commissioner Noreen Morris, UAB senior associate athletic director Derita Ratcliffe, Michigan State senior associate AD Shelley Appelbaum, Armstrong Atlantic State AD Lisa Sweany, Arkansas Tech assistant AD Kristy Bayer, Shenandoah University AD Doug Zipp, Smith College AD Lynn Oberbillig and Fitchburg State AD Sue Lauder.

A majority vote is all that’s needed to slow offenses next fall.

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March 5th, 2014
9:05 pm

This might be done to slow the game down….but what happens if coaches like Sumlin and Malzahn start bringing the offense to the sidelines for 6 seconds then running out there quick to line up and snap the ball before the defense gets set or has the right substitutions out on the field?….I cant see how it makes any difference in the world because if you try something then there is always a way around it.This could really mess up a defense on punting or field goal situations if they dont have the right people out there for the play.

[...] survey found that only 25 of the the 128 FBS coaches in the nation favor the 10-second [...]

[...] ESPN poll: Most coaches don’t like proposed 10-second rule [...]

Jim S

March 3rd, 2014
8:22 pm

BTW TideRoll, Auburn has won 9 of the last 14 Iron Bowls so your assumption of dominance over Auburn is pure DELUSION. Not unusual for bammers,

Jim S

March 3rd, 2014
8:17 pm

February 27th, 2014
2:33 pm

“Alabama had a fluke miriacle loss to auburn. this year, alabama beats them easy and wins the SEC—as usual. Bama going for title 4 in 6 years!!! RTR!!”

I suppose your comment has some delusional validity considering the game with the mighty Tide was TIED before the runback anyway, plus Bama has 60 minutes to put Auburn “away” but failed to do so on several occasions. Give me a break. You bammers are a piece of work!

Jim S

March 3rd, 2014
8:13 pm

It’s painfully clear what Saban and Beleima are trying to accomplish by the rule change and it has nothing to do with player safety. Saban wants to slow the game down to gain a defensive advantage against hurry up offenses….. period! Now Saban claims he had nothing to do with it leaving the top Hog holding the bag so to speak trying to deflect attention away from himself and his motives and agenda. If the rule passes, it will clearly show how powerful Saban is and it’s wrong. With all the TV commercials and time outs now anyway, this proposal is stupid.

[...] ESPN poll: Most coaches don’t like proposed 10-second rule [...]


February 27th, 2014
6:03 pm

Major Belcher, it is you who must be using the sauce. My last post was a 8 last night. You tide posters still won’t address the substance of the article. Saban just can’t handle the fact that the hurry-up strategy puts his defense at a disadvantage, so he wants to ban it. What a wuss ! Murray and the Dogs nearly beat the maroon turd with a hurry-up series of plays, and poor Nicky wants to eliminate his defense from being put on its heels. Like I said, he’s a Wuss. You would say the same thing if CMR or Malzahn were trying to do what St Nicky is attempting if Nicky were against it. Try being just a little objective for once.