SEC tops nation in football attendance — again

So much for your HD TV and comfy recliner.

An average of 75,674 fans attended SEC games last fall, the highest mark in the country in a year when the attendance of college football games nationally topped 50 million.

The SEC set a national record with 7,567,406 fans in 2013, which means the SEC accounted for about 15 percent of the nation’s attendance.

While the SEC saw its national championship run end with Florida State’s win over Auburn, it continued another streak by leading the nation in attendance for the 16th consecutive year, according to a study released by the NCAA.

Here are the other conference leaders by average attendance:

  • Big Ten: 70,431
  • Big 12: 58,899
  • Pac-12: 53,619
  • ACC: 49,982

Michigan led individual schools with an average of 111,592 fans for seven home games, winning the attendance title for the 16th straight year. Michigan was followed by Ohio State at 104,933 and Alabama at 101,505.

In another interesting stat, 1,204,185 watched Auburn play its 14 games, the most of any school in the country. Thirteen other teams played were watched in person by 1 million or more fans.

Attendance rose somewhat in part because there are more teams playing football these days.

There are 657 schools that have NCAA football teams, 13 more than in 2012.

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It's This Simple..........

February 22nd, 2014
7:44 pm

The “Athletic Chumps Conference at the bottom again. Take away FSU and it drops another 3,000 on average!

[...] SEC tops nation in football attendance — again [...]

[...] SEC tops nation in football attendance — again [...]