Auburn makes up to other Dee Ford for case of mistaken Twitter identity

Will the real Dee Ford please stand up?

Auburn fans bombarded Dee Ford with tweets after a strong performance in the Senior Bowl two weeks ago.

The problem?

It was the wrong Dee Ford.

A surveyor in Gillingham, England — with the Twitter name of @dee_ford — was the beneficiary of the tweets, not the former defensive end who is moving up NFL draft boards, which was first reported by The War Eagle Leader on Jan. 27.

To make up for the case of mistaken identity, Auburn AD Jay Jacobs sent Dee Ford a care package filled with Auburn apparel. She tweeted photos of Jacobs’ letter and gear earlier today.

She changed her Twitter bio to say: “NOTE! I am not the Auburn footballer, who is dee_ford_ I’m a boring surveyor from Kent,” but has added Auburn wallpaper to the background on her account.

BTW, Auburn’s Dee Ford’s Twitter handle is: @dee_ford_

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GT Alum

February 13th, 2014
6:38 pm

Jack -

Yeah, because giving someone a bunch of Auburn stuff she probably didn’t really want to begin with makes up for getting bombarded by asinine tweets from a bunch of crazy fans who didn’t realize they had the wrong Twitter account.

Of course, if she follows soccer, she’s probably completely used to obsessed fans acting like idiots.

If you don’t want the reputation, don’t blame the people who see this and think it’s crazy. Blame the fans who act like idiots and get you painted with the same brush (assuming you’re not one of them).

[...] Auburn makes up to other Dee Ford for case of mistaken Twitter identity [...]

UGA Insider

February 13th, 2014
10:30 am

You Auburn fans are truly freeks!!!!!

Get our of mom’s basement and find a job already.