‘Hefty Lefty’ still winging it

Former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen (center) has grown up since he left the NFL. (Twitter, @Ky1eSc0tt)

Former Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen (center) has grown up since he left the NFL. (Twitter)

Remember the “Pillsbury Throwboy?”

Or how ’bout the “Round Mound of Touchdown?”

Former Kentucky QB Jaren Lorenzen had several nicknames, mostly of the unflattering variety, given his unusual girth for a quarterback.

Lorenzen threw his last pass at Kentucky in 2003 and was Eli Manning’s backup when the N.Y. Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008, is now living large as the QB for the North Kentucky River Monsters of the Continental Indoor Football League.

And when I say large, I mean LARGE. Just check out the photo.

Lorenzen’s nicknames were well-earned at Kentucky, where he was listed at 260 pounds. He was 285 with the Giants and doesn’t appear to be sticking to any New Year’s Resolutions.

He’s reportedly up to 320 pounds.

Photos and video of Lorenzen started hitting Twitter last night, so if you want a more comprehensive look at one agile QB, search him out there.

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[...] ‘Hefty Lefty’ still winging it [...]


February 5th, 2014
9:07 am

In lieu of flowers pls donate to your favorite charity.


February 4th, 2014
11:19 pm



February 4th, 2014
7:38 pm

Lorenzen looks to me like 425 or more. Being a UK athlete-alumnus makes it hard to get a real job, I guess.


February 4th, 2014
4:01 pm

Holy cow. He looks like he is about to give birth to a whale. I wonder where they got his jersey?
Still a good athlete though.


February 4th, 2014
12:59 pm

He scrambles once and heads to the bench for oxygen.