Oklahoma puts boom on McCarron

There were some unusual sights in the Sugar Bowl.

AJ McCarron under pressure.

McCarron looking frazzled.

McCarron throwing the ball to players in the wrong colored jerseys and taking sacks and committing an intentional grounding penalty.

McCarron looked liked the redshirt freshman making his fifth career start, not the two-time national champ.

Oklahoma’s Trevor Knight had little experience before the Sugar Bowl, but he outplayed McCarron on Thursday night.

“He was exceptional tonight,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. “He was outstanding.”

He had thrown for 471 yards all season, but finished with 348 yards and four TD passes in the Sooners’ 45-31 victory over Alabama and its vaunted defense.

Knight looked like the better, more composed QB. Oklahoma looked like the better team.

The Sooners played faster, better prepared, took advantage of Alabama turnovers and then held off the Tide’s attempted second-half rally.

They also rattled McCarron, the top winner at Alabama when it comes to QBs.

Oklahoma’s final score came in fitting fashion.

LB Eric Striker blew past LT Cyrus Kouandjio for what seemed like the millionth time, grabbed McCarron with one hand and swatted the ball out of his hand with the other. The ball was picked up and returned for the last TDs.

It was Oklahoma’s seventh sack. It was Alabama’s fourth turnover.

McCarron threw for 387 yards, but threw two turnovers and that fumble.

Many thought Alabama was a shoe-in for its fourth national championship in five years, but then Auburn’s Chris Davis shocked the world, as the players like to say, with his miraculous return, sending the Tide to another bowl.

Instead, Alabama finished on a two-game losing streak for the first time since the 2008 season.

Remember that season? Florida knocked off Alabama in the SEC title game and then Utah beat them in the Sugar Bowl.

That all seemed incredibly unlikely until the last seconds of the Iron Bowl.

McCarron had an incredible career, but Oklahoma put the boom on him Thursday night.

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January 3rd, 2014
12:41 pm

Bama is the cow bell for the SEC but they need to get outside the conference a little more – on a home and home basis – and quit hiding behind the every game in the SEC is tough bull$hit.

Oklahoma was not that good this season, but they looked quicker last night than Bama???.


January 3rd, 2014
12:40 pm

Bama beat no one this year. The SEC honchos put a schedule together for the Tide that was supposed to get them to the NC. Cupcakes every week with off weeks before the A&M and LSU games. Chattanooga before the Auburn game is as close to an off week as you can get and still play a game.

On another note, the Dawgs could have used a horse like Derrick Henry this year, but alas, another great Georgia player leaves the state to avoid a coaching staff that minimizes the potential of its players.


January 3rd, 2014
11:16 am

That was an excellent game played by Oklahoma. Bama’s offense has been covering for a defense that wasn’t quite up to par in 2013. That was obvious in the Texas A&M game as well as in their 2 losses to end the season. This Crimson Tide team wasn’t as bad as was the 2010 team, but they’re up against a major rebuilding next year with a new QB. Could Bama be facing two disappointing seasons in a row? Only time will tell.


January 3rd, 2014
10:39 am

I heard Sweet Home Alabama playing on the bus when the Sooners left the stadium! Tide got rolled!!!!!!!


January 3rd, 2014
10:30 am

Yep, faster and better prepared, that sums it up. ‘Bama was trying to win in an SEC city based on reputation and not by going out and taking it.

David Granger

January 3rd, 2014
10:15 am

Somebody better keep a close watch on that Harvey Updyke scum. He’s probably on his way to Norman to burn down the Sooner Schooner.


January 3rd, 2014
10:13 am

What we are seeing right before our eyes is the beginning of the end of Nick Saban. Think about it. It happens to every coach who hangs around long enough…Mack Brown, Phil Fulmer, Steve Spurrier, Rich Rod, etc. Bama is already seeing this and starting next year, so will UGA fans with Richt now that Murray is gone. Hey Bama fans–got a second?


January 3rd, 2014
10:09 am

Oklahoma, where the wind comes whipping across the plain – and the Sooner football team takes football SERIOUSLY. Just a little dose of reality for Alabama – don’t count your victories before you secure them on field. This is sort of thing that happens when you have good, speedy, well-prepared opposition. Nothing for ‘Bama to be embarrassed about, you had a good run but you’re gonna miss McCarron more than you think.

Max Sizemore

January 3rd, 2014
10:06 am

Alabama’s defense was often not lined up and ready to play at the snap of the ball. Totally inexcusable, and on Kirby Smart. I never imagined that Bama could be outcoached to that extent. Oh, WeRunTheEast, McCarron checked to the hitch outside because Oklahoma started the game with 8 in the box.


January 3rd, 2014
10:00 am

SEC isn’t that good this year– I am a Dawg fan and
we are middle of pack team and should have beat Auburn.
FSU should handle the lucky War Eagles Monday…