Bobo not a good fit for Georgia Southern

Mike Bobo has been mentioned in connection with the head coaching vacancy at Georgia Southern.

And while Bobo has done an admirable job as Georgia’s offensive coordinator — I know, a lot of UGA fans would love to see him go somewhere — Bobo wouldn’t be a good fit at Georgia Southern.

AD Tom Kleinlein has said he wants someone who buys into Georgia Southern traditions — the school buses, Beautiful Eagle Creek, etc. — including running the triple option that has powered most of the school’s offenses through the years.

“Now, does that mean they need to come in here and do all of those things?” Kleinlein told the Statesboro Herald. “I’m going to leave that up to him. I know, when I sit down and talk to him, that if we’re not doing some of those things, he better have a really good reason why.”

Bobo has shown great ability to adapt and adjust to the rapidly changing world of college offenses, but he’s spent the past several years building a versatile, multifaceted offense at Georgia that revolves around a pro-style QB.

But Georgia Southern is moving to the FBS Sun Belt, so maybe it’s looking for a new offense to go with its new surroundings.

Also, I don’t know if Bobo has the right personality or desire to perform all that’s demanded of a head coach.

“I think he likes it here,” Georgia coach Mark Richt told the Athens Banner-Herald. “I think he understands being a head coach is a lot different than being a coordinator.”

Here’s a list of other Georgia Southern candidates.

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December 31st, 2013
5:03 pm

Is it next year that tech finally plays Georgia Southern?

I hope Georgia Southern kicks tech’s rear ends all over the field.


December 31st, 2013
4:46 pm

@HotDawg: Under Paul Johnson the Eagles captured the Division I-AA National Championship twice in 1999 and 2000, and finished as runner-up in 1998. During his tenure as head coach, they finished with a record of 62-10 so they have done a lot since Erk


December 31st, 2013
4:35 pm

He would be a great fit. Get him the hell out of UGA. Hopefully he will do good at Southern because I actually like the Eagles but the one thing about Southern is that they have a real winning tradition down here. If you don’t win they will send you packing soon.


December 31st, 2013
4:32 pm

Seems to me that going to Ga. Southern will be a step down for BoBo at this point in his career. He just won Offensive Cordinator of the Year, I’m sure he can use that to transistion into a place that is on a higher stage and he’ll have a chance to compete. At worst, he can get a good start as coach at one of the lower SEC or ACC schools. If he sticks at UGA a few more years with good results, I don’t see any reason he won’t get a major coaching position eventually, Go to Ga. Southern and he’ll be back as an O Cordinator somehere worse in a few years.


December 31st, 2013
4:31 pm

Steve O, your definitely being yourself….a real d-bag.

Royal Country

December 31st, 2013
4:27 pm

Bojack, sober up before you post. Bobo will be at UGA in 2014 and if Southern is smart they will hire someone can transition them from the triple option to a D1 offense.


December 31st, 2013
4:24 pm

The late, great Erk is not coming back. Ga Southern needs to move on from the triple option.
Like after yogi bear bryant died. Bamalama dingdongs were like zombies for years, not knowing what to do to move on.

savh dawg

December 31st, 2013
4:24 pm

@ Steve O
I’m making the point that your program has averaged 12 to 14,000 people despite all those rings


December 31st, 2013
4:23 pm

“Quit trying to be something your not”

Hahah. You should take your own advice, HotDawg


December 31st, 2013
4:17 pm

I’d tell the AD this is the offense I bring. It’s a proven success and high powered.
if you want to keep the triple option. More power to you. But I’ll be accepting a more lucrative offer at a real school. Excuse me, a major school.
Ga Southern is small potatoes. Quit trying to be something your not.