SEC teams finally get taste of bowls

The SEC finally gets to go bowling.

Ten of the conference’s 14 teams — sorry, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas — are in bowls, beginning with today’s Music City Bowl between Ole Miss and Georgia Tech. You can read more about that one here.

Here are the other bowls with SEC teams:

Liberty Bowl

Mississippi State vs. Rice, 4 p.m. Tuesday

Thought: Don’t overlook Rice. The Owls won 10 games, but the Bulldogs were rejuvenated by the return of QB Dak Prescott from an injury.

Chick-fil-A Bowl

Texas A&M vs. Duke, 8 p.m. Tuesday

Thought: Duke has had an amazing season, but the Blue Devils won’t be able to corral Johnny Manziel.

Gator Bowl

Georgia vs. Nebraska, noon Wednesday

Thought: Battle of Backup QBs between Hutson Mason and Nebraska’s Tommy Armstrong Jr.

Outback Bowl

LSU vs. Iowa, 1 p.m. Wednesday

Thought: LSU has had more than a month to prepare QB Anthony Jennings (who is from Marietta) for this game.

Capital One Bowl

South Carolina vs. Wisconsin, 1 p.m. Wednesday

Thought: If you like defense and good running backs, then this is the game for you. Look for South Carolina QB Connor Shaw to be the difference.

Sugar Bowl

Alabama vs. Oklahoma, 8:30 p.m. Jan. 2

Thought: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops has been one of the SEC’s biggest detractors. The Tide can shut his mouth in QB AJ McCarron’s final game.

Cotton Bowl

Missouri vs. Oklahoma State, 7:30 p.m. Jan. 3

Thought: Two teams that almost reached the BCS National Championship game have to settle for this game.

Compass Bowl

Vanderbilt vs. Houston, 1 p.m. Jan. 4

Thought: Look for outstanding WRs in Houston’s Deontay Greenberry and Vanderbilt’s Jordan Matthews.

BCS National Championship Game

Auburn vs. Florida State, 8:30 p.m. Jan. 6

Thought: I’ll have more on this game as we get closer, but can Auburn match the offensive execution it showed in dismantling Missouri in the SEC title game?

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January 1st, 2014
1:46 am

The SEC WEST #4(Texas A&M), #5(Mississippi State), and #6(Ole Miss) beat the ACC #2(Duke), The Conference USA Champion(Rice), and the ACC #4 (Georgia Tech). I hope the SEC makes it a clean sweep!!


January 1st, 2014
1:42 am

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John Galt

December 31st, 2013
5:38 pm

Thomas Brown – you absolutely wear me out. No one has the time nor the inclination to read your reality series. Give it a rest.


December 31st, 2013
9:23 am

Thomas, see your hiding over here, I ,am so proud of what you did in college. Did you serve the track team breakfast?


December 31st, 2013
8:43 am

So when are the dwags playing for the national championship? Surely their latest dream team made it, didn’t they?

Thomas Brown

December 31st, 2013
6:11 am

SEC 1-0

Georgie tek (7-6) gained 298 yards against Ole Miss, who gained 477 yards.

Ole Miss scored on its opening possession, and never trailed, although Ole Miss had a large number of injuries and suspended players.

# 10 SEC team, Ole Miss started The 10 SEC Bowl Games 1-0 vs ACC and 1-0 overall.

# 6 ACC team, Georgie tek dropped the All Cupcake Conference to 0-1 vs SEC and 3-3 overall.

PLAYING IN ALL THESE WEENIE BOWLS, the ACC has already played 6 Bowl Games, although it is not even New Year’s Eve, yet – since we haven’t had our Party yet, but did enjoy our Christmas Party at

The Capital City Club.

Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays to all.

Each Christmas in Athens, I returned home to Dunwoody to our Family Home. It always a celebration of my grades. I was not that great of a student in high school because I was so involved in sports 4 sports 3 seasons, and because I worked full-time 40 hours a week AFL-CIO Top Pay. If you do not know about Union Top Pay or a Steward to tell you, it means no one in the Union made more than I. And, I full-time student high school. Not making excuses, oh ok, maybe I am. I really did not have to study in high school, or grammar school. I was not challenged as I should have been. Walked-on. Boy howdy, in College I knew I had to study and burned the candles at both ends, living in Russell Hall 3rd Floor, and loving college, all my college buddies, Football Games, and studying or classes or practice or work 18 hours a day, sometimes more. I did well in college and have found memories of my hard work. What did you do in college ? Go to the Red and Black ? I never went there. I studied hard and worked hard and practiced hard, rabbit for the track team at 5 am every morning. I love being in Athens.

Just not for the Holidays.

Cannot really speak to what roomi did for Holidays in Athens.

Atlanta ?

Great Holiday Spirit, and Wonderful Christmas Parties.

Happy New Year Eve to everyone. Hope that you enjoy your New Year’s Bash, as will we here.

Won’t be at

The Capital City Club, as Christmas.

Capped a very successful year with yet another new sale today I-20 again. Keep our guys busy for 2 weeks, all of them.

Did get to take some time to see Georgie tek.

You know ?

To Hell with Georgia in their fight song.

1930 automobile started in 1961 that today clearly has the right front wheel wobbling. Please check that out. Right front could injure rumble seat passenger.

Please check that out.

1930 automobile started in 1961 official mascot, when the AJ-C headlines coming back from Athens in 1893 after being rocked and stoned with our former stars inside the train who won games for us the previous season, one of whom has not Russell Hall but his name on that dorm at the off ramp, while Georgie tek won no games 1892 (one of 7 seasons Georgie tek won 0 football games.)




The TRAIN was also rear-ended in Lawrenceville, but managed to make it back to Pershing Point.

The Train-Wreck.

Not an Automobile.

And, not 1961.

And, not an automobile from 1930 started in 1961.

Official Mascot.

Georgie tek is a Train-Wreck.

Got to watch the game.

Don’t ever do that.

Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays !

Love the Georgia Bulldogs’ Games.

But, also LOVE watching Georgie tek LOSE.

Love Georgia Bulldogs with All My Heart.

Love watching Georgie tek lose.

So, this was a lot of fun for me.

Thank you for this.

3-5 vs SEC, Ole Miss shut down Georgie tek’s Offense, having played # 10 toughest schedule.

5-3 vs ACC, Georgie tek was no match for Ole Miss offensively or defensively playing # 40 SoS

Neither team can make either AP Poll or USA Today Coaches’ Poll or any other poll 2013-2014.

30 teams each season nowadays win at least 9 games, at least.

There are 55 teams who win 8 games.

Georgie tek is NOT on the Top 55 teams, either.

8-5 Ole Miss (3-5)

7-6 Georgie tek (5-3)

8 of the last 9 Bowl Games, Georgie tek has Lost.

23-19 Georgie tek in Bowl Games, no Major Bowl Won since 1957

# 35 in Won/Lost Record since 1957, Georgie tek drops this year even further.

Music City Bowl – dead last worst SEC Bowl Game sending our SEC Worst Bowl Team.

$ 3,500,000 Payout Music City Bowl Nashville, Tennessee
$ 7,000,000 Payout Gator Bowl Jacksonville, Florida

How in the Living Hell can you Lose 8 of your Last 9 Bowl Games ?

Funny as Hell.

Please run in here, and bring up any topic on Bowl Games.

Please ?

Lord God, Oh Please !

8 of 9 Bowl Games Lost Georgie tek.

5 in a Row Bowl Games against The SEC, Georgie tek has Lost.

Georgie tek has not beat The SEC in a Bowl Game since 1957.

Georgie tek 2-5 vs SEC All-Time in Bowl Games.

Two 7-5 teams, one 5-3 vs All Cupcake Conference, one 3-5 vs # 1 Conference SEC.

8-5 Ole Miss (3-5)

7-6 Georgie tek (5-3)

Did anyone expect any different result ?

Georgia Bulldogs are anywhere from 8 and a half to 10 points pick over Nebraska in Gator Bowl

Ole Miss was picked to Win SEC 1st Bowl game, signifying our Worst SEC Bowl Team -3

Ole Miss also beat the line

The game was summed up no better when with just 4 minutes 36 seconds remaining in the contest, it took the ball at its 20-yard line, had penalty called then promptly on the 1st play after the penalty behind the chains ran a trick play not believing in its high school offense, and ran backwards 20 yards back to the goal line and fumbled the ball into the end zone for a Safety, and suffered the indignity of having to kick-off to Ole Miss who blossomed the lead from 6 to 8 points.


23-36 Bo Wallace injured unable throw ball really from surgery not recovered from 86 rushing

5-17 Vad Lee and 1 Interception, 24 yards rushing on 16 carries

221 yards Rushing Ole Miss more seasoned team played Strength Schedule #10 at 7-5 coming in

151 yards Rushing Georgie tek, playing Strength of Schedule # 40 at 7-5 coming in

High School Offense.

Paul Johnson said after the defeat by UGA over Georgie tek that he had bigger fish to fry.

Where is this Fish Fry, Paul Johnson ?

Quarterback Rating 18.4 for Vad Lee.


1-5 Paul Fish Fry Johnson drops to 1-5 in Bowl Games.

47-32 Paul Fish Fry Johnson 6 seasons no ACC Championships 1-5 Bowl Games

7.8 wins a season in 14-game seasons nowadays.

30 teams Win 9 games a season.

Georgie tek under Paul Johnson is NOT one of the Top 30 teams.

There are 55 teams annually who win 8 games.

Georgie tek is NOT on the Top 55 teams, either.

7 point whatever wins a season 6 seasons.


Average Georgie tek season under Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson has some seriously weird recruiting methods, including downtown in a city of over 6 million, in a state only Florida, California and Texas have more high school football recruits who go on the NFL, telling all the kids REPEATEDLY that if he is recruiting them to Georgie tek that they cannot even talk to any other schools, and certainly cannot go visit some other school if he is recruiting them. Do and he every time retracts his Scholarship Offer to the kid.

Clearly, Paul Johnson believes if the kid even visits another school that they will what ?

Choose the other school.

Choose the other school, kids, for Paul Johnson put Georgie tek on NCAA Probation.

NCAA Probation all 2013.

NCAA Probation all 2014.

NCAA Probation half of 2015.

This the Paul Johnson who said that if UGA fans say something about their coach 12-1 vs Georgie tek, that they are to hit the fan in the face.

Now, he follows this ALL up with : “I am a dumbass.”


Dumbass ?

Well, he certainly doesn’t believe in his own high school offense, does he Mark Bradley ?

Over 5 Losses a season Paul Johnson 47-32 six seasons complete & no ACC Championships.

So, # 6 ACC cannot beat the # 10 SEC

Paul Johnson has coached in college football for 33 seasons, and he knew when the NCAA told Georgie tek not to tell the kids anything about the NCAA Investigation that he, Paul Johnson, could not instruct his players on what to say and what not to say.

Paul Johnson knew that.

33 years coaching NCAA College Football.

Paul Johnson knew he could not prep his players on what to say & what not to say to the NCAA.

He did it anyway.

Didn’t he ?

NCAA Probation – and was the NCAA Probation for $ 352 t-shirt ?


It was for Paul Johnson prepping his players on what to say and what not to say to NCAA.


1 Game Georgie tek CANNOT SAY IT WON.


1 Trophy the ACC forced Georgie tek to hand BACK.

1 Trophy the ACC kept and said WOULD NOT BE AWARDED to anyone.

Ole Miss has now Won 10 of its last 11 Bowl Games, but it wasn’t the Cotton Bowl.

It was Georgie tek.

Ranked AP Poll Top 25 or USA Today Coaches’ Poll for the Year Game Played :
Paul Johnson….31.58%…..6….Won….13….Lost….6 years….2008 thru today ranked teams
Mark Richt…….25.93%…..7….Won….20….Lost….6 years….2008 thru today ranked teams

Ranked AP Poll Top 25 or USA Today Coaches’ Poll at Time of the Game :
Paul Johnson….36.84%…..07….Won….12….Lost….6 years….2008 thru today vs game ranked
Mark Richt…….38.71%…..12….Won….19….Lost….6 years….2008 thru today vs game ranked

Mark Richt 08 more games vs teams who were ranked AP or Coaches’ Polls that year 2008-2013
Mark Richt 12 more games vs teams who were ranked AP or Coaches’ at Game Time 2008-2013

Why did Georgie tek lose to # 10 SEC Bowl Team ?

Because Football is a Quarterback-Centered Game.

5-17 Vad Lee and 1 Interception, 24 yards rushing on 16 carries.

High School Offense.

Quarterback-Centered Game : NFL, College Football, and even football : high school

There are 71 teams who win 7 games a season nowadays since in fact they are 14-game seasons.

We’re going to have a Fish Fry tonight, New Year’s Eve. What are y’all doing ?

Georgia Southern: Sources tell us Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo has interviewed for the head job at Georgia Southern.”

Tomás Broun

December 30th, 2013
11:53 pm

Nebraska 38, leghumpers 24


December 30th, 2013
9:38 pm

Hot off the press “news” isn’t a requirement for bowl game discussions. Of course, I understand why some fans don’t care to discuss them.

I dropped my fried twinkie

December 30th, 2013
1:51 pm

You WASTED TIME actually writing this article?

The AJC already has the bowl Schedule posted and this is NEWS?