Recruiting is crazy, just ask Glanville

Former Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Glanville, who has always been handy when you need a good quote, had plenty of interesting things to say in a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

Glanville told a few interesting stories about recruiting in the story that also quoted several current and former coaches who have coached both college football and in the NFL, including Pete Carroll, and two other former Falcons coaches, June Jones and Jim Mora.

Glanville, who coached at Georgia Tech in the late 1960s to early ’70s, and at Hawaii and Portland State after leaving the Falcons, said:

“I’ve sat in a living room talking to a kid and it’s me and [Ohio State's] Woody Hayes. Me and [Alabama's] Bear Bryant. Me and [Auburn's] Shug Jordan. When I’m sitting in that room with Woody Hayes, I’m going to try and compete and kick his butt recruiting that kid. I got a kid to come with me instead of going with Bear Bryant. You know what Bear did the next year? Tried to hire me.
“You come to a recruit’s house at a scheduled hour. Well, the good guys, when their hour is over, don’t leave. They’d say, ‘He hasn’t left.’ And I’d say, ‘Doesn’t bother me. I’m coming in.’ I loved every minute of it.”

And then there’s this from Glanville about a recruit who was about to sign with Tennessee:

“I said, ‘That’s nice. Let me take you for a milkshake and I’ll bring you back for the press conference. He got in my Buick Riviera, and I drove him to Atlanta and enrolled him at Georgia Tech. And they were sitting up there waiting for the press conference. Close the deal!”

Money issues and recruiting are the biggest differences between coaching in the NFL and in college, Glanville said.

Mora, who also coached the Seattle Seahawks and now is at UCLA, said he prefers the “energy and enthusiasm” of the college game.

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[...] Recruiting is crazy, just ask Glanville [...]

[...] Recruiting is crazy, just ask Glanville [...]