Muschamp’s days must be numbered

About 10 days ago, Florida AD Jeremy Foley said he was 1,000 percent behind coach Will Muschamp.

I wonder what the percentage is now.

The Gators (4-7) have lost twice since then, an expected loss to South Carolina, and one that leans toward the ridiculous.

Georgia Southern, a team in flux because its moving from the Southern Conference to the Sun Belt at the end of the season, shocked Florida 26-20 on Saturday, but is still the first FCS school to ever defeat Florida.

Muschamp can’t feel so secure right now.

The Gators have lost six straight games. They won’t be going to a bowl for the first time since 1990. At 4-7, this will be their first losing season since 1979.

And if you think Florida fans were hopping mad after losing to Louisville in the Sugar Bowl in January, check them out on Twitter today. They’re so full of venom I can’t put them on here.

I’m all for giving coaches a chance, especially with the injuries that Florida has seen this season, but when you’re Florida, you have to beat programs like Georgia Southern. There’s no reason not to do it.

Foley almost has to give up on Muschamp.

He can’t risk falling farther behind Florida State.

Miami is showing signs of life.

Central Florida is now the best team in the middle of the state.

I expect Muschamp to finish the season and then be fired after next week’s inevitable loss to Florida State.

He’ll make someone an excellent defensive coordinator next fall.

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Thomas Brown

November 24th, 2013
7:38 am

Za’Darius Smith is a Junior JUCO transfer from Alabama who spent the last 2 years at East Mississippi Community College, a 4-Star # 15 best JUCO player who no one figured would sign with Kentucky, their only 4-Star recruit of the Mark Stoops era, they picked-up at the last minute because Mark Stoops hired Defensive Line Coach Jimmy Brumbaugh who was the DL coach at East Miss CC. At 6’ 6” and 255 lbs, he runs 4.71 and was the # 2 nationally Weakside Defensive End. He has visits to Texas, West Virginia, Mississippi State and Texas A and M. FSU, Florida State University who has beat no one who has beat a soul all season, also offered Za’Darius Smith a scholarship to play for FSU.

The game just goes to show you how any team looks playing the worst team in The SEC. They look pretty darn good playing such a cupcake going nowhere, doing nothing, having beat no one who beat anybody. Texas A and M beat no one, having only played Auburn, LSU, and Alabama losing all 3. Missouri beat no one. Missouri only played one game all season, South Carolina; and now even though South Carolina beat Missouri, all Missouri has to do is to beat a team who has beat no one. Missouri was given an unfair schedule 2013, not having to play Alabama, not having to play LSU, and not having to play Auburn. LSU beat Auburn. We certainly did not, in a heart-breaker that just ruined our season – pretty much on life support as it was.

Auburn will be # 4 today but Auburn has beat no one. Alabama # 1, South Carolina moving into the Top 10 at # 9 with LSU moving up to # 16. Missouri does not deserve # 6, having beat no one like FSU has beat no one and does not even play anyone. Alabama beat what should be # 16 LSU today. LSU has beat Auburn and Texas A and M. Who has FSU beat like LSU ?

No one.

Speaking of no one :

Za’Darius Smith just put a dagger into the hearts of our seniors on a chilly getting colder the whole game clear night on our beautiful campus, the most beautiful of all campuses ! We turned-out in force to see us unload the bench and get our starters out for Georgie tek thumping next weekend as always, this Mark Richt’s 13th season and Georgie tek with their lone win, one. The game, would turn on one play, and the game just didn’t feel the same after that 1 play.

On the play, Aaron Murray was already injured. Za’Darius Smith broke free and came in after Aaron Murray released the pass, grabbed Aaron Murray around the waist, flinging him to the ground with a ref just standing right there directly looking at the play. After flinging him to the ground, Za’Darius Smith pounded on Aaron Murray, both in a heap, Aaron Murray unable to get up from a late hit by a nobody trying to make a name for himself on a football team which has lost 15 SEC games in a row, the game over 28-7.

The game did not feel the same after that.

Present participle

In boxing a referee steps in-between the 2 combatants, jumps into the fray, and stops it right there, right then, right now.

Sobering what wimps SEC referees are, not.

It was a dirty hit. He should have been whistled off by the ref, just standing there within 5 feet of the play, directly looking at nothing but Aaron Murray release the ball, not have time to brace himself for the hit, DEFENSELESS, being slung around then by Za’Darius Smith in a loop, flung illegally onto the ground, and then piled on top of Aaron Murray and drove him into the Sanford grass.

52 consecutive starts by Aaron Murray comes to an end. All The SEC Records on hold now until the bowl game to see if the results of the St. Marys’ Hospital MRI will allow him back for the bowl game, or not. Aaron Murray will be sidelined against Georgie tek, whom he owns.

I am sure Georgie tek thinks they have a chance now with Aaron Murray finally injured on one of these many dirty hits he endured here with SEC Officials just standing there, doing nothing, and allowing him to be injured like this.

The game was over.

It was 28-7 just before halftime.

Aaron Murray has beat Top 10 number 9 Florida in Final AP Poll last year, LSU probably # 16 now today this year, and # 9 probably today South Carolina. Any village idiot real fan not casual college football fan of no team really just all teams equally he states, could see that LSU and South Carolina CLEARLY ARE FINAL AP POLL TOP 25 TEAMS THIS YEAR, but acting so damn smug states the Final AP Poll ain’t out yet. That is intelligent ? That the retort ? That from the running to the defense of FSU all week for yet again their on-going issues while playing not one team who beat anyone as Aaron Murray has beat 3 teams who CLEARLY make the Final AP Poll, one last season who ended # 9 in the only published poll for 2012 season, and 2 more by God Above who make the Final AP Poll Top 25, you friqin’ and you know it, LIAR.

Za’Darius Smith hasn’t done a damn thing since going to Kentucky. He knew he was taking a free shot on a defenseless quarterback who had just insured his team’s 15th Consecutive SEC loss.

He flung him around like a rag doll, his knee still planted, the injured knee on his run where he was tackled hard, not sliding. He got up that time, and gutted out a TD pass.

As Aaron Murray ALWAYS HAS, the gutsiest Quarterback to ever play for The Top 10 Al-Time in Wins Georgia Bulldogs while FSU ain’t no damn bloody Top 10 All-Time Wins Football Program, but a troubled team forever who always has their FANS here on AJ-C blogs DEFENDING THEM and their cupcake schedule 2013, which ain’t like no damn schedule UGA played with Aaron Murray in 2011 and 2012 as you also LIED you friqin’ little LIAR.

2011 and 2012 Aaron Murray played tons of games against teams who BEAT other teams.

FSU schedule 2013 therefore AIN’T LIKE UGA’s schedule of 2011 and 2012 as you LIED, now is it ?

Not that you will directly answer that question, because well…

…we ALL know the answer to that question. 2012 alone has this great win over # 9 Florida whom you damn well gushed over all season long to me personally you dimwit by Aaron Murray. A team who BEAT FSU last season. Where is the team LIKE THAT ALONE on FSU’s schedule 2013 ? 2012 # 9 Florida beat # 6 Texas A and M 11-2, # 9 Florida beat # 14 LSU 10-3, # 9 Florida beat # 23 Vanderbilt 9-4, # 9 Florida beat # 8 South Carolina 11-2, # 9 Florida beat # 10 FSU 12-2, and Aaron Murray and Georgia BEAT Florida 2012, yet you LIE that UGA’s schedule 2012 you say and 2011 you say is like FSU’s schedule 2013.

It ain’t, friqin’ liar.

FSU 2013 schedule is NOT LIKE UGA’S SCHEDULE 2012, now is it ?

We played all kinds of great teams like Florida 2012 whom I knew we would beat all the time, much to your chagrin – played all kinds of TESTS like Florida 2012 in both 2011 and 2012 – teams who BEAT teams who BEAT teams –




All of Aaron Murray’s Records All-Time far surpass anything from any FSU Quarterback and certainly this redshirt freshman making a name for himself getting a piece on the side on a 1-night stand in her off-campus apartment, his girlfriend on a plane to visit him the very next day – great example of humankind to men the world over !

Aaron Murray beat # 9 Florida 2012 with all their great wins. Aaron Murray likewise beat what is probably # 16 I think LSU today this season, and # 9 I think South Carolina this year. # 16 now I think LSU beat what I think today will be # 4 Auburn. # 9 South Carolina I think, beat I think what will be # 6 Missouri today, this year.

But, according to you dimwit, copy and paste and make comment off-topic and hide and refuse to answer any real question about your mindless points hiding behind your damn keyboard…

…Aaron Murray has played nothing but a bunch of teams like FSU 2013 in all of both 2011 and 2012.


And, worst of all is YOU KNOW IT THAT YOU’RE A LIAR AND LIKE A LITTLE GIRL REFUSE to direct yourself to your stupid point that Aaron Murray PLAYED NO ONE IN 2011 AND 2012 and had a sorry schedule 2011 and 2012 just like 2013 FSU’s sorry schedule.

That ain’t the truth and you damn well bloody know it


Aaron Murray has all these great wins, and on this day after all these 1,765 plays against ALL THESE GREAT TEAMS his career here, unlike you try to compare to your stinking FSU 2013 schedule of nobodies all nobodies whole entire 2013 schedule of 13 games, this crudola football player takes advantage of his opportunity to purposely injure our Quarterback because he beat Kentucky TOO.

This time, after 1,764 plays getting up after every one of these hits by all these great PLAYERS purposely trying to injure our Tough quarterback who gets no side piece from his girlfriend nor carries on a long-distance relationship with her allowing this FREEDOM to CHEAT on her, 709 miles away from Houston to hell-hole cupcake playing only Tallahassee.

Aaron Murray would not even consider such cheating.

Can you just imagine finding Aaron Murray’s DNA a match in such untoward circumstances, cheating on his dream girlfriend ? Does Aaron Murray’s girlfriend have to come to his side and say she loves him ANYWAY ?


This time, Aaron Murray instead deals with


…waved to the sidelines and you could see him say, I can’t get up. For a guy who set all The SEC Records All-Time who had started 52 consecutive games, to see it come to an end against Georgie tek with a ref standing there staring directly at the dirty hit by a guy trying to make a name for himself after all the hits Aaron Murray endured, many like this one, dirty hit after dirty hit, trying to injure him – the gritty gutty tough Aaron Murray could not get up off the grass this one time. Senior Day. And, the game took on a different feel. It was not the same game. I guess it is what it will be like next year without him. It just was an empty feel to all of us, sitting there stunned as they had to come over and scrape him up off the grass after the purposely nobody slung him around in a circle, slammed him the turf and jumped on him.

A complete and utter nobody, having never done anything in his entire life. A thug. A thug on a winless Kentucky team – the worst team in The SEC. Za’Darius Smith allowed to get away with it, and no doubt The SEC Office will allow him to play against the vols next week too, to do more of the same in a game no doubt they will be losing 28-7 at the time too when their QB too is slung around in a circle by big and fast guy who could not get into 1-A FBS football out of high school, for a guy who did not even play organized football until 2 days before his Junior year in high school – a basketball player by trade Za’Darius Smith, slammed into the turf there too insuring once again Kentucky wins zero games again in The SEC again as always.

Nasty play.

Clearly Aaron Murray had let the ball go. Clearly, he was late approaching Aaron Murray All-Time SEC Record-setter after Tim Tebow’s SEC Record for combined TD running, passing catching responsible for. Clearly after spinning him around in a circle, Za’Darius Smith took advantage of his nasty opportunity to slam him into the hard cold ground on senior day no less, and then to add insult to injury, jumps on Aaron Murray defenseless the whole entire play once he released the pass with Za’Darius Smith not in the grasp.

SEC Officials for this game, this one ref just standing there, needs to be fired.

For all of us in the stands, it was gut-wrenching watching yet again our QB treated differently than every other QB in the United States of America.

Za’Darius Smith

Gutless loser.

Heartless loser.

Za’Darius Smith purposely slamming defenseless Aaron Murray to the ground and pouncing on the smaller Record-Setter All-Time at his position. Za’Darius Smith will never amount to anything. A nobody. An idiot. A moron. A guy who cannot formulate an intelligent thought in his lifetime.

But, on this cold night, on this hard ground, SEC ref allowed this douche to fling him around after the pass is released, slam him needlessly into the hard cold ground, and jump on him.

Friqin’ ref.

Aaron Murray had planted as he has to his left knee, already in a brace for the ref to see and for this dirtbag to see.

Aaron Murray threw the pass. Released the ball.

One two three and then this coward, losing 28-7 on a winless Kentucky team Za’Darius Smith slings Aaron Murray around like a rag doll in a complete entire circle.

Not finished yet, this mindless mugger, as a ruffian lifts Aaron Murray up who has earned his degree cum laude at a far better educational institution than lowly Kentucky


and then ontop of all that, SEC ref standing there allowing it to happen, not even offering to consider to go for his flag

POUNCES UPON the smaller erudite senior-day QB of the team beating his team 28-7 before the play started

and, drives Aaron Murray into the turf the hood on top of Aaron Murray gangster style.

Aaron Murray pitifully looking at us on the sidelines, saying I can’t get up.

All these hits.

All these Records.

And, this time this hoodlum allowed by SEC ref has finally put Aaron Murray down.

Legacy will be the Toughest Quarterback Georgia ever fielded.

2 trainers on either side scraping our quarterback up and lifting him off the field and directly to the locker room from where on crutches, he went straight to St. Mary’s. I had to go there once. Our SEC Record Quarterback against spineless Kentucky.

11 down.

94 allowed to play on.

What for ?

Because 94 needlessly attacked a truly good guy, slung him around in a circle like a rag doll long after the pass released, then SLAMMED him to the cold hard ground and jumped on him.

94 plays on.

11 down.

It’s just wrong.

All of us have an empty feeling watching the rest of this contest against this undisciplined gang of poor sportsmanship against one of the all-time toughest nicest guys. Ok, he was smaller than you. Ok, you saw his knee brace planted left knee. You did all you could do to completely take out your worthless idiotic zero intelligence loser frustrations as a mindless child against the defenseless knee planted Quarterback who had decimated you on his senior black-out day 28-7.

Za’Darius Smith has zero sacks against Georgia tonight, and why is that ?

Because Za’Darius Smith was LATE and acted like this anyway, after the pass was released in front of the SEC ref on senior day, Aaron Murray’s Black-Out Senior Day beating your butt 28-7.

That is why Za’Darius Smith has zero sacks against UGA tonight.

Za’Darius Smith has sacks this season. This is not one of them.

I hope you feel good about yourself, Za’Darius Smith gutless heartless wonder allowed to play undisciplined dirty football by SEC ref just standing there 5 feet away looking directly at the dirtiest play against All-Time SEC Record Holder in his 1,765 plays.

SEC Officials this one’s on you

Who cares about Florida, the 1 time Will Mushchamp was supposed to have a team, Aaron Murray beat them in one of his 3 greatest wins, and now it is over.

Georgia Southern cannot stop them. Jeez Louise everyone has stopped Georgia Southern this season but them. Not sure I want Will Mushchamp as our D.C. now or not.


November 24th, 2013
4:07 am

one,two,three, four, five I thought Muschamp didn”t take no jive.


November 24th, 2013
3:48 am

No KerryB, it’s you who have lost your mind. So sorry for you, but Grantham had an NFL defense last year and sucked. Have you already forgotten??? He just ain’t good enough.


November 24th, 2013
3:15 am

Charlie Strong should be the next Gator head coach.


November 24th, 2013
1:43 am

Muschamp has lost control of the team (on field discipline), has no imagination for a dynamic offense (which brings elite players to Florida to begin with), and now has lost the fans. Foley now has to do what any CEO is required to do when it isn’t working: Make a change. Make it soon.


November 24th, 2013
1:42 am

Come home as DC at georgia


November 24th, 2013
1:42 am

He can come home as DC at georgia.


November 24th, 2013
1:40 am

The next coach at FLA will be Petrino,trust me on this Foley has no class and wants to win i.e. Urbie

kev mack

November 24th, 2013
1:26 am

Muschamp needs to GOOO… this is still the same offense as last year. who barely beat RAGING CAJUANS in last sec,,. whats Driskel s supposed to come back and save our offense..HAHAHA.. Terrible coach of character of the player…Does not develop but regress players. Good with x/o’s this an that but fails to put the right player in right postions. Locker room clearly made a statement by losing this one….

Robert Conzuela

November 24th, 2013
1:21 am

Lame Kiffin is available.