Pac-12 says it’s catching up to SEC

Oregon players will be jacked up when they play Stanford on Thursday night. (Getty)

Oregon players will be jacked up when they play Stanford on Thursday night. (Getty)

Improved teams.

Bigger games.

More money.

Big-time coaches.

Increased TV exposure

Extensive recruiting.

These are some of the reasons why the Pac-12 says it’s catching up to the SEC this season, at least according to an AP article.

Here’s Washington State AD Bill Moos:

“Here we are out on the West Coast, now all of sudden we’re in people’s living rooms and sports bars. Plus (the TV contract) provided the revenue for all of us to build the buildings that we’re doing to get ourselves up to par with the rest of the country in regards to recruiting.”

Sagarin ratings, according to the article, breaks down every conference by division. It rates the SEC West as the top division in the FBS, followed by the Pac-12 North (Oregon, Stanford, Washington, Washington State, Oregon State and California) and the Pac-12 South (USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado), before the SEC East.

A couple of Oregon students have even begun selling “We Want Bama” T-shirts.

More from the article:

More Pac-12 football games are on TV than ever before. Multimillion dollar facilities upgrades at one stage or another can be found on just about every campus. The roster of coaches has more notable names — Rich Rodriguez at Arizona, Todd Graham at Arizona State, Jim Mora Jr. at UCLA and Mike Leach at Washington State — drawing heftier paychecks and playing an exciting brand of ball. Oregon brought fast-football to the Pac-12 and now much of the conference is trying to chase down the Ducks, with various forms of the no-huddle, spread offense.

The Pac-12’s top two programs will be on display on Thursday night, when No. 2 Oregon plays at No. 5 Stanford on ESPN, so those of you who haven’t seen a Pac-12 game this season can judge for yourselves.

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November 7th, 2013
2:38 pm

The previous stats are from 2011, so it very well may have been 0-18 for Vandy.


November 7th, 2013
2:35 pm

My apologies. it is 0-8 against the last 8 ranked teams Vandy played prior to beating UGA.

Here’s a look at how all 12 SEC schools have fared in their last 20 games against nationally ranked opponents:
Alabama: 15-5 (.750)
Auburn: 12-8 (.600)
Florida: 12-8 (.600)
LSU: 12-8 (.600)
Georgia: 9-11 (.450)
Arkansas: 8-12 (.400)
South Carolina: 7-13 (.350)
Mississippi State: 5-15 (.250)
Ole Miss: 5-15 (.250)
Vanderbilt: 5-15 (.250)
Tennessee: 4-16 (.200)
Kentucky: 3-17 (.150)


November 7th, 2013
2:32 pm

Enough with the Vandy references. Didn’t I see a stat during the Vandy-UGA game that Vandy was 0-18 against the last 18 ranked opponents they played?


November 7th, 2013
2:14 pm

they looked more like the AFLAC Duck than any serious threat to either of those SEC teams…whipped soundly.

They lost by 3 points to Auburn and 13 to LSU in a game where they turned the ball over 4 times. They weren’t beaten “soundly”. How about their game with Tennessee this year? Tennessee beat SC and went to overtime with UGA. Against Oregon? 45 point loss. That should tell you that teams like UGA, Tenn, Florida, and pretty much everyone else in the SEC aside from Bama aren’t even in the same stratosphere as Oregon.


November 7th, 2013
12:19 pm

da truth,

I don’t follow pro football a lot. Is there a lot of running backs from the SEC exceling in the pros? Is there a lot of QB’s from the SEC exceling in the pros?

The facts are that neither Marshal or Gurley has handled the pounding very well, either. Neither did Latimore. You’ve gone too far with the Vandy thing.

A lot of teams out there that would win the SEC least. And, there are several more that could come in 2nd place in the SEC west.

Bama is very good. The rest are very similar to college football across the land.

Da Truth

November 7th, 2013
11:31 am

Ok, here we go again… The SEC is the best conference in College Football and it has nothing to do with 7 NC or all the players the put in the league or how the keep 4 to 5 teams ranked at all times. What makes them the best is simple, They eat there own. See there is not a week off in the SEC. Look down your schedule at LSU in two weeks and you play Vandy @ Vandy this week, you will catch an L. All though all the team records do not relect NC, the grind of playing NC caliber teams AND NFL type players is the difference. Oregon has great facilities, but that lil scat back could not handle the pounding of an SEC schedule and he is good, but he is not a Gurley, Marshall,or Lattimore for that matter.Pound for pound, Player for Player ther are better across the board. It is not hype, just the facts..

[...] Pac-12 says it’s catching up to SEC [...]


November 7th, 2013
11:18 am


The question is not “how” to gauge if a conference is good. The question is “why” do you need to. Why do all these UGAG fans get off on Bama winning another NC? It doesn’t close the gap that exists between Bama and the rest of the world, including the 13 dwarfs


November 7th, 2013
11:14 am

Auburn and LSU also beat all the teams in the SEC. Oregon and Stanford might lose to Bama on the road just like all the other SEC teams do.


November 7th, 2013
10:37 am

Put Oregon or Stanford or any other team in the PAC 12 in the SEC and they’d lose at least one or maybe 2 games. Look when Oregon played LSU and Auburn in big games…they looked more like the AFLAC Duck than any serious threat to either of those SEC teams…whipped soundly.