Shaw is toughest QB in SEC

Connor Shaw is the toughest QB in the SEC.

Sick with a bad knee, Connor Shaw came off the bench to rally South Carolina to a win over Missouri. (AP)

Sick and with a bad knee, Connor Shaw came off the bench to rally South Carolina to a win over Missouri. (AP)

He went from doubtful to dominant in South Carolina’s amazing and stunning comeback double-OT win over Missouri on Saturday, showing a ridiculous amount of moxie in throwing the SEC East race into a huge mess.

Shaw wasn’t even supposed to play against the Tigers.

  • He has at least one bad knee and had a “flu bug or something,” or maybe a stomach virus, coach Steve Spurrier said.
  • He didn’t take any reps with the starters last week.
  • He was so sick Friday he didn’t hang with the team and could barely eat before the game.

Undaunted, Shaw, who played at Flowery Branch High, entered in the third quarter and injected life into the Gamecocks’ moribund offense in one of the guttiest performances in the SEC in years. With Shaw, South Carolina went from 17 points down to forcing overtime, to winning 27-24 in the second OT when Missouri’s short field goal attempt went awry.

“I wasn’t even supposed to be playing in this game,” Shaw said afterward. “I was considered out two or three weeks.”

Shaw has the guts of a QB from a past generation, someone who would put the team’s needs ahead of personal pain or gain.

With the balky knee, he didn’t take off running as much as he has in the past, staying put in the pocket to fire two fourth-quarter TD passes and another in OT, and prompting  this comment in typical Spurrier-ese.

“Maybe because his knee had that little light brace on it — maybe it made him stay in the pocket a little longer and throw the ball. Because he stood in there, bounced around a little bit, and made the throws. You know, the week before he took off running all the time. So maybe just having that little knee brace on told him, ‘Hey, make the throws.’ He can make all the throws. Anyway, that’s just my guess about why he played so well.”

And because of that, the door to the SEC Championship game was pushed back open for the Gamecocks, Georgia and Florida.

“Everybody’s still in the hunt,” Spurrier said.

Thanks to the SEC’s toughest QB.

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Buzz Off

October 28th, 2013
7:36 pm

This is total and absolute BS. Shaw consistently comes out of games with injuries…..and he miraculously reaapears the next week after sustaining life-threatening injuries!!! How many times in 4 years have you seen Murray come out of a game with injuries….. and he gets hit all the time due to suspect offensive lines. Whether you like him or not…..Murray is clearly the toughest, and Shaw is a mere hotdog who can’t take a hit. If those were real injuries then he is the first player in the history to recover that fast. Whimp, whimp, whimp is all he is……so why this BS building him up as a bad a$$.

old school

October 28th, 2013
5:57 pm

He’s got my vote, and I’m a UGA guy


October 28th, 2013
5:19 pm

John Galt you need to go check your facts pal. Lattimore’s injuries had nothing to do with over-use. They were freak injuries that could have happened as easily on play 1 as play 21. Go ahead now… go check the number of carries for him against other backs.

John Galt

October 28th, 2013
4:49 pm

Typical Spurrier, play ‘em even if they are sick or hurt. Forget the pro’s, the kids don’t have anything left after college if they go to USCe. Want an example? Try Lattimore. A RB is only good for a certain number of hits before they are done. Lattimore used all of his up at SC because he was the only back and played nearly every down. Spurrier never got him any help.


October 28th, 2013
3:33 pm

Congrats to him from this Dawg fan. Great attitude and performance and it had to be refreshing for Sprurrier who has had to deal with Clowney all year, who really doesn’t want to be there. I can understand after JayZ probably made that big deposit for him knowing 10% of 50 mil is pretty nice down the road. What’s a couple of hundred grand to Jay Z.


October 28th, 2013
3:27 pm

Connor Shaw is careless, sorry, I mean hairless.


October 28th, 2013
3:10 pm

I hope the falcons got this kid on their radar.


October 28th, 2013
3:08 pm

I’m going with the ga boy Connor Shaw.

LowCountry Gamecock

October 28th, 2013
1:43 pm

This kid is all heart!

NM Dawg

October 28th, 2013
1:14 pm

Benching Murray would work wonders for future recruiting efforts, I’m sure. No QB besides McCarron has won an SEC title in recent times.