Dabo in denial? Perhaps there is more to his comments

Dabo Swinney didn't have much to look at during a 51-14 loss to FSU. (Getty)

Dabo Swinney didn't have much to look at during a 51-14 loss to FSU. (Getty)

Dabo Swinney has a job to do.

Clemson just got whacked 51-14 by Florida State. At home. On national TV. When it was No. 3 in the nation.

Clemson still has five more games.

Clemson still has plenty to play for.

So Swinney has to keep the Tigers believing in themselves, believing they can still rescue the season.

Why else would he say this on Tuesday, according to the Charleston Post and Courier:

“I thought they were a great football team. I think they’re a team if we play them 10 times, we’d probably win five, they’d probably win five. That’s probably about where it is. That’s not taking anything away from them; they played a heck of a game, and we certainly didn’t give ourselves a chance. We didn’t give our fans a chance. You can’t make those mistakes and even really assess it as far as where you are competitively.”

Unless Swinney, as some of you suspect, is delusional.

I don’t think Clemson wins five of 10 games against FSU. That’s ridiculous, as do many folks on Twitter, who think the head Tiger needs to hold his tongue.

Just about everybody who watched the game knows that the Seminoles are much better than Clemson. It wasn’t a one-game thing.

The Tigers had everything in their favor — home field, experienced and talented QB in Tajh Boyd, knew what it took to win close games — and were crushed like ants under FSU’s boot.

Redshirt freshman QB Jameis Winston played better — dare I say, is better — than Boyd, the FSU defense was outstanding and the Tigers committed four turnovers.

So Swinney has to be more than a coach in this situation.

He is, and has been, Clemson’s biggest cheerleader. He has to keep his team from falling too far after this loss. Clemson’s remaining games are certainly winnable.

Especially if the Tigers are as good as Swinney says they are:

“(FSU has) got a couple of areas where they’re a little bit ahead of us that I think we’re going to catch up. But I think pretty evenly matched football teams. We didn’t play well, didn’t go our way. But they’re not that much better than us, and we certainly ain’t that bad of a football team. There’s no doubt about that. But they’re really, really good. They might be the best team in the country, they very well could be, we’ll find out. But they don’t have a lot of weaknesses. They’re good up front, both sides; so are we. They’re good at backer; so are we. They’re good at receiver; so are we. They’re good at quarterback; so are we. They’ve got a little more depth at running back than maybe we have right now, from an overall standpoint. A little more depth in the secondary than we have right now. I think we’re coming, we’re going to get there, we’re going to be really good in the secondary the next few years. We’re coming, there. Both good at kicker, both good at punter.”

Or Swinney could just be in denial.

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October 23rd, 2013
8:00 am

Jimbo can coach, Dabo, not so much!


October 23rd, 2013
7:53 am

And Clemson beat the snot out of Georgia, so Georgia is really crap.


October 23rd, 2013
7:44 am

He’s always been loopy this way. No surprises here.


October 23rd, 2013
2:06 am

old school! stay on Clemson blogs…..Dabo was quoted with nonsense!!!!! Clemson got its ass kicked…No reason to say his team was equal!


October 23rd, 2013
12:49 am

“Just about everybody who watched the game knows that the Seminoles are much better than Clemson. It isn’t a one-game thing”. Well…umm, yeah it IS a “one game thing”, because they only played ONE GAME. Anyone elses speculation about which team would win the most out of 10 (really?), is no better, or worse, or VALID than Dabo’s.


October 23rd, 2013
12:24 am

Fsu will only be playing if in the nc game if they win out and Bama or Oregon lose. Otherwise Oregon will be ahead cause they have the tougher schedule and will have a better bcs ranking.


October 22nd, 2013
10:35 pm

When the SEC was expanding there was only one team that I wanted to make sure we got and that was Florida State. They are the ONLY ACC team that could compete in the SEC year after year.

old school

October 22nd, 2013
9:21 pm

can’t blame Dabo for sticking up for his team. And I don’t have a dog in the hunt on either side. He can say what he wants.


October 22nd, 2013
8:43 pm

DAbo needs to lay off the weed—fsu would win 10 of 10–they are a lot better than clemson. they will end up in a minor bowl somewhere. the noles are playing alabama for the title—take it to the bank!

Under The Bleachers

October 22nd, 2013
8:23 pm

Did not see the same thing many of these Noles homers saw, I am not a Clemson guy, but the first quick turnover( which was a fluke play) and then the dropped passes on the second series sealed the fate of Clemson early.

Winston is a heck of quarterback, but on two touchdowns the push off allowed the FSU receiver to make the catch, the other by Green was just two missed tackles.

Some games the momentum is just too much to overcome and that is what it looked like happened to Clemson.

FSU is good, but it is the ACC.