Johnny Costume? Help Manziel pick Halloween outfit

The legend of Johnny Manziel exploded last year when pictures surfaced of him wearing a Scooby-Doo costume at a Halloween party.

He’s now apparently agreed to let the public decide what he will wear this Halloween. is reporting that the Texas A&M QB — who it also says is a regular reader of the website — is at the whim of the people. The website soon will post 10 ideas, on which folks can then vote. BTW, if you missed it, Manziel is having a pretty good season.

Clay Travis, who wrote the story, states:

“I’ve got ten costume ideas that I wrote down last night, but I’m not including any of them yet because I’m going to allow your collective brilliance to shine on Twitter and I want to see your ideas. Stop working or studying for class, we need your best Johnny Manziel Halloween costume ideas. You can tag me your suggestions on Twitter, email me, or make a suggestion using the hashtag #johnnyhalloween”

Just wondering. Do they make a Sharpie costume?

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October 20th, 2013
2:04 pm

I suggest the latter half of a horse costume.


October 20th, 2013
9:59 am

Do they sell asshat costumes?

Mashadoo Maleiyo

October 17th, 2013
8:53 am

Gordon Gekko

dwag fan

October 16th, 2013
8:33 pm

he should go as a FOOTBALL of course

JK in Acworth

October 16th, 2013
4:33 pm

He should go as the Geico “made of money” guy. Since he knows how to make it ;-)


October 16th, 2013
2:50 pm

A Rodney Dangerfield outfit.


October 16th, 2013
1:58 pm

Manziel should go as “SPEEDY GONZALEZ ” fast and illusive.

[...] Six games into the season and Manziel is just as elusive, just as inventive, just as amazing as he was last year, when he became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. And apparently, you can now even vote to help him decide to wear for Halloween this year. [...]