FSU looks good, but biggest tests coming up

Jameis Winston has thrown for 1,048 yards and 12 TDs in his first four games at FSU. (AP)

Jameis Winston has thrown for 1,048 yards and 12 TDs in his first four games at FSU. (AP)

I’m not sold on Florida State.


There are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the Seminoles.

Jameis Winston is an amazing talent who will be one of the nation’s best quarterbacks. Sooner than later.

They have an incredible running game with James Wilder Jr., Devonta Freeman and Karlos Williams.

Rashad Greene and Kenny Shaw are near unstoppable at WR.

All that means they’re averaging 51.3 points a game, including dropping 41 and 48 on their first two ACC opponents.

But Winston is a redshirt freshman who is bound to make some mistakes somewhere and FSU’s defense isn’t close to what it was last year.

The next five weeks will show us if the Seminoles are for real and can make a run at the national championship.

Here’s how the next month looks for them.

Oct. 5 — No. 25 Maryland: Like FSU, the Terrapins have been impressive against lesser competition. They’ve avoided the injuries that decimated the QB position last year and have one of the conference’s top weapons in the speedy Stefon Diggs. They also were off last week.

Oct. 19 — at No. 3 Clemson: We know what Clemson QB Tajh Boyd can do, and this is only one of four times the Seminoles leave Florida this season. FSU will get an extra week to prepare for this game.

Oct. 26 — N.C. State: QB issues aside, the Wolfpack are improved, but will have a tough time winning at Tallahassee.

Nov. 2 — No. 14 Miami: The U. is back. This will be FSU’s final ACC obstacle. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both teams undefeated heading into this one.

It helps that three of those games are at home.

There’s a strong chance the Seminoles will finish the season unbeaten and in the national title chase, but only if Winston continues his strong decision making and the defense improves. Fast.

If it all comes together, look for FSU to be looking good in December.

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It's This Simple..........

October 4th, 2013
8:37 am

We all know that mistakes are part of Football, but does anyone think Clemson or FSU would handle a UGA team now? Mark Richt who historically has a hard time coming out the gate, and seems like he coaches better with his back against the wall would destroy either at this stage. I’m sold on Dabo Sweeney as a coach, motivator, and leader. I think Georgia just didn’t take advantage of Clemson’s run defense. Gurley, and Marshall both should have had 120 yards. Bobby Bowden knew years ago not to put FSU in the SEC. 3 LOSSES ANUALLY. Ohas for the “U”, please! They’ve had there time, and still are paying Sapp, Irvin, and Lewis there final installments!


October 2nd, 2013
1:15 pm

The ACC is the SEC freshmen squad. The Big Ten is the SEC JV. Georgia made a TON of mistakes in the Clemson HOME game & still only lost by 3. FSU will drop 3 before the season is over. The QB does really look like the real deal. I will say this….. I HATE the yankee Big Ten & I hope the ACC does get better. Miami, Clemson, and FSU will have to be the ACC schools to pull up the conference. Maybe NC State & Maryland can get better? That is about it. Virginia Tech & Georgia Tech are terrible. That game was like watching a A high school game.

John Galt

October 2nd, 2013
8:34 am

Who is FSU?

Seriously, I am glad to see the ACC returning to relevance in football. Maybe now they can start beating up on each other the way the SEC does each week. Then the only undefeated teams will be from the weak conferences that don’t play anyone (ahem, OSU, Oregon anyone?).

Fussball Fan

October 1st, 2013
9:35 pm

Max, that’s the thing though, they did not play 10 times, they only played once and guess what the Gators lost. Those turnovers also are known as “takeaways”. Did you see the first fumble, how Matt Jones got popped and the ball flew out? Did you see the interceptions that Driskell threw (even though admittedly, he is not a great QB)? He was under pressure under all of them. How about Driskell’s last fumble when he got whacked from behind on the sack? All the “takeaways” were forced by Miami.

SEC fans are just upset that 2 of their big dawgs (no pun intended) lost to the lowly ACC. Remember, when right, Clemson, and ESPECIALLY FSU and Miami recruit on par and have athletes that can compete with the majority of SEC teams. They have done it before and are heading in that direction again.

Max Sizemore is an idiot

October 1st, 2013
2:43 pm

Clemson will handle FSU easily!? What planet do you live on!? Clemson struggled against NC State. Enough said.


October 1st, 2013
11:30 am

Famous Jameis is fun to watch, but FSU hasn’t yet played against a quality opponent. Their game against Maryland will be interesting.

Max Sizemore

October 1st, 2013
9:26 am

You are correct about FSU; Clemson will handle them easily. But the U. is NOT back. The win over Florida was a result of turnovers. If those teams play 10 times, Florida wins nine.