Danielson: Johnny Manziel is a ‘renegade’

CBS analyst Gary Danielson had interesting things to say about Johnny Manziel this week.

Johnny Pinata has a Sharpie in his right hand and some cash in his left. (Otey's Tavern's Facebook page)

Johnny Pinata has a Sharpie in his right hand and some cash in his left. (Otey's Tavern's Facebook page)

Danielson and Verne Lundquist were in the booth for Texas A&M’s win over Alabama last year and will be there again Saturday, when the Crimson Tide and Aggies meet in the Game of the Season.

Here’s what Danielson said about Manziel on a conference call earlier this week:

“You can’t take your eyes off him on when he’s on the field. Much like a Joe Namath or a Magic Johnson, he seems to command your attention during the game. I came into this when (Tim) Tebow came into the league as a freshman. With Tebow, he was polarizing the opposite way. He was polarizing in an interesting way. He was too good to be true, too good of a teammate. People just couldn’t believe that this could be real.

“None of this matters if (Manziel) can’t play. He’s Dennis Rodman if he can’t play. He’s a renegade. He thumbs his nose at authority, but he shows up and plays and competes and doesn’t back down. He’s a fine thrower of the football, but it might be the least best thing he does as an athlete. He’s a tremendous weapon. And he gets the ball every play.”

In other Johnny news:

Johnny Manziel meet Johnny Cam: Manziel is such a focus of Saturday’s game that CBS will have a camera dedicated to him.

Johnny Manziel meet Johnny Pinata: None of that matters to the owners of Otey’s Tavern, a restaurant in Mountain Brook, Ala.

They have made a piñata of Manziel – they’ve named it Johnny Pinata — complete with a Sharpie in his right hand, so Alabama fans can take whacks at it sometime before Saturday’s game.

You can watch Tim Couch’s interview with Manziel on “SEC Gridiron LIVE” at 10 tonight on Fox Sports South.

Alabama players will get to take their whacks on the real Johnny Football on Saturday.

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September 11th, 2013
10:11 pm

Mark Right would hire Manziel in a second if he had the chance. Dump A. Hurry and get a real QB.


September 11th, 2013
6:36 pm

The whole Johnny Football fiasco tells me as much about Texas A&M as it does about the morally bankrupt Johnny. The tail is wagging the dog at Texas A&M. They have no standards. That head coach seems weak.

UA Grad

September 11th, 2013
5:57 pm

Being a twenty-year-old amateur is not a variable in the equation of being a spoiled punk.

Radney, John

September 11th, 2013
5:52 pm

The kid is 19 years and been sucked up to for years. I wish him well but I hope he does not change like I did. Hurt me.

Pago Pago DAWG

September 11th, 2013
5:45 pm

Somebody told us the great rodman moved to North Korea..interesting hero!


September 11th, 2013
5:33 pm

There are 325 members of the Naismith Hall of Fame – 150 are male players. Dennis Rodman is one of them. That is pretty select company for a guy who “was a very good rebounder for a few years,”


Class of '98

September 11th, 2013
4:28 pm

A restaurant in South Carolina was made to stop naming sandwiches in HONOR of college players by the NCAA, but this bar in Alabama makes a pinata out of him. He’s a 20 year-old amateur. Stay classy, Alabama.

And SWAT, you are correct. Terrible analogy. Rodman was the best inch-for-inch rebounder in the history of the game not named Barkley.

A better analogy would be John Rocker.

Chuck Allison

September 11th, 2013
4:17 pm

Dennis Rodman was a very good rebounder for a few years, but I would not classify him as great. His offense was not that good. He quickly set out with the goal to make himself as unlikeable as possible.

SWAT Native

September 11th, 2013
4:05 pm

Antics and color aside, Denis Rodman was a great basketball player. That’s a terrible analogy.

Desert Fox

September 11th, 2013
3:40 pm

Happy dawgs don’t have to play him during regular season. rather play AL.