Alabama at Texas A&M: Let the hype begin!

Emotional Johnny Manziel will need to keep his composure against Alabama. (AP photo)

Emotional Johnny Manziel will need to keep his composure against Alabama. (AP photo)

If you haven’t noticed by now, Alabama plays at Texas A&M on Saturday in what probably will be the most hyped game of the season before the national championship.

This is college football at its grandest.

This is a Super Bowl in September.

This is the Commotion in College Station. (Sorry, it doesn’t have the panache as “Thrilla in Manilla;” Comment with your nickname suggestions).

The hype surrounding this game will be bigger than Johnny Manziel’s ego. College GameDay will be there, as well as hundreds of cameras and nearly every national writer in the country.

There are many storylines and subplots surrounding this game, but here are three that surely will be dissected like a biology-class frog this week.

1. Alabama’s offensive line

Much has been made about the Crimson Tide gaining only 206 yards in a sluggish win over Virginia Tech. They were off this week, so they’ve had ample time to prepare for the Aggies. Besides, the Texas A&M ‘D’ hasn’t looked too stout itself in wins over Rice and Sam Houston State.

2. Can Alabama contain Manziel?

He sliced and diced Alabama for 253 yards passing and 92 rushing in last year’s 29-24 huge victory in Tuscaloosa. Manziel passed for two TDs, including one razzle-dazzle play where he almost fumbled before throwing a TD strike. The Tide must cut down on his freelancing and somehow find a way to keep him in the pocket this year.

3. Johnny Motormouth

Call him Johnny Football or Johnny Dangerously (1980s movie reference for those paying attention) or Johnny Autograph. He doesn’t seem to care. Manziel was penalized for jawing with Rice players in the opener and was about to get in the face of a Sam Houston State player after a TD run yesterday, but was caught up in the celebration. Can he contain his emotions against Alabama? Hopefully, he won’t be benched or tossed for his antics.

I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this game throughout this week.

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Daisy in Talking Rock

September 9th, 2013
10:56 pm

I really hope Bama shuts up that punk QB at A&M.

Daisy in Talking Rock

September 9th, 2013
10:54 pm

Bama wins a close one.