Clemson’s Boyd top QB in ACC

Clemson's Tajh Boyd is the best QB in the ACC. (AP)

Clemson's Tajh Boyd is the best QB in the ACC. (AP)

There’s nothing like the SEC to stir a lot of great discussion. I guess we’ll all agree to disagree about the best teams and best QBs in the SEC.

To be fair to the ACC, I’ll run down the best QBs in the conference, starting with …

1. Tajh Boyd, Clemson — He’s inconsistent at times, but Boyd is far beyond the other ACC QBs. He’ll likely finish his career with the most TD passes in ACC history and more than 10,000 yards passing.

2. Bryn Renner, North Carolina — He’s flourished under Larry Fedora, impressed everybody at the Manning Passing Academy and might be one of the first QBs picked in next year’s NFL Draft.

3. Stephen Morris, Miami –He finally took a step forward last year and possesses perhaps the best skill set of any QB in the ACC. NFL teams certainly will be looking at him.

4. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech — Great size and athleticism, but he regressed last year. Can he rebound in his senior year?

5. Chase Rettig, Boston College — It will probably surprise you to know that he threw for 3,095 yards in 2012, but he needs to improve his completion percentage and cut down on his picks (13 last year).

6. Vad Lee, Georgia Tech — Gifted, but needs more experience. Jackets fans should be cautiously optimistic.

7. Tanner Price, Wake Forest –Has 34 career starts, but success often hampered by team’s talent level.

8. Jameis Winston, FSU — Great talent, but can he live up to the hype? Already being compared to Charlie Ward.

9. C.J. Brown, Maryland — Known for running, he’s coming back from torn ACL.

10. Tom Savage, Pitt — He has starting experience at Rutgers, but hasn’t played in three years.

11. Anthony Boone, Duke — Duke coach David Cutcliffe loves his accuracy and decision making ability.

12. David Watford, Virginia — He kept a good attitude after being forced to redshirt in 2012.

13. Brandon Mitchell/Pete Thomas, N.C. State — Two transfers, Thomas started 21 games at Colorado State.

14. Drew Allen/Terrel Hunt, Syracuse — Closely guarded secret as to who will start against Penn State.

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August 28th, 2013
4:17 pm

“There’s nothing like the SEC to stir a lot of great discussion.”

Guess there’s nothing quite like the ACC to do the opposite? ;-)

tide roll

August 28th, 2013
7:53 pm

Boyd was born in Albany Ga. and grew up a DAWG fan!!

What else is new? Nothing embarrasses you guys. Nick Marshall would handle Clemson, and this year or next, lead you fools to a National Title.

But nooo. Rather than re-recruit the Stud after he lit it up as a QB, the Richt/ Booboo braintrust stands idly by and watches him sign with AUBURN.Y’all are going with Hutson Mason!

Todd Grantham has got to be going crazy! Between “3 and Out” Bobo wearing his own defense down, Grantham gets to watch in-state studs like Marshall, Anthony Jennings,(LSU), Josh Dobbs (Tennessee), Jonathan McCrary(Vandy), and Deshaun Watson (Clemson) go to the very schools he needs to beat to keep his job.

Hell, even Urban Meyer is taking advantage of the Richt/Booboo braintrust. He spanned the globe, and the ONE QB he signed for the Buckeyes is from, guess where Dawg fans: LEE COUNTY GEORGIA!!!

Do it Richt, Do it Booboo and DO IT DAWGS!! 35 years and counting. It’s gonna be 50! HILARIOUS!

tide roll

August 28th, 2013
8:34 pm

What’s the dealwith XZAVIER WARD? Richt/Booboo (they’re one and the same) said the kid had a great spring and was in line to start at right tackle. The next thing you know,CHIP TOWERS who epitomizes all that’s wrong with UGA) GLEEFULLY writes that I took all of 10 MINUTES on the openngday of camp- for Theus to re-claim the job. What could have Ward done to lose the job that he’d held since the Spring, in 10 DAMN minutes. the ans. : NOTHING. Richt/Booboo used the kid like a tool to motivate Theus.Just use Xzavier like a tool. Like he’s not worthy of respectful behavior. He need to get out of there. It’s a sick, diseasedprogram. 35 years. Y’all deserve everyone of them.

Sess Poole

August 29th, 2013
6:39 am

Getting real quiet around here as the UGA fans realize their downfall begins only two days from now.


August 29th, 2013
8:14 am

It’s quiet in here because, when it comes to football, the ACC is irrelevant. Clemson and Florida State are both trying to become SEC teams living in the ACC, but it’s a tall order.


August 29th, 2013
8:27 am

It’s quiet in here because Andy’s rankings are pretty well spot on, not a whole lot to discuss or argue about LOL!!!


August 29th, 2013
10:45 am

Yeah, its a pretty straight forward article. Nothing really to discuss.

da' rick

August 29th, 2013
10:52 am

tide roll- nutin betta to do den troll an acc page. go wreck ya cusin and produce some more defects in bama. then find da closest bridge and jump, sucka.


August 29th, 2013
12:29 pm

Haven’t seen Andy write an article yet that wasn’t pretty straightforward and accurate.

Some are more boring than others, I suppose. Just not that many fans of Junior College or ACC football.

Andy Johnston

August 29th, 2013
12:41 pm

I appreciate everybody’s comments and the passion I’ve seen. There’s been a great response in the three weeks since we started this blog, and I look forward to seeing it grow as more folks discover it. Not every one of my posts will generate great discussion, and that’s OK. As you’ve seen, this is a space where we can — and will — post info about teams from around the state and other conferences. This will be an active blog throughout and after the season, when we’ll still be discussing the merits of McCarron, Murray and Manziel.

John Galt

August 29th, 2013
1:11 pm

Tide Roll knows more than the coaches of every team in the U.S. If they would only listen to him they would all be on easy street with National Champ trophies stocked to the ceiling. Probably have to build bigger facilities to house them, in fact.

John Galt

August 29th, 2013
1:12 pm

Oh, and by the way, good article Andy.


August 29th, 2013
3:47 pm

Get ready for the VAD LEE era!!!


August 29th, 2013
6:47 pm

If the bulldogs play the way did at the end of last season. I truly believe they will topple Alabama and play for the National championship.


August 29th, 2013
11:20 pm

Famous Jameis has yet to take an NCAA snap. By the end of the season, he’ll be the acc’s best..tajh boyd is not far beyond the gosh, name a big game he’s won..he beat a lousy lsu team, and had 70 plus hung on them by WVU……Jameis will not only be the acc’s best, but the nations best come next season..

[...] It’s only one game, but if he continues to shine, Winston will shoot up the list of top QBs in the ACC. [...]