Now starter, Nick Marshall will find going tough in SEC

Nick Marshall was a star QB at Wilcox County High School. He will start at Auburn this fall.

Nick Marshall was a star QB at Wilcox County High School. He will start at Auburn this fall. (AJC)

That didn’t take long.

There was a ton of speculation as to who would start at quarterback for Auburn this year.

Well, the wait is over.

Auburn coach Gus Malzahn tweeted late Saturday afternoon that former UGA cornerback Nick Marshall will start at QB for the Tigers. He beat out last year’s returning starters — Jonathan Wallace and Kiehl Frazier – and freshman Jeremy Johnson. Frazier had already been moved to defensive back.

I wrote last week about Marshall’s great skills, but he was recruited to play cornerback at UGA, where he played as a freshman in 2011.

He was booted out of UGA in 2012, transferred to Garden City (Kan.) CC, and promptly threw for 3,142 yards and 18 TDs and rushed for 1,095 and 19 more scores.

“He’s one unbelievable athlete,” UGA QB Aaron Murray said this summer. “(He can) throw a football farther than anyone I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Marshall also was picked off 20 times in his 10 games at Garden City, but must have shown something in his first few weeks running Malzahn’s offense.

Malzahn obviously is hoping Marshall will turn into another Cam Newton, who followed a similar path to Auburn as Marshall did.

But SEC defenses are a different breed with different speed.

Marshall will soon realize he’s not in Kansas anymore.

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August 18th, 2013
10:12 am

This is great. Readiing all the butthurt THuga fans’ crying and whining, as usual, this morning. Envy is a terrible thing mutt butts. But it’s a lot of fun reading your assinine comments regardless. Keep it up!! I’m really looking forward to reading the THuga fans’ outrage when you start out 1-3 this season and start calling for that saint of yours head.


August 18th, 2013
8:46 am

Ironic that Georgia fans consider Auburn dirty because they play dirty players — from Georgia.

Anyone suffering from the delusion that Mark Richt runs an angelic program in Athens need only watch a replay of the 2011 Vandy game. An embarrassment to all of college football.

Discipline and sportsmanship? Hardly…

Bob-Bob Baran

August 18th, 2013
8:39 am

Hey, how’s that DOMESTIC ABUSER, Sanders Commings, doing??? Ahhh, well UGA said we need him on the team and goshhhh, 8 yards away from going to the National Championship……Hey, we’ll overlook, brush under the rug, turn a cheek for this DOMESTIC VIOLENCE charge brought on Sanders Commings so the honorable UGA faithful can get 8 yards from the Nat’l Championship…….GOOOOOOO DAWWGGSSSSS….SIC HER….uhhh Sanders, that would be SIC EM!!! Ohhhh ya…well, I go play futbawllll coach…..

August 18th, 2013
8:09 am

I stated earlier in the week that Marshall would probably start for the Tigers…immense talent…good luck to him…extra motivation for UGA ?? did they do him wrong ?? he was caught STEALING…acceptable behavior on the Plains…AU fans have no shame, the SMU of the SEC…and no, it doesn’t suck being a UGA fan, 2 SECCG appearances in the last 2 years and gunning for another this year…but it sure must suck being a fan of the most cheating school in the SEC…and we will wear you out again this year…go dogs


August 18th, 2013
4:47 am

@Poor puppies:

Yes, you’re right–Auburn is in our heads, for about one week a year. And then it’s over, because Georgia is 8-4 against Auburn during Mark Richt’s tenure in Athens–and he’ll be 9-4 after this season, notching another decisive win against the Tigers to go with the blowouts of the past few years. Take away the Scam Newton game (the last time the Tigers started a felon at QB) and the last few years have not even been close. Richt showed mercy on the hapless Tigers last season, or that game could have ended up 60-0. So you can believe whatever fiction your little heart desires. You can make it somehow honorable that you’re giving folks like Cam Newton and Nick Marshall a second chance. You can say to yourself that it’s okay that active players hold up a family at gunpoint to buy more synthetic marijuana. And sure, Nick Fairley is a model of sportmanship, Cam Newton knew nothing about his father shopping his kid around for money, and no one had any idea that players were being paid at Auburn the last few times they got caught doing that (”Heck, I just found that cash under my pillow, mister! Honest!”). The bottom line is, you’ve got it backwards. Mark Richt is winning in Athens–and he’s doing it without cheating, without being dishonest with his players about his intentions, without sugar-coating myriad player transgressions. He expects the men on his watch to toe the line on behavior–and if they don’t, they can play for someone else. Richt isn’t afraid to discipline those who fail the character test, which is why you will never see an Aaron Hernandez, Tyrann Mathieu or Jerry Sandusky situation develop in Athens as long as Richt is head coach. So those of you who are willing to run that sort of program–a program willing to bend the rules to win at all costs, a program willing to bring in a player of low character for a single semester just to win something. a program who will turn a blind eye to felonies and drug tests and the like–you can have the Zach Mettenbergers and Nick Marshalls and Nick Fairleys of the world. And Georgia’s won plenty since Herschel. Richt has averaged 10 wins a season in the toughest league in the nation. He’s won the SEC East five times in 12 years, and the SEC title twice–and he’s favored to win the East again this season. And he’s done it with his integrity intact–something Auburn cannot begin to claim. So yeah, we’ll see who is in whose head after we blow you out again on November 16. It must be pretty rough when you’re hoping for a 6-6 season–which is about the best you can expect this year.

Poor puppies

August 18th, 2013
12:15 am

Wishful hoping chromey!

Poor puppies

August 18th, 2013
12:05 am

It must suck being a Georgia fan. Y’all haven’t won anything since Hershel and the Auburn Tigers are in your heads. Cam and Nick Fairley ruined your fan base forever. Ariana Murray can’t win the big game, so maybe you should have kept Nick and overlooked his issue like you have all of the other THUGA players.


August 17th, 2013
11:34 pm

Only at Auburn can a player get another chance for theft. Newton and now Marshall.You really have to ask if you are an Auburn Alumni if you want to support a team or if you are proud of winning a Championship if it is because you let Newton on the team. He actually only attended class for about 9 months and completed 6 hour’s of school work. He will never get a degree from Auburn and completing 2 courses doesn’t make him an Auburn Tiger. I would never attend another game if I graduated from Auburn until they took that embarrassing statue down. Maybe Marshall will deserve the honor of saying he was an Auburn Tiger when his time is over.
I hate to see any team in the SEC want to win at all cost and for Auburn it would be no pride and no integrity.


August 17th, 2013
10:10 pm

Awfulburn had computer thief Scam (with dad, Scam Senior) and now tricky Nick.
Favorite old tv show in awburn must be “It Takes A Thief”, updated to “We’ll Take A Thief”.
Didn’t Aundrey Bruce try to rob a pizza delivery guy after he signed for millions with Falcons? What’s with those awfulburn players?


August 17th, 2013
9:59 pm

He enjoyed five finger discounts….guess that doesn’t bother awfulburn. Teammates better watch their stuff. Maybe shoulda been put on defense for takeaways.