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Taste of Clayton, GRLI, and Victor Hill return

On Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the annual Taste of Clayton event returns, continuing its 18-year tradition.

Think you make the best sweet tea?  Prove it by joining the Sweet Tea Challenge featuring entries from restaurants and individuals. Pre-register by Wednesday at 678.610.4242.

There will also be a Chick Fil A sponsored Sweet Tea Drinking Contest, which up to 25 people may enter up until the day of the event by dropping off a gallon of sweet tea. The objective is to see who can drink a gallon of sweet tea the fastest.

“We’re excited to help bring the Taste of Clayton to downtown Jonesboro on Main Street to showcase the new Streetscape Project, and to help make a signature event for Clayton County,” says Patrick Duncan, President and CEO of the Clayton County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Some food vendors include: Blue Sky Restaurant, Chili’s, Blue Bell Creameries, Hooters, Louisiana Catfish, the Georgia Shrimp Company, Sonny’s BBQ, and …

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Parents pay the price when kids violate Jonesboro curfew

The City of Jonesboro recently approved a revised ordinance that will fine parents whose children are on the streets past 11:00 PM. The revisions are in response to multiple teen incidents at The Party Hall, the most recent being where a 16-year old was arrested after elbowing a police officer.

Should parents be held responsible for their children’s actions via fines, jail, etc.?

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According to the News-Daily, “Jonesboro police will be tasked, under the ordinance, with picking up any children found violating the curfew, and taking them to the Jonesboro police headquarters. The parents of the youths will then be called . . . and they will have to come pick up their children. Upon picking up their children, the parents will be given a citation which will require them to appear in court and pay a fine.”

I think we all know at least one parent who cannot control their child(ren) no matter what they do or how …

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BOC approves new comment policy

Our Board of Commissioners recently approved a new public comment policy in order to stop personal attacks made against them during meetings.

According to Resolution 2011-28, “. . . it is the policy of the Board that it fully supports and encourages public participation, it does not support disrespectful behavior and therefore establishes the following policy with respect to receiving public comments at the regular meetings of the Board and that it is in the best interest of the citizen to establish this policy.”

It goes on to state that abusive language and personal attacks won’t be tolerated not only against BOC members, but also county employees and citizens. Additionally, all BOC meetings are audio taped “to ensure fairness and accuracy”, and speakers must identify themselves and the county they reside in before addressing the Board.

While Clayton residents who do speak out are very opinionated and passionate about various county issues, are personal attacks on …

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Protesters save CCPS art and music programs in preliminary budget

Monday night, 500 parents, students, and teachers protested many of the proposed budget cuts created by Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent Edmond Heatley in order to offset an estimated $49 million deficit over the next two years. One suggestion included cutting 37 days off the school year and making the school day two hours longer, which our Board of Education rejected.

“I am concerned about students being able to be actively involved in learning for two hours longer each day,” adds BOE Chairperson Pam Anderson. “I understand that such a move would save the district money, but I must have assurance that student achievement will not decline. We also will have to consider the effect such a move will have on after-school activities.”

According to the News-Daily, the list of cuts include: Reducing consultative teachers by 46 positions ($6 million); delaying textbook purchases in fiscal year 2012 ($2.8 million); reducing utility costs ($2.7 million); switching to …

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