Proposed 2011 budget a bust for county employees

Chairman Eldrin Bell says he wants to hear from Clayton county residents on the proposed 2011 budget. If adopted as is, employee salaries will be lowered by 4 percent, among other departmental cuts systemwide. So if you’ve got an opinion on this subject, now is the time to share it with your elected officials.

The majority of Clayton county employees have not received a pay increase since 2006, and even that raise wasn’t what it appeared to be since it was offset by an increase in employee benefit contributions. So it is understandable why most have stated that they would prefer furlough days in lieu of a pay cut this go-round.

In addition, it is inevitable that some valuable workers will seek employment elsewhere if a salary decrease occurs. Will doing so be harder to accomplish in this economy? Absolutely – but it’s not impossible. And with no disrespect to those working in other capacities, as a resident, the potential loss of manpower in the public safety realm (on and off the streets) concerns me the most.

Clayton residents: would you be willing to pay a tax increase to avoid a salary reduction for employees? Why or why not? In what other department(s) should budget cuts NOT be so extensive?

What other recommendations would you give in order to balance the county’s $9 million budget deficit?

Would you pay a tax increase to avoid a salary reduction for county employees?

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Call and/or email your county commissioner to voice your opinion, but do it quick because the BOC votes next Tuesday, June 29 and this budget could go into effect on July 1.

You can view the proposed budget at any of these local libraries: Headquarters branch, Jonesboro, Lovejoy or Morrow.

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June 28th, 2010
11:36 pm

Black Rain

June 30th, 2010
8:32 am

A big part of the problem with the old bad BOE was outside influence. Too bad there is not a SACS-type entity for County commissioners, several of ours would have to be removed by the governor. Just what did Jeff Turner do to Wade Starr – give hin a speeding ticket, question his manhood? Now the 3 little piggies are following his lead yet again to vanquish this menace to Mr. Starr’s happiness. This group ranks right up there with the old white-boy, good-ole-boy system, in place before them.


June 30th, 2010
9:40 am

County government is a zoo, isn’t it? Would anyone with good intentions even consider becoming a part of it? These criminals or those criminals–there’s your choice. It’s not even “These criminals or those incompetents”–straightforward, honest incompetence would be a step up.

Jimmy (Conservative Brother)

June 30th, 2010
11:34 am

Double action, I must agree with you on your last post. The illegal alien problem has been with us for some time now. Just like you said just check out the food stamp office and health department along with the emergency rooms. The emergency room problem is why Southern Regional was forced to ask for help. That said we also need to look at all the other things done under the current batch of commissioners,
They created several new positions to “help” them do their jobs better. Jobs for Cohelis and Starr come to mind. The county did just fine without those positions before and I think we could do without them now. Why are these jobs not on the chopping block. As a matter of fact why are not all the jobs that are not essential to running of this county not on the chopping block.
I do not wish anyone any financial hardship but even local government has ventured into areas not meant for government to do. When things are going well most people do not notice them but when times get hard they become glaring. C-tran was one such case. The recreational centers would be another glaring example.
It sounded great at the time. Government would tax you more to build these centers which would instantly change the behavior of all the bad kids in the county. I don’t remember anyone ever discussing the continued maintenance and upkeep of those centers when they were originally planned and I certainly don’t hear them now. I would love to see the actual cost of the day to day expenses of running those centers and at least have them discussed before we discuss raising taxes or cutting back on essential services.
I know last year that at least one rec. center had to have off duty police to patrol the parking lot which created an additional expense. We must put everything on the table and oh yeah that includes the beach which the commissioners claim has never made a profit.

Swift justice

June 30th, 2010
5:26 pm

Touche Wade, touche!

Mama Says

June 30th, 2010
8:10 pm

Ok folks where do I start,

To the poster who justifies Singleton’s proposal to RENT a store front which would house a police station. The proposal is ridiculous ! Either she is misinformed, as you are, or she is just playing politics with the taxpayers money in order to buy more votes on a false impression–either way it’s money out the window on a proposal which is already funded via SPLOST. money for a new North East Police Station. The outright lie that has been repeated in these post is that police respond from Riverdale. If I can I will explain why you have been suckered. You see initially all officers were located out of the police headquarters in Jonesboro. After each 8 hour shift the officers came back to the station and the next shift took the cars and went back out to cover the county. The county was divided into beats, back then the South Clayton area was covered by beats 45, 51, 53, and 55. Each beat conceivably had a car assigned to it on each shift. In reality though there was always a car assigned 45 and 51 because there wasn’t enough cops to cover all the beats (the busier ones got covered). UNTIL – call volume picked up and folks began to complain that there were no cops in their area. What was the answer ?–that all you guys fell for ! they eliminated the beat system and went to a “ZONE” system. In this system the south end was identified as zone 3. The two cars that use to be working 45 and 51 were now working zone 3. Result ? when a citizen calls to complain about response time the power players could say well we have 2 cars on your zone alone (even though the old 55 & 53 were still uncovered) they are just tied up on calls. The citizen went away uninformed and none the wiser. Then another increase in call volume what to do now ? I know ! lets rent out the current “SOUTH PRECINCT” in Bonanza Shopping Center. It’s on Tara Blvd so it’s very visible and instead of the officers who work 45 & 51 (zone 3) picking up theirs cars in Jonesboro and then going to their “zone” we will make them pick up the cars at the South Precinct and then go to 45 & 51 (their zone), Since the Precinct is on the old 55’s beat they have now got a building on the beat but the same coverage of officers. The trick now however is that the politicians can now tell the citizen that not only is their zone covered with 2 cars it has it’s own precinct. Notice I have never mentioned an actual increase in cops–coverage is accomplished with smoke and mirrors. Citizens LOVE the commission because they have increased “police presence” by putting a precinct in their area. What next ? boom another increase in call volume, what now ? Ok we keep the “zone” system and add the Beat system back to it. Ok, now we have zone 3 divided into 10 beats-cool-we can tell the citizens that not only do they have a new precinct but they have 10 beats in that one zone, they will really love this ! Problem ? no more officers. I know ! we will cover the busy beats and leave the slower ones empty (sound familiar ?) . If we get a call on the empty one we will hold it until one of the covered beat cars is available and then send them, but we can still tell that upset citizen that he has his on beat car. The result of all this is that the police who use to go to headquarters and get their gear now go to Bonanza Shopping Center and get the gear. They still leave the precinct and go out into the zone. You have no more coverage than you did before ! This finally happened to the North West side of the county. The old beats, 21, 23 and 33 are now zone 1 divided up into beats within the zone and the area has a vacant precinct with the exception of shift change. Now Singleton wants to try it again but this time in Ellenwood. Ellenwood is now known as zone 2 ( use to be 41 & 43’s beat). She wants to rent a space at $ 3000 a month so the Ellenwood citizens can ride by and see a building with “Clayton County Police” written on it. Their will be 1 or 2 officers actually in the building (watch officers) and the same number of officers throughout the zone as there are now. The only change is that there is a building on the zone (at $ 3000 a month). There ARE NOT more officers. Smoke and Mirrors—now the Ellenwood area voters will give Singleton credit for getting more police in Ellenwood, but then again did she ? After all this talk the bottom line is that police do not respond to calls in Ellenwood from Riverdale, they respond from where they are on their beat, the same beats that are already there ! Singleton just wants you to perceive it differently then you do now, via your tax payer dollars.


June 30th, 2010
8:12 pm

This Wade Starr clown needs to get out of county government, or be thrown out..

Making a point

June 30th, 2010
8:26 pm

Take a look at all the GOOD counties Fayette, Forsyth, North Fulton, Henry…..and take a look at the BAD counties Dekalb, South Fulton, Clayton…NOTICE the majority of people running for or holding office in the BAD counties are ALL DEMOCRATS…The people running for or holding office in the BETTER counties are majority republicans…

ONE EXCEPTION: Lee Scott is an idiot and is running as a FAKE republican …but the point is….TOO many democrats in the county turns it into a ghetto…If you don’t see this pattern then you have NO SENSE whatsoever.

Clayton County needs some balance……..JUST LOOK at what I’m writing about. The sad thing is EVERY candidate is a democrat so you don’t even have an alternative to choose.

Mama Says

June 30th, 2010
8:30 pm

Has it ever occurred to anyone that the reason county employees are upset is that we see this B.S. everyday ? the waste of money compared to the need ? Yes we get upset when we know the money is manipulated to impress the voters. C TRAN has been a drain on the budget ever since it was initiated but we kept it, The beach- in red since we have had it-yet we keep funding it, the airport–really Clayton County needs an airport–isn’t Hartsfield-Jackson in the county ? We know how YOUR elected officials use your money—–MOST OF YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Let’s go over another few issues.

In the last few years we have stood by watching as the Sheriff’s office collapsed because of your elected official, resulting in a 7.5 MILLION dollar lawsuit. We stood by watching as your elected officials corrupted the District Attorneys Office (and has two lawsuits pending). We stood by as your elected officials fought over control of the police department and stretched it’s resources to the breaking point, we stood by as your commissioners sued each other over who had the power. We stood by watching as your elected officials made the current and still standing fire chief, the new county manager (at increased pay). We stood by as land use was zoned for fly by the night businesses and apartment complexes, which were occupied by none taxpaying transient renters (who demanded more government services from police, sheriff, water, refuse, the courts and roads Departments). We stood by as we watched the county decline under the highest murder rate EVER as your elected officials blamed the “establishment” for the plight of the under privileged. We stood by as section eight was deemed a blight on Atlanta but acceptable in Clayton County. We stood by watching as the law abiding citizens fled by the droves (again leaving no real tax base) because of YOUR decisions and we stood by as our working staffs were decimated and the work load increased. We stood by as your elected officials built rec centers to care for the kids of absent irresponsible parents and we stood by as the county froze ANY increase in our pay for 5 years straight as our insurance increased and now we stand by as you demand that WE sacrifice with a cut in pay. We as county employees HAVE been paying—we have paid by YOUR lack of concern, YOUR lack of knowledge and YOUR continued lack of respect. You get up at 3am and drag a body out of a ditch, YOU get up at 5am in the winter to go warm the sand truck up JUST IN CASE it snows. You work on the weekends to prepare for that NEXT murder case that goes to court and worry about the competency of your jury pool. YOU stand on the tar truck as you pave 40 miles of road in 97 degree summers—–YOU DO IT ALL, after all you are responsible for IT ALL ! OR you could just demand YOUR elected officials stop the infighting and manage the county RESPONSIBLY, as you thank the general employees for trying to give you the services that you do not appreciate !

One more thing all you “private sector” people out there–you have lost your jobs because the NATIONAL government that YOU elected has failed you, due to your lack of concern and abysmal voter turnout. You had jobs that suffered under the policies that YOUR elected officials implemented. OUR job demand has increased just as much as yours has decreased. We are general government employees and because YOU have failed to watch YOUR elected officials you now feel Ok about demanding that GOVERNMENT DO MORE FOR YOU as you pay us less.

Sleep good-if anything happens as you rest a government worker will come and take care of it. We will wake you and let you know your house is on fire, We will wake you to let you know your child was at a party and someone was shot and we will come and get you if you have heart failure.

Corruption is the exception in our field, your bias against us is your highest standard.

One more thing, can you wait until tomorrow to call and demand that a government worker come fix the pot hole in the front of your house ? we too, would like to rest.


June 30th, 2010
11:41 pm

Mama Says

You are so right about the south precinct. I always tell people those cops don’t work south clayton area that much. I live in south clayton and we have a police precinct but you can go a whole week and never see a police car patroling. When you see them leaving the station they’re heading north on Tara Blvd.

You would think with a precinct near your home that you would encounter the police a whole lot more. .

Rights Imposed Unto Others

July 1st, 2010
12:06 am

Deficit? Those are caused by Social Security and Medicare and welfare! YEAH RIGHT, the “favored folks have always enjoyed favored status as long as they were white (the favored”). The same people who talk up the free market but can’t run a business without tax breaks/loopholes? The Congressional Budget Office issued projections on Jan. 7, 2009 — two weeks before President Obama even took office — putting the 2009 deficit at well over $1 trillion.“ Together with the economic downturn, the Bush tax cuts and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq explain virtually the entire deficit over the next ten years’. Don’t forget Medicare Part D and agricultural subsidies (welfare for millionaires). Just two policies dating from the Bush Administration — tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — accounted for over $500 billion of the deficit in 2009 and will account for almost $7 trillion in deficits in 2009 through 2019, including the associated debt-service costs. (The prescription drug benefit enacted in 2003 accounts for further substantial increases in deficits and debt, which we are unable to quantify due to data limitations.)“Just two policies dating from the Bush Administration — tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — accounted for over $500 billion of the deficit in 2009 and will account for almost $7 trillion in deficits in 2009 through 2019, including the associated debt-service costs. (The prescription drug benefit enacted in 2003 accounts for further substantial increases in deficits and debt, which we are unable to quantify due to data limitations.) DoubleAction in Clayton “Finally got it right when he said “Don’t blame on the Black folks, these people has been running rough shot over this county for far too many years and they are still hiding in the background behind closed doors. These are the ones who have this silly notion that they own this county. These are the privileged and the problem that this county has suffered for far too long.” These are the very ones who sold accreditation’ with the multi-million dollar Media Blitz to destroy you! Now, you have lost all the way around! I have the answer; however, you don’t want to hear it! The choose is “HARD”!

Tired Taxpayer Who Remained

July 1st, 2010
6:42 am

Interesting comments Mama says, would love to know where you work. You have not endured anything any other public or private sector employee has faced. Do you really believe apathy and corruption are unique to Clayton County? Are you serious? Let me share a piece of advice. Why don’t you look over a map of the 159 counties in our state; do some research; and go and try to find employment in one you think is acceptable. I have lived in Clayton for over 20 years. I’ve called Animal Control about 5 times over the course of those years. Guess what — they never responded to my call. I’ve called the police once, when someone tried to enter my home while I was in it.Guess what, an officer never showed up!!!! I’ve seen as many as four police cars respond to a fender-bender, grass as tall as 5 feet, and county employees gathered at the Chick-fil-A in the morning as if it was a social hour. There is no accountability from anybody, which is why you and others stay. Like I said earlier, if you don’t want to work here — PLEASE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!! You are correct on one point. Apathy and corruption do live in Clayton, but they also live in portions of Cobb, Gwinnett, Douglas, Fulton and yes, Henry and Fayette. Those counties’ time will come, as soon as the demographics (which include the uneducated and under-educated) begin to show significant change. Finally, a government worker has never fixed a pothole near my house. But when I called and shared with one that signs on a major thoroughfare near my home had been sprayed with red paint, the gentleman did share with me that he knew about it. Guess what? That was two years ago. And yes, the signs are still there — WITH THE PAINT ON THEM. I am certain that there are some county employees who go above and beyond in doing their jobs , and maybe it should be those workers who hold the lazy ones accountable. Far too often, it is the lazy one that taxpayers see and report on (i.e. the employees who released the inmates). With county and state governments facing the most dire economic conditions in their histories, YOU should be thankful to God every day that you are employed. Instead, you are on this blog degrading the very people who pay your salary in a county where you clearly don’t live and pay taxes. And you wonder why people don’t support you.


July 1st, 2010
7:39 am

Mama Says is no angel. I recognized that name right off. One of Victor Hill’s folks, that does back flips.


July 1st, 2010
8:34 am

WHY IS EVERYBODY RUNNING FOR A CC OFFICE A DEMOCRAT ? LOL. why is everybody holding office in CC a democrat ? Why is it only successful counties have Republican leadership ? Fayette and Henry are model counties…look at ALL of their elected official….Republicans and a few Dems….not this democratic ghetto majority that plagues CC. Lee Scott is a DEMOCRAT lying to get Repub votes……..He is more of the same……..where does his money come from to have billboards and run failing campaigns year after year ?


July 1st, 2010
9:06 am

So the poor county workers will not lose 4%. I worked in an industry that fell on hard times. Our company took over 25% paycuts. I do not want to hear about these idiots complaining about 4%.

In order to do this, the BOC decided to continue with a witch-hunt on Jeff Turner. Closing the police academy. They said to save money, but they will have to hire three people to contiue training that is needed. Three salaries wipes out 90% of the savings they said would come from this move. Someone should investigate why this “Wade Starr led” BOC has such a vendetta against Turner.


July 1st, 2010
10:00 am

Can’t share in the diss on Animal Control. In my experience, they’re hard-working and responsive. Sorry you haven’t had a more positive experience with them. But there you go–it’s the person, not the office.

Mama Says

July 1st, 2010
7:56 pm

Tired Taxpayer Who Remained,

You have so much to complain about don’t you ? The county didn’t do this, the county didn’t do that. In reality what you said is that —There is still paint on a sign and a dog ran through your yard. You are an example of what I am talking about. Complain that the government didn’t do something for you. Since you want to talk about what other counties have, do you know that there are still counties in this state that don’t have an animal control and some that only place signs on major thoroughfares, you complain that an animal control officer didn’t pop up ASAP and capture this wild animal that you couldn’t leave your porch for, yet you have no clue how many animal control officers there are nor how many calls for service they have a day. You have no clue what the equipment is that they are tasked to catch animals with. Yet you complain. I will also directly challenge you on your home invader. I WAS a cop in this county for 25 years, when I was out there cops would have ran over each other to get to your house on that kind of call (of course someone else would be complaining that it took them to long to get to THEIR call) but we would STILL come and come fast IF LIFE WAS IN DANGER. If the 911 operator ignored your plea for help or the officers just continued to drink their coffee and eat the donuts I do apologize, but then again I doubt that happened. I will give you yet another fact, as a cop and county employee I HAVE BEEN SHOT AT 3 TIMES, been hospitalized twice (bitten once & rammed by a drunk), missed the first 5 years of my son’s life (because I was working the AM shift while you were sleeping comfortably in your cozy bed) and handled 20+ murders (that includes telling 50 + people that their family member/loved one was dead and working up to 34 straight hours at a time because we were close to catching the killer). I have slept at the police station because even though I got off work at at 6am court didn’t start until 9am. I have worked 10 Christmas Days, on 3 of them I left my family sitting at the supper table to patrol your streets, in case you needed me. On 2 others my wife cooked dinner and I invited the other cops to stop by and eat as they could, because they too were at work on Christmas. But you wouldn’t care about that because you were most likely opening presents and telling jokes to your family at the time. I have completely missed Thanksgivings because I had to be at work on Thursday-even if it was a holiday, and I have had to take my son home on Halloween night (before he filled his trick or treat bag) in order to go to the hospital and talk to a man who was shot as he did a drug deal. I have been spat on and cussed out all while trying to serve and protect you and I have had my family heritage explained to me by many drunks, not to mention those who wanted to explain to me how they knew my mother and what she did for a living. I am 30% BEHIND where my pay should be because raises have been frozen for 10 out of my 25 years while my insurance and taxes have risen at various rates during that same period. I did this in a department that stays 20-30 officers understaffed but then again You wouldn’t know that because you have never cared. As long as you saw a county employee you wrote us off as being there and nothing more. You drive on roads that we pave, you stop at red lights that we put up, you drink the water that we ran to your house and you have most likely been carried to the hospital in an ambulance that we were driving. Yet you complain. One more thing all you ungrateful people need to know, WE PAY TAXES ALSO. WE ARE TAXPAYERS ! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ? I pay taxes on anything I buy in Clayton County via the sales tax, I pay taxes on the house in Clayton County, I have contributed just as much in taxes as ANY of you have and as I have said before most of my family is still doing so. So understand, you have nothing on me except the possible peace of mind that ignorance brings. It must be blissfully comforting not to have a clue while you act as if you do.

I have done all this and never once been complained on. I have had letters of appreciation from as far away as Florida and I have been cited by the District Attorney’s Office for my part in convicting child molesters and murderers. I have been hugged by women who were able to see me out of the one eye that wasn’t swollen as my uniform meant their drunk husband wasn’t going to beat them anymore, that night. I have found lost kids and I have even rescued a stranded cat (you would have most likely stood back and called animal control) all because I had pride in the effort I was making in helping my county and my neighbors. Tell me what you have done to help !

I will now give you some personal back ground. I was born in Clayton County (unlike you who has only lived here 20years), My entire family has lived in Clayton County since the 1940’s. I played on the dirt road that my house was on (in Clayton County) and I still own a house Clayton County. I have moved out though, you are right about that. Why because I knew the chances of my family getting killed or my wife raped was less in Henry County and I knew that my son could get an education in Henry County. But 2/3rd’s of my family remains. You have NOTHING on me when it comes to interest in the county!

You have no exclusive rights to ethics or community involvement. You have no idea what has been going on in the county you have lived IN FOR ONLY 20 years–but I do, because I and many others have been there FOR YOU while it happened, thanks to those that YOU voted in, black and white alike.

By the way, none of you know me—I too have been a reader of post and observant of many blogs. I have seen “Mama Says” in those arenas and that is where this name comes from—I ain’t the original–but then again if you knew what you were saying you would have noticed a difference in writing styles.

Oh yeah one more thing, since you are watching county employees eating habits—when do you think you may get around to leading a protest against the Habitat for Humanity and he Sheriff’s department ? Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent on salaries (your taxpayer money) for deputies to build a house when it was suppose to go to patrolling the county or running the jail. I suspect I will never see that protest because it was yet another official that YOU elected who did it, I could be wrong though. I mean I know you expect county employees to do everything but this should be the prime example for you—when we do stand up you are not there to support us and the leaders you put in place threaten to polygraph the ones who may have spoken up, of course that is a direct job threat but you don’t really care do you ?

Now, I will let you get back to your thrones- where you can heap your judgment on things that you know little about and have far less courage to face.

So guess what the next time I want a meal from Chick-fi-la I will stop and eat one and I will enjoy it because I have earned that right ! but thank you for noticing.


July 1st, 2010
10:32 pm

Finally, a voice of reason from the Clayton News Daily:

Our Voice: ‘Burning Jeff Turner at the stake’

What the Clayton County Commission did on Tuesday night smells to high heaven.

Under the guise of spending cuts needed to close a $9 million gap in the fiscal 2011 budget, it eliminated the Clayton Regional Law Enforcement Academy, which means that the head of the training academy and the former Clayton County police chief, Jeff Turner, will likely not have a job after Aug. 1.

What is going on here? Turner, as you probably remember, was removed from his position as police chief late last year for reasons that never quite added up. There was a list of supposed shortcomings that were said to show mismanagement on his part, but these stated deficiencies never seemed to back up what was being alleged. Still, he was removed from leading the police department, and the county launched an internal investigation of him, suggesting that the probe would bolster the allegations against him. Shortly thereafter, the county also sought a possible criminal investigation of Turner, based on allegations that he had improperly used police surveillance equipment.

Turner was then suspended for four weeks –– without pay –– while the internal investigation continued and an outside prosecutor was assigned to look into any possible criminal charges. When the four-week period expired, the county sought to extend it, but was rebuffed by the Civil Service Board. Turner was allowed to assume his new duties as head of the police training academy.

Meanwhile, the special prosecutor concluded that there was no basis for criminal charges in the matter. However, the county’s internal investigation was said to be continuing. Now, months later, that investigation seems to be all but forgotten. There hasn’t been a word about it from the county. All the while, however, Jeff Turner’s reputation and standing in the community have been tarnished, and he has been given no adequate opportunity to publicly defend himself, so the citizens of this county can judge for themselves where the truth lies.

Then, on Tuesday night, in a surprising move, the commission voted to eliminate the police academy, essentially kicking Turner to the curb. The stated reason for this action: To help trim a $9 million budget shortfall. The savings from this move: About $250,000. Yet, this action calls for the county to add three new positions to the police department to handle training. These new positions, in salary and benefits, could wind up costing the county most of that savings. So, where’s the gain? What’s the point?

Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell alluded to it when said, after Tuesday’s meeting, that the elimination of the training academy and the treatment of Turner was going to bring suspicion on the county. He was half right. The earlier attacks on Turner had already brought suspicion on the county. The latest move confirms that the suspicion is justified.

Whatever Turner’s sins may be, what has happened to him, and the way the whole thing has been handled, cannot be justified. It is a travesty. What is rotten here is that there appears to be a vendetta, for whatever reason, against a public servant whose accusers have yet to make a convincing case that he deserves the treatment he has gotten.

Perhaps, vendetta is not the right word. A more fitting description might be “witch-hunt.” It is past time for the people of Clayton County to demand answers from the commissioners on their seeming harassment of Jeff Turner. If he has done something to provoke this series of attacks on his character and livelihood, then his accusers should bring forth the evidence that would clear the air.

Right now, the whole affair has a horrible stench, and the citizens of this county need to find the source of that stench –– and remove it. Then fumigate.

Not only for Jeff Turner’s sake, but for the sake of decent, open, honest government, and not giving in to those who would rule by hidden agenda, intimidation and petty vindictiveness.

Say What?

July 2nd, 2010
12:07 am

The Sheriff stated in the AJC article, “If you’ve got something to say, say it. But don’t hide behind anonymity and be able to spew lies”.

Hey Sheriff, Have you ever seen what happens to someone when they tell the truth in Clayton County? They are pulverized by the powers to be. Look at what happened to Donnie Hood. Look at what happened to Earl Randall. Look at what happened to Jeff Turner. Look at what happened to Antonio Diaz. Look at what happened to …and the list goes on and on.

The commissioners, chief of staff, director of economic development, and chairman know just how to handle you if you step out of line and reveal anything that is wrong. To stand for what is right in Clayton county means to be prepared to pack your bags and face the wrath of the people stated earlier.

So yes Sheriff, it is much safer to stay anonymous and not to reveal ourselves. It is survival, just as you try to do when you swing things your way by making these ridiculous statements.

Focus Group

July 2nd, 2010
7:48 am

Well, that put a stop to it!


July 2nd, 2010
9:06 am

Sandra Scott has some campaign signs with the likeness of Obama on it – infering that he is speaking and in favor of her candidacy. I wonder if the state office for Obama campaign and Obama himself actually gave permission to a former BOE member who had to be removed from office by the Governor and was blatantly micro-managing and threatening school employees. Shame on you Sandra. You are such a loser. Stand on your oun reputation, but you really can’t, can you.


July 2nd, 2010
1:23 pm

BonBon,. I would not worry about Sandra Scott.So far every candidate that Obama has endorsed. Has lost. Shows how foolish Mz Scott is though.

Donnie Brasil

July 2nd, 2010
9:21 pm

a;; we are sauomg os give [eace a cjamce/

jimmy (conservative brother)

July 3rd, 2010
11:52 am

EdwardBurke99, that was well said and we do need answers on the Jeff Turner situation from this commission. It is just an example of how deceitful and underhanded this commission is. When the removal of Jeff occurred everyone said this doesn’t add up and now it still doesn’t unless you come to the conclusion that most people have, which is that it was a huge witch hunt that would have concluded quickly if it had any merit.
Now they come before us and say that the county is in such dire straights that we must raise taxes or cut essential services again. Cutting the training center will save $250,000 on paper. Then we are adding most of those cost back by “creating” three new positions at the Police department. Not to mention the cost of sending non-mandated, newly hired police officers to training academy’s in other jurisdictions. For those who complained above about the lack of police presence in their area; You know that we need more well trained officers on the road.
I just read that they are starting construction on a new recreational center in Jonesboro. So we have money for another building which will probably display the name of some past or present politician with the hopes that it will stop future criminals. While we close a training center for police who can help catch the present criminals.
Commissioners please explain to me how is it that none of the cities within the county seem to be facing the same budget shortfalls as the county. I would think the same principles would apply as the founders had for this country. They believed that if the states were strong then the nation would be also. So if the cities are strong or at least stable then why is the County in such dire straights.

Citation Needed

July 3rd, 2010
2:39 pm

Excerpt from Northern District Court of Georgia dated 30 June 2010 DC Docket No. 08002910-CV-TCB-1

Randall was hired as an investigator after Jewell Scott was elected to the position of district attorney [of Clayton County, Georgia). In June of 2000, Randall was promoted by Jewell Scott and became her chief of staff.

On or about September 21, 2007, Randall was approached by three colleagues who asked him to consider running for the position of Chairman of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners (”Chairman”). On or about September 23, 2007, Randall and his wife agreed that he should pursue the opportunity.

On September 26, 2007, Randall met with Jewel Scott and told her that he intended to run for Chairman. According to Randall, Jewel Scott initially expressed to him that she was pleased with his decision to run for the position and mentioned that she did not want her husband, Lee Scott, to run.

That same day, Randall filed a Declaration of intent to run with the Clayton County Election Office. Within a few days of filing this declaration, Randall learned that Lee Scott was very angry about Randall’s decision to run for the position. Randall alleges that Lee Scott was seen slamming his fist into the table at a restaurant and stated that he wanted Jewel Scott to use her position to force Randall out of the race.

On or about September 28, 2007, Jewel Scott advised Randall that her husband was very upset about his decision to run. She told him that Lee Scott wanted to run for Chairman and that Randall’s campaign could potentially split the voters who wanted to vote against the incumbent, Eldrin Bell.

Randall refused to withdraw from the race. In October 2007, he met with Lee Scott, Jewel Scott and employees from the Clayton County District Attorney’s office. Lee Scott told Randall that he wanted to run for Chairman, and Randall replied that he did not see a problem running for the same office. Lee Scott then became upset and told Randall that they would become enemies if Randall did not back out of the race, and he threatened to “destroy Randall.” Randall refused to drop out of the race. Lee Scott then allegedly turned to Jewel Scott and asked her to fire Randall.

In November of 2007, Jewel Scott allegedly told Randall that Lee Scott was pressuring her to fire Randall unless he backed out of the race. She told Randall to look for another job. Randall was approached by several mutual acquaintances who told him that Lee Scott was angry about Randall “reaching out to his political supporters” and warned him that if he stayed in the race he might lose his job because “he was making life difficult for Jewel Scott.”

Jewel Scott told Randall that “Lee Scott and Sheriff Hill told her that she would be perceived as a weak leader if she did not fire Randall for expressing his political views in a race against Jewel Scott’s husband, among other candidates.”
On December 17, 2007, Randall sent invitations to a fundraiser hosted by one of his political supporters. Randall sent an invitation to Jewel Scott. The next day, Randall learned that Jewel Scott was upset about the fundraiser and that Lee Scott was angry because Randall was seeking campaign contributions through the fundraiser.

Five days after Jewel Scott received the invitation to Randall’s fundraiser, she terminated Randall’s employment.

say what?

July 4th, 2010
9:46 am

Mama says vented about 25 years worth of anger over his job. I could do the same. I started my social work career over 20 years ago in child protection earning $1649/month. for that salary I have been stabbed removing kids from the house, I have been told by a family of klan members that I was a “good n!***r”, placed a child in foster care on Christmas day, filed runaway charges on a family holiday, etc. Over 20 years my salary finally got to $36k, but benefits and taxes have taken away most of it. We do our jobs because we love it regardless of pay, so we have no one else of whom to blame- we can leave at any time, we can go back to school and change career fields, but this work is in our blood. Mama Says- I am glad that you are still alive to see another day.

If Wade Starr and Alex Cohilias are the problem why aren’t they gone? I know of no employee who can be the puppet master of 3 sometimes 4 commissioners, tell them how to vote, and he can tell his employers that he is not leaving his job. You people have to make up your mind, either he is controlling them and they like to be controlled, or Wade Starr does not have as much control as Clayton’s conspiracy theory party believes. I like this county becoming more and more conservative.

For the COWARDS at PO Box 2045- your candidate(s) platform must be weak and not what people want that you have to send unsigned, uniformed, and uncouth literature. If all you can say is don’t vote for sonna but cannot say what you will do better, you are just as bad. Where is your vision? As the homes are losing value what is your plan? C-Tran is dead and MARTA is about to die-realistically what is your plan for public transportation as a majority of Clayton county does NOT want it? You complain of the tax increase on homeowners with fewer services, so allowing the tax increase last year so that no employee lost a job was wrong? Perhaps it should have been repealed this year and jobs should have been cut? Massive job cuts has more to do with mama, baby mama, and grandmama allowing these young folk live at home without a purpose in life, working and/or going to school to get a skill than it has to do with sonna. An illiterate, uneducated populace has nothing to offer to a potential employer.


July 5th, 2010
12:12 pm

Before the invasion of 1996, This County had a good school system, lower crime, lower taxes, Good Law Enforcement, Excellent water system (by forward thinking, caring elected officials). The problem with the county, schools and cities here, are that the “invaders” that came here, with no stake in the community, VOTE , Their COLOR instead of keeping or voting in those who can actually do the job! PLEASE LEAVE CC and take those elected officials, crime, C-Tran / Marta with you…


July 5th, 2010
5:10 pm

Gail Buckner with “Ethical Problems”! Where the Local & State Ethics Commission?

Full Truth No Lie

July 5th, 2010
7:33 pm, I mean Say What, I liked my postcards and intend to frame them. Thank you.

Natural Cynic!

July 5th, 2010
10:41 pm

FTNL, you are wrong. Cynabon is still going strong. Hey, that rhymes, lol!


July 6th, 2010
5:44 pm

So – Lee Scott is driving a pickup truck pulling a political sign – but it is his wife’s political sign – running for commissioner. Riding up and down the subdivisions seeing if anyone will put a sign in their yard. He makes Jewel go ask the people – and he makes Jewel put the sign in the ground. All the while – he sits his fat self in the air-condition cab of a my-t-fine pickup. The only signs of the Scott’s around our neighborhood are either right next to one for Gail(I can get Jesse Jackson down here)Davenport or in front of empty homes. He even puts signs between houses on the property line. so as to confuse the next-door neighbors.

Lee knows his best bet is to help Jewel win, then all he has to do is order her to drop out. Being the obedient island wife – and knowing full well the extent of his anger management issues and how far he is willing to go, she will comply. And the fools in this county will be duped yet again.

SynamonSays!...What do you say?

July 7th, 2010
1:13 am

Natural Cynic, the name is Synamon. I have grown to expect this kind of childish dialogue from cowards on this blog. I must agree though I am still going strong and you haven’t seen anything yet, run and tell that!


July 8th, 2010
11:11 pm

right on – Synamom. At least those on the blog should show respect toward one another.