CCPS policing itself a good thing!

While I wasn’t happy about school board member Jessie Goree (District 3) having to be censured by her colleagues, I was glad to see that action was taken so that Clayton County Public Schools doesn’t relapse.

As per the AJC, on May 12 Goree was said to have violated six board policies and a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools mandate that requires board members to respect the superintendent’s authority. Recently, our Board of Education voted 7-1 (with Michael King (District 4) casting the lone dissenting vote and Trinia Garrett (District 7) absent) to censure Goree because of her actions.

Before someone inevitably asks, no I do not believe that CCPS’s accreditation will be at risk because of this. Why should it be? The BOE seems to have handled its business on this matter relatively quickly, and that should be a good thing in the eyes of SACS and Clayton residents.

But I did appreciate Goree admitting wrongdoing and taking her licks (although no fine or punishment was administered), which will allow the system to move forward and not turn this into a side show that possibly could affect accreditation.

And while I sincerely hope and pray that, according to the resolution, e-mailed criminal allegations Goree made against Chairwoman Alieka Anderson (District 8 ) and policy violations allegations made against Superintendent Edmund Heatley are false, I also hope that whatever issues Goree had with those she verbally attacked will be worked out.

“SACS is watching us,” said BOE member Dr. Pam Adamson who is up for reelection in District 1. But technically we should ALL be watching and paying attention since our children’s education and property values are directly affected.

Did the BOE do the right thing by censuring Jessie Goree? Why or why not?

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Yeah, okay

June 21st, 2010
10:15 am

Don’t believe anything Jesse Gorree says and I’m still not sure about Anderson or Heatley but they’d better not mess up the little bit of progress made I can’t afford to move.

Full Disclosure

June 21st, 2010
10:23 am

Hell media! Someone needs to do an open records request on the Gore’s email, just in case this is political payback on Gore’s for spilling the beans. Accreditation will be safe since the Governor signed legislation assuring the removal of school board members threatening accreditation loss. AJC do your job and ferret out the TRUTH!

Full Disclosure

June 21st, 2010
10:25 am



June 21st, 2010
12:58 pm

Have to hope there’s nothing there, for the county’s sake and for Anderson’s. Won’t hurt Anderson at the polls–she’s running unopposed.

Good news or more of the same bad news?

June 21st, 2010
5:58 pm

Goree is alleged to have alleged illegal activity on the part of the board chair and the superintendent. Is this really good governance, or is this really about strong arming Goree into silence?

If Goree really has evidence of illegal activity on the part of the board chair, or the superintendent, isn’t she duty bound to release it?

Sounds like we aren’t at the bottom of this, no matter how much some people want to tie a nice happy bow around it.

Open Records Request

June 21st, 2010
6:00 pm

If their is really an email alleging criminal activity, can’t an Open Records Request reveal it? Is the AJC willing to request it?


June 21st, 2010
9:29 pm

Man please no, not this mess again. Why can’t these board members get it right? I think everyone involved needs to be removed. My child deserves better. I just wish the people we elect would do their jobs and stop embarrassing us like this.


June 21st, 2010
10:24 pm

This so-called self policing and “ALLEGATIONS” are potty cock! Cobb county board member had 57+ illegal meeting, Dekalb school system stole well over 2 million dollars, ATL schools CRCT cheating big time! They all still have accreditation. Clayton’s electorate and elected officials are spineless! Demand “Full Accreditation Now”! Other counties oblivously don’t give a damn about SACS! And rightfully so!


June 21st, 2010
10:37 pm

Roach, yes she’s running unopposed! You know why? People are fedup with all this “Bias” treatment of Clayton by SACS while we see other counites running amuck! While nothing happen to them; they still have accreditation! People see it’s just a “SHAME”!

Just the Facts

June 22nd, 2010
7:58 am

Jesse is a one-woman wrecking crew as far as SACS is concerned. She is loyal to one or two overpaid county administrators whose positions were cut or downgraded by Dr. Heatley and is working constantly to undermine him because of this. This latest incident for which she was censured is only one of dozens of similar incidents, just the first to be acknowledged to the public. Attend any BOE meeting and you will see how she monopolizes the meeting and refuses to follow protocol. This type of dysfunction on the school board is EXACTLY why SACS withdrew our accreditation. PLEASE, NOT AGAIN!!! Jesse, please – for the love of the children, stop it.

Clayton Parent

June 22nd, 2010
8:35 am

Obviously Aleeka Anderson is only 1 running because she is the only one who gives even a little bit of a damn. Come on out of the ENTIRE district she can’t even get someone to challenge her? Has she done that great of a job? District 8 residents are APATHETIC has nothing to do with SACS. She was the only one running when they got rid of the members from the last board every other district had at least 2-3 candidates to pick from. Thank God I don’t live in District 8, now if I could only get out of Clayton.

Happy St. Pat's

June 22nd, 2010
9:40 am

Clayton Parent–Check your facts. Last time, Anderson had an opponent, who was endorsed by the AJC and civic groups. But the teachers union chose Anderson (a teacher), and she won.

Know the story

June 22nd, 2010
10:05 am

Alika Anderson did have an opponent in the last election. It was a Georgia State University professor named Ed Rigdon. He OFFERED his services to help the County out of the mess they were in. His credentials were impeccable, but he was a white male and that was all that mattered. He served as the liaison to SACS for GSU and would have been a huge help to this Board. He was also a senior Administrator of the GSU faculty. He made statement after statement that he was there to help and yet none of the people in his district really supported him. What a shame. Yes he was eccentric, but he did not want to be a lifer politician like Alika. He only wanted to help. He was a true idealist.

How Rude!

June 22nd, 2010
10:11 am

I saw Ed Heatly last night and listened to him work the crowd. He was so arragant and self righteous. After listening to the scam being presented by Elder William Hill, who recently had run for the School’s Board of Education, I then realized that Heatly is trying to get his fingers into all types outside influences. Isn’t that what sacs wanted us to stay away from?

dick gazzinya

June 22nd, 2010
11:19 am

the marta train prophet is at it again with 57+ illegal meetings and how its all the plutocrats and elites fault

Was there illegal activitity?

June 22nd, 2010
1:43 pm

We’ve established Goree’s meddling. But why are we afraid to establish if there was in fact illegal activity by the board chair?

The Full Monty

June 22nd, 2010
4:47 pm

Inquiring minds want to know if these allegations are true.
I heard that allegedly there are transcripts of these so called questionable activities. A full investigation may be warranted. There can be no hint of scandal and no more taints of the same ole, okie dokie politics cause SACS is watching.


June 22nd, 2010
5:09 pm

Is this scandal-mongering really an attack on Anderson in particular, an attempt to deflect attention from Goree, or just sowing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt)? Looks like that “outside influence” is busy at the keyboard today.

Can of Raid for the Roach

June 22nd, 2010
9:24 pm

So according to Roach’s logic, NOT answering a question about possible illegal activity will lead to certainty and remove all doubt? Huh?

If this were the equivalent of Roach playing darts, this wouldn’t be missing the dart board. This would be missing the dart board and hitting someone on the other side of the pub playing pool.

If you want to remove the FUD, provide the info! Let’s find out what happened, or what did NOT happen.

It’s not an attack or attempt to deflect, it’s a simple case of we need to know the truth. Is Roach afraid to find out the truth about whether or not the board chair engaged in illegal activity? I hope not, just as I hope no one is afraid to find out if Goree made a bad situation worse by playing fast and loose with the truth.

Let’s remove the FUD by finding out what exactly the accusations are. If Goree ends up with even more egg on her face, she deserves it. But if the board chair engaged in illegal activity, the voters deserve to know.

Pus Gazzinya

June 23rd, 2010
12:02 am

All this scandal-mongering, SACS is watching, Cobb board 57+ illegal meetings, Dysfunction activities of Ed Heatly, “Big Time” CRCT cheating in ATL are all a bunch of SACS partiality and Bias against your folk. Clayton county voters please vote for those politicians with the biggest signs with their picture on them. That will show “Them Folk”, they don’t run nothing!


June 23rd, 2010
9:52 am

Dear outside influence–
“. . . the voters deserve to know”? Did you miss the part about Anderson running unopposed for a four-year term? You’re a long-term thinker, for certain. Or maybe one anonymous person’s string of postings here will cause no one to vote for her on election day–in fact, it will so discourage Anderson that she won’t even go to the polls and vote for herself? A talent so great as yours is surely wasted here.

Can of Raid for the Roach

June 23rd, 2010
10:59 am

Roach, did you bother to think before posting that, or did you see a light come on and just start flailing away at the keyboard?

In case you haven’t forgotten, there’s an ethics commission now that can sanction board members that engage in illegal activity, up to and including, depending on what the courts say in the King case, removing them from the board.

If you’ll look very carefully at the relevant laws, you’ll see that board members running unopposed are not exempt from ethics commission oversight.

Now if the board chair engaged in no illegal activity, don’t the charges deserve to be exposed for the falsehoods they are, and doesn’t the board chairman deserve to be fully exonerated?

And yes Roach, the voters do deserve to know; as the recall process is available to them, if they ever decide to stop being apathetic.

You’re dismissed.

Get back on task

June 23rd, 2010
12:14 pm

The present BOE biggest mistake was bringing in Heatley. There next mistake is not having a plan to make sure we do not have to use our reserves. We need creative thinking out of the box BOE members and a superintendent who has a sense of academia and business. Heatley expertise is not compatible with our needs. Right now we are stuck with business as usual and our children are the victims. BOE members are weak and being told how high and when by Heatley. He is not their boss, they are his boss. We will have to wait two more years when we can replace the five who will be up for reelection. Heatley can take his arrogant and pious demeanor out of here now! Yes, Anderson is running unopposed and that is a shame. That takes us back to the real problem, the community!


June 23rd, 2010
12:41 pm

I notice that “outside influence” doesn’t dispute the name. That’s mostly what people neeed to know. It pretty well answers my question. This two-bit campaign isn’t a matter of the public interest at all. Thanks for fessing up.

What Now?

June 23rd, 2010
1:27 pm

Why does Clayco never learn? If we keep electing the same type of folks we get the same type of result. I’m tired of living here and I wish I could afford to move but I can’t sell my home. Property values have again fallen another 20%. I feel like I’m stuck in purgatory. Clayton is again swirling the bottom of the bowl.

Can of Raid for the Roach

June 23rd, 2010
1:39 pm

So Roach, what you are saying then, is that people don’t need to know whether or not the board chair engaged in illegal activity, they need to know a poster didn’t acknowledge your lame, pathetic attempt at an ad hominen argument?

Just to be really clear Roach, you are saying that it’s not in the public interest that they know whether or not the board chair engaged in illegal activity?

Now who’s running the two bit campaign? The fact is, exposing the truth will either embarrass Goree even more, or quite possibly bring the ethics commission in to investigate the board chair.

I’m not invested in either result; just in the truth being exposed, one way or the other, regardless of which board member is exonerated, or which board member is called to the carpet. Now the question is which one, the board chair or Goree, are you invested in protecting Roach?

You’re dismissed.

Political Spectator

June 23rd, 2010
3:13 pm

GOREE needs to resign!!!!! She is unprofessional and unqualified to do the job. We do not need a posturing, peacock on the board. We need someone that will effectively take care of school board business. Complaining about the Superintendent to his subordinates is upprofessional and just plain MESSY!!!! Her past actions (and future actions) will not help Clayton, it will only hinder Clayton County.

I want to strongly encourage all board members to memorize the following:
Three functions of a school board:
1) Hire/evaluate Superintendent (as a board)
2) Maintain the budget
3)Set policy

Let's be clear

June 23rd, 2010
4:15 pm

What are you saying Spectator?

If Goree has evidence of illegal activity, she should be silent, because it doesn’t meet your 3 criteria?

Or are you saying if she didn’t follow the proper procedure as far as making an allegation, the allegation, whether true or not, should be whitewashed?

Here’s the thing Spectator. If Goree is every bit the buffoon you want to portray her as, and the allegations against the board chair are as unfounded as people want to imply, why not put them out there for everybody to see, so that the board chair can be exonerated, and there can be even more pressure put on Goree?

Why exactly are people so fearful that they would want to whitewash this information when, if what they say is true about it, would further discredit the very person they claim needs to resign?

It doesn’t add up, to say the least.

What you deserve

June 23rd, 2010
4:27 pm

When you see people like Roach and Political Spectator arguing that a facade of “professionalism” is more important than investigating allegations of criminal activity on the board OR more important than finding out if the board member who made them had any legitimate reason for doing so, you come to but one conclusion:

You are getting the abysmal, substandard, dysfunctional school system you RICHLY and FULLY deserve.

The Shadow

June 23rd, 2010
7:22 pm

Was Wade Starr’s recent criminal court pre-issuance appearance a trend waiting to happen or behavior long overdue for conversation?


June 23rd, 2010
8:45 pm

MACE is back in the forum in force! LOL!

So obvious, and so pathetic

June 23rd, 2010
10:26 pm

I guess some people, knowing they have nothing of substance to contribute, are reduced to trotting out the old boogyman. Keep on blaming the “outside influence”. Good to see the school system brought to you by the “inside influence” is working out so well for you.

You wanted it, you got it. Open up your wallets and enjoy it.

What Now?

June 23rd, 2010
11:56 pm

I feel that the county and state ethics boards should have a hearing to rule on all of the allegations regarding the two board members and the Superintendant.


June 24th, 2010
9:41 am

Missed me! Now I’m just gonna take a stroll through your china cabinet. Ooh! My favorite pattern.

Can of Raid for the Roach

June 24th, 2010
11:17 am

No Roach, that was pretty much a direct hit. Of course how hard of a target is it to hit, when someone comes on here and says that it is not in the public interest to investigate alleged criminal activity on the part of the chairman of the BOE?

People who care about open and transparent government don’t care if the egg winds up on the face of the person who made the allegation, or the person the allegation was made against. They just want the truth to come out, one way or the other.

Not sure if you’re trying to protect the board chair, or protect Goree, but anybody who read your post is sure you don’t want to protect the truth on this issue.


June 24th, 2010
12:39 pm

Missed me again! Nice shoes!

Political Spectator

June 24th, 2010
8:10 pm

This is the beginning of the same posturing politics that doomed the last board. Why must there be a build up? If Goree has information about illegal activity board, follow the proper procedures to report the illegal activity. Walking into an administrators’ meeting at school talking about the Superintendent with his SUBORDINATES is extremely unprofessional and not the way to get anything done. SHE IS MESSY!!!!!

The script is already written for Clayton County. We have been down this path twice before. This will be the THIRD time unless she is stopped.
GOREE will now prove how “RIGHT” she is by playing to outside influences and local media outlets. The opposing board members will then try to prove how “RIGHT” they are by appealing to blogs such as this and media outlets.
The AJC will then pick up on the infighting and begin fanning the fire. The next thing you know the public infighting will lead the news on Channel 2, 5 and 11. CHILDREN WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER!!!!

This is a SAD state.

Secret Informant

June 25th, 2010
9:28 am

A quandry I tell you, a quandry.

How can CCPS self police itself when Goree has allegedly already brought these charges allegedly to the state ethics board and was allegedly denied.

A quandry I tell you, a quandry.

Secret Informant

June 25th, 2010
9:28 am

CORRECTION: I meant Clayton County Ethics Board in previous paragraph.

A Low Down Dirty Shame

June 25th, 2010
12:13 pm

IMO the truth will put a stop to all of the rumor mongering. CCPS needs to take the following steps:

1. Shed light on the facts by making all documents PUBLIC
2. Take action against the guilty
3. Move on


Maybe she did Spectator

June 25th, 2010
12:26 pm

What if Goree has gone through the official channels, and they aren’t acting ethically and investigating them? Then what? What if she actually IS right, but it isn’t being investigated for political reasons?

She might be MESSY but it doesn’t mean she’s wrong. Is it worth it to not investigate alleged criminal activity just to keep the peace?

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean she’s right either, and if she ISN’T right, the people she’s accusing need to be fully exonerated.

Boo for boogeyman

June 25th, 2010
4:29 pm

Are people really so afraid an alleged “Trotterite” might be right about something, that you are willing to sweep alleged criminal activity under the rug?

Looks like the “inside influences” are doing more damage these days if they want to sweep questions of potential criminal activity under the rug.


June 25th, 2010
5:35 pm

Thank you for your comments – Mr Trotter.


June 25th, 2010
6:03 pm

Let’s see what our illustrious BOE has been up to this past year using the CRCT test scores of our children. The AJC ‘Get Schooled’ blog by Maureen Downey posted all GA scores in a June 23rd column.

Clayton scores are a mixed bag, but let’s focus on upcoming high school freshmen and see how well they did this past year on the ‘hard’ classes. The 8th grade CRCT scores are –

% Passing Math – 64.1
% Passing Science – 46.4
% Passing Social Studies – 50.8

DeKalb County has only slighly higher scores.

Compared to Henry County’s 8th graders:

% Passing Math – 74.9
% Passing Science – 64.3
% Passing Social Studies – 70.8

Our children deserve better.

BnB open up your wallet

June 25th, 2010
7:26 pm

Keep on calling Dr. Trotter the boogeyman. You’re that desperate to protect the status quo?

Open up your wallet BnB. The people who brought you those test scores are more than happy to play you for the fool while they are taking your money.

Political Spectator

June 25th, 2010
7:34 pm

@Need2Know: Why are you citing the board of education regarding test scores? You should cite the Superintendent and other school officials regarding test scores. The board is not to get involved in the day to day activities of the school system. If I need to post the functions of a school board EVERY DAY until this community understands, I am willing. There are 3 functions of a school board:

Hire/Evaluate a Superintendent
Set policy for school system
Maintain the budget

If you have issues about the scores, contact the Superintendent and ask him what he and the rest of the educators in the school system are doing to improve the scores!!!!

Political Spectator

June 25th, 2010
7:52 pm

Call me crazy but illegal activity (criminal)is handled by law enforcement. If it is a civil matter, turn it over to an attorney. Has Goree made a complaint to a law enforcement agency or consulted with Clayton’s board attorney (not the idiot attorney friend of hers)? If so, give law enforcement and or a law office a chance to do its job. If not, make the complaint then allow the wheels of justice to turn.

Sistahs come on...

June 25th, 2010
7:56 pm

Jessee Goree will join the long list of infamous sistahs that have sacrificed our children for their own selfish reasons:
N. Ware
E. Davis
S. Scott
M. Strong
L. Bain-Hunter
Y. Everett

Lets stop this madness while you have a chance!!!!!!

Political Spectator...

June 25th, 2010
8:32 pm

@maybe she did: This County can not afford (literally) the public infighting only to exonerate a board chair in the end. The last 5-7 years of being the laughingstock of metro area should motivate our leaders to take more care before lodging a PUBLIC unsubstantiated allegation. The last 5-7 years of being the laughingstock of the metro area should motivate board members to always act professionally as they conduct the business of Clayton County Public Schools.

I am never an advocate of cover ups. Cover ups only build up and blow up in your face. I do not believe that GOREE is exposing some coverup. GOREE antics lend me to think this is not about an illegal activity but about her own personal selfish agenda. She is no different than those last four board members the Governor had to remove from office.

This is what I know for sure (only because GOREE admits it). I know GOREE walked into a school and start criticizing the Superintendent to his subordinates. How does that help anyone involved? Will those employees undermine the Superintendent as a testament of loyalty to her? How can I respect her as a leader? She does not respect the office of Superintendent. She does not have to agree with everything the Superintendent does but she needs to respect the office. How is she to work with other board members and the Superintendent for the betterment of the school district when they know she will throw them under the bus to employees of the school system at any time?

I think she needs to RESIGN!!!!!!!!

On deck

June 25th, 2010
8:37 pm

Where is the group of citizens that sued the last four board members for malfeance which subsequently led to the Governor removing them from Clayton’s Board of Education?

Please stand by, I think Goree is on deck to be the next member that needs to be sued.