How do you choose which candidate gets your vote?

Too often, Clayton residents find themselves electing candidates routinely described as the “best of the worst” out of the choices provided. Recently, a blogger asked how to determine who the “wrong” candidates are. So, I’m asking folks to share how you choose candidate(s), and where you get information on them.

One resource is Project Vote Smart, which is a wealth of information providing, among many other things, contact information, candidate biographies and voting records. For non-voting positions, consider what that person has/hasn’t done for constitutents and the community. I also speak with other residents for perspectives I may not have considered or known about.

This is harder to do when unknown candidates run. In this case, I’ll research their history as much as possible, particularly what they have done in the community lately.  Whether new to politics or an incumbent, I’ll also attempt to speak directly with a candidate(s) – particularly serial candidates who constantly run for office but never seem to get elected - to gauge their position on issues.

While I’m sure there is some study out there that predicts otherwise, signage and holiday telephone messages do nothing to appease this voter. I’m also leery of candidates who make it difficult for constituents to obtain information about them except solely via outlets they handpick.

I also attend as many forums as possible where constituents have a chance to meet candidates and find out where they stand on issues.

What resources do you use to research candidates? Does signage (billboards, roadside signs, etc.), websites, television and/or radio commercials provide you with enough information to base a vote on? Do you check to see who is funding candidate(s) and/or how they are connected to each other? Do you pay attention to elections going on countywide, even if you can’t vote in that race(s)?

Upcoming political forums include:

June 1 @ 7 PM: NAACP Political Forum for School Board Candidates at Lakewin Christian Center (6449 Church Street, Riverdale).

June 15 @ 6 PM: NAACP Political Forum for State Senate/House of Representative Candidates at Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church (2112 Rex Road, Rex)

Please feel free to post anytime if you know of anywhere residents can engage candidates so that we all have an opportunity to get informed, or email me at with info.  Thanks!

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retired teacher

June 1st, 2010
10:30 am

Any chance to meet and speak to the person helps me..literature is all too focused and I hate signs….

Clayton Parent

June 1st, 2010
10:44 am

Thanks for the school board forum tonight. I will be there.
I meet candidates in person whether at form or showing up at offices unannounced (best way to get “straight” answers sometimes). But politicians can and will lie in your face easily , especially Clayco policiticans they’re MASTERS at the con game especially those listed in that week end AJC article.

Don’t normally pay much attention to other races in the county but guess I should.


June 1st, 2010
11:26 am

Experience of past misdeeds by politicians and wannabes is a wealth of information to use when determining voter decisions. Do not forget the history of Victor Hill – Sandra Scott – Lee Scott – Jewel Scott. They may have already forgotten the shame they brought on themselves and Clayton County, the voters have not.


June 1st, 2010
11:53 am

Simple…Do your homework…! Find out what a candidate is about and what he/she stands for. Find out about their character. If they have been indicted for fraud numerous times, chances are they may have an integrity problem. If they have been fired repeatedly or they have a reputation for not getting anything done, they may be an issue with incopmpetence. With all the modern tools at our disposal, (Background searches, libraries, Internet, etc.) we are without an excuse when it comes to selecting the right candidate.

I guess some may call this lecturing, but what the hell, I’ll still feel the same. Shame on you if you vote for a person simply because he or she is the same color as you. Shame on you if you vote for them because you have known their family for 20 years. Shame on you if you vote for someone simply because they are from the same political party as you…Shame on you if you rely solely on one news channel to frame your point of view. The list goes on and on.

We need the brightest, most capable leaders possible for our county. It goes without saying that everyone on here knows the current state of our county. We stand on the precipice either for greatness or being flushed down the toilet. We cannot afford another round of elected officials that don’t care, don’t get it, or are just plain corrupt. Do your research and get out there and vote…!


Enquiring minds ...

June 1st, 2010
5:26 pm

Isn’t it interesting that there are hardly any comments on here for a chance, says a lot about why we got who we got in office.


June 1st, 2010
7:38 pm

This group of political candidates that want to run for elected offices in Clayton County are no better than the ones that are in office now who as a collective group are doing a below average job in making Clayton County a better place for its citizens to live in.

Clayton County only gets the very worst candidates to run for political office and once they are in office, they all do not want to do the tough job in making the decisions that will make this county once again a great place to live.

They make decisions that benefit and enrich only themselves at the negative expense of the citizens of Clayton County.

Clayton County continues to collect SPLOST monies each and every day but no new recreation center has been built since the last recreation center was opened in District 1 in 2007.

Vice-Chairman Ralph had a ground breaking ceremony for his recreation center during the summer of 2008 but no work has been started on it as of yet.

No citizen of Clayton County has even inquired as to why there is now a sudden halt to the building of these recreation centers even though Clayton County continues to collect SPLOST monies.

This is one very strong reason that I state that these candidates for political office in 2010 will say anything, promise to do all, and essentially lie and mislead the good citizens of Clayton County on what they will do once they get in office and once they get in office and have power and authority, they will turn on the very people who elected them into political office because they know that the people who put them into office will not hold them answerable, accountable, and responsible for the decisions they make and the actions that they take or do not take for the betterment of the quality of life for the citizens of Clayton County.

All they do is make excuses on why they cannot or will not correct the mistakes that their precedessors make that eventually wrecked this county, caused this county to spiral downward, made this county the wasteland that it is right now, and made zoning decisions which was irresponsible that ultimately led to the dumping of virtually all of Atlanta’s Section 8 and the poorest of their population to relocate and settle in Clayton County.

Tara Boulevard is a trashy, dirty trash pit with “third-world” low-class businesses with trash dumpsters that sit in front of these businesses that overflow with trash every weekend.

Tara Boulevard which is the very heart of Clayton County has businesses and apartment homes that are in rapid decline, decay, run-down, falling down with roofs that are about to cave in, with gang graffiti very visible on vacant buildings when you exit off of the highway (I-75 South) onto Tara Boulevard and further down.

Clayton County present elected officials (from the Clayton County Board Of Commissioners to the Clayton County Legistative Delegation) will not act proactively to solve the mess that was cause by their precedessors that they inherited (the elections of 2006 and 2008) even though it is now their responsibility to do so.

The people who will be elected to office later in July 2010 and in November 2010 will do no better because no one cares about this county, the majority African-American population in Clayton County will not hold the people they elect to office in Clayton County accountable, responsible, and answerable to them to do good for Clayton County and make decisions that will better this county.

Clayton County’s best years are behind it and as long as it is a county that is majority a renter’s population, a county who’s median income level is one of the lowest if not the lowest of all of the counties in the Metropolitian Atlanta, Georgia area, a county that is home to virtually all of the Section 8 population of Atlanta, Georgia, and have a majority population of people who could care less who is in office let alone their qualifications, Clayton County will continue to be a county that is in a constant downward spiral that no elected officials can reverse no time soon in Clayton County’s foreseeable future.

Kelly Andrvere

June 1st, 2010
8:50 pm

Simply do your homework! Attend a forum and ask your questions. Chose a candidate and visit them and pick there brain.


June 1st, 2010
9:22 pm

I will vote for who I want to vote for never mind what these folks on this blog. No new policitican have experience in a job they never occupied! One thing for sure I will never vote for another $5.25 per gallon republician or the chocolate pillsberry dougboy–Glanton

Telling It Like It Is

June 2nd, 2010
8:52 am

Clayton County is a county full of corruption and bad decisions made by its past and present elected officials.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution would have a “field” day writing about the corruption by Clayton County’s past and present elected officials which caused the problems that Clayton County has right now.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper has not even done a major newspaper story on how the city of Atlanta’s housing authority was working in conjunction with the Jonesboro Housing Authority which controls the section 8 problem in Clayton County allowed the city of Atlanta to essentially dumped virtually all of its Section 8 population and the poorest of the poor to send them to Clayton County because of its glut of empty homes, apartment homes, and extended-stay hotels and motels and HOW THE ELECTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS OF CLAYTON COUNTY FROM THE CHAIRMAN OF THE CLAYTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, THE OTHER CLAYTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, THE CLAYTON COUNTY LEGISTATIVE DELEGATION (CLAYTON COUNTY’S STATE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE REPRESENTATIVES), AND OTHER IMPORTANT ELECTED OFFICIALS ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN BY LOOKING THE OTHER WAY, NOT SAYING A WORD, NOT GOING TO THE PRESS ABOUT THIS, AND ESSENTIALLY LETTING OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CITY OF ATLANTA DO AS THEY PLEASE AS IT RELATES TO THE IMPACT OF THEIR DECISIONS ON CLAYTON COUNTY (THINK HARTSFIELD-JACKSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT WHICH IS IN CLAYTON COUNTY BUT CLAYTON COUNTY DOES NOT BENEFIT OR GET AND MONIES FROM IT)

This is why this current group of people who are running for elected office in Clayton County is not going to do anything once they are elected into political office in Clayton County because they will immediately become corrupt, non-caring, insentitive, mean-spirited, controlling, and disrespectful to the citizens of Clayton County like the present group of elected officials that are currently in political office in Clayton County right now and things in Clayton County will only continue to get worse before it gets better if it wlll ever get better in Clayton County which is right now, one of the worse counties to live in, in the Metropolitian Atlanta, Georgia area.


June 2nd, 2010
9:17 am

I can see that no competent candidate need run for office in this county. Failure and victimization are the guiding factors in selecting a candidate among most voters here. At least that will keep us in the news! That IS what we all want, isn’t it?

Telling It Like It is

June 2nd, 2010
10:06 am

To be a very good elected official in Clayton County, you would need a majority of votes to make decisions that are in the best interests of the citizens of Clayton County (For Example, on the Clayton County Board Of Commissioners, you would need three votes, your vote plus two other commission members).

Because corruption is so very high in Clayton County and these present group of elected officials in Clayton County seem to not have the best interests of the citizens of Clayton County at heart, even if a very good and qualified candidate was elected to political office in Clayton County, he or she would not have the majority of votes to pass policies and make decisions that would benefit and help not only the citizens of Clayton County, but the county as a whole.

The majority of elected officials in Clayton County are again non-caring, insensitive, mean-spirited, disengaged, detached, corrupt, looking out for their own selves and the interest of a few rich well-connected people who want government contracts that Clayton County can offer to make them even more richer, and controlling in a negative and vindictive way and NO ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO IS ELECTED TO PUBLIC OFFICE IN CLAYTON COUNTY WHO IS MORAL, ETHICAL, UPSTANDING, CARING, SYMPATHETIC, SENSITIVE, AND WHO WANTS TO DO RIGHT BY THE CITIZENS OF CLAYTON COUNTY WILL EVER SUCCEED BECAUSE HE OR SHE WOULD BE VOTED DOWN BY THE MAJORITY OF THEIR ELECTED COLLEAGUES WHO ARE IN THE OTHER GROUP OF CORRUPTED, GREEDY, AND INEPT ELECTED OFFICIALS.



June 2nd, 2010
10:39 am

One clue about a candidates is when they have to place there signs in empty lots, foreclosed homes and along the roadside. This is usually because residents won’t let them put them in there yards. While the reason may be unclear, allowing a candidate to place a sign in ones yard is a clear endorsement.

Captain Midnight

June 2nd, 2010
11:16 am

It used to be so simple when the incumbants were white and the campaign posters had photos to let you know who the black candidates were.
Now we might actually have to vet (see Barack Obama) the candidates.


June 2nd, 2010
1:08 pm

yea, good luck with that captain midnight.


June 2nd, 2010
2:25 pm

Find out who’s financing their campaign and who’s contributing to it. It’ll tell you volumes.

Straight No Chaser

June 2nd, 2010
3:10 pm

@ Truthstaater

Let me correct you on one issue. I called and asked why the final Rec center had not been built. I was told that there is currently a lawsuit against the county by the contractor who has built the Rec centers and not until that lawsuit is settled will that Rec Center will be built. That was a BS answer to me so I went and did some further research to see if there was in fact a lawsuit against the county……….guess what I couldn’t find one!!! (maybe there is but I couldn’t find one and went to some lengths to search for an answer) It is my opinion that this is just another political ploy. I can almost guarantee you that the remaining Rec center will be built not too far in advance of the 2012 election and Olé will come heralding all of his accomplishments for his district. NOT!!


June 2nd, 2010
4:24 pm

VoteSmart – Your comments prove you could never vote smart – too caught up in hate.


June 2nd, 2010
4:55 pm

At last night’s BOC meeting, a resident of Riverdale at the public comment period read a letter and asked for a freedom of Info Act request into text message transcripts. She is asking for copies of all cell texts from Chief of Staff, Commsioners and Public Policy director fror 2007-2010. She is asking for all of this information reagrding policy, hiring/firing, pay raises, and public meeting or quarom violations of executive session.

June 2nd, 2010
5:44 pm

Simple: NEVER EVER EVER EVER vote for ANYONE with the last name Scott.

Bro. almost in the house

June 2nd, 2010
8:53 pm

Why is it that ONLY in Clayton County can this political BS survive? Every election cycle people complain yet no one but the same old crooks run for office? WTF? This blog is worthless if all your going to do is complain then sit back and watch! Why should I even bother to vote? It like i can chose between a demon and a monster!!!


June 2nd, 2010
9:25 pm

Let the person who asks for the info from the BOC to pay for the printing of all those text messages – the request should not burden the county more. If you want the info – pay for it.


June 2nd, 2010
10:38 pm

Some of these bloggers keep chasing the boogeymen and now find yourselves lost in the woods! Why are all the candidates are minorities–mostly! It’s looks like to me the once so-called moral majority in Clayton have ran out of morals and majority! Too bad we have to “Trust” the officials you spent so much money on to discredit. Guess what, they’re believable and you’re not! You made the county what it is! The majority knows the truth! You’re losers!

Great job BOE

June 2nd, 2010
11:01 pm

Don’t you love the way the teachers who now serve on the BOE dealt with the discipline issue? As teachers they know how important it is, and that’s why they got the Marine to lead the way.

And lead the way he and they have. Walk down the halls of a school in Clayton County, and you’d swear you were at an exclusive private school.

Hail the wonderful BOE for resolving the discipline problems in Clayton.

The Answer for Clayton County

June 3rd, 2010
12:11 am

Hi everyone, I’m Travis Spruill, and I am your best candidate for State Senate this election year. I’ve read your comments and I want you all to know that this election year, you have the opportunity to move in a New direction.

I am running for State Senate because we need a New leader that can “restore promise and prosperity” to Clayton County. I need your support and your VOTE. Spread the word, so others will get involved as well.

Visit my website at or call us at 770-325-0135. I look forward to hearing from everyone that wants a New Direction for Clayton County!


June 3rd, 2010
8:22 am

You all all this blog are trying to get me depressed about my county again…I refuse to go back to that mindset again…We can do this. Until the federal Government comes in and condems this county, we still have a chance to rise.

Look, we all understand we don’t have a great field to choose from. Also, I am sure we all know the problems we have had in the past with our elected officials. That doesn’t mean we just don’t vote and let the worst of the worst get back in there. Let’s get the lesser of the evils for now and continue to refine the process so that we eventually get the cream to rise to the top and skim off the scum.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, it took time for this county to end up in this state – so Clayton County won’t be fixed in one election. We can’t assume that we will get a whole new great crop of politicians in one election cycle. We just hope to get a better group the first few go arounds. The better we do at electing officials, the better residents we will attract. This will in turn affect the quality of candidates we get for office.

The bottom line is that greatness has to start with small steps before a full fledged end-around can occur. Steel yourselves and realize you may have to vote for a few good ones along with a few less than desireables this go around in order to achieve the desired outcome. I’m sure you don’t like it, I don’t like it but it is the way it has to be in order for our county to rise to greatness.

We can bash each other’s brains in here in blog land and trash our county ad nauseum, but it won’t solve the problem. Let’s be civic minded…Let’s get out their and encourage our neighbors, friends, and relatives to vote. Hopefully we get a 40-50% solution this time (Better than a 0-10% solution). Next election we can shoot for a 75% and so forth. If we keep doing it, we will end up with a county that people will be proud of and want to live in.

Clayton County will rise in 2012!!!!!


June 3rd, 2010
11:00 am

Hey VoteSmart – You answered your own question. Since the county went majority black voters, Many of those voters only voted for black candidates without regard to their baggage, background, legal issues, etc just their money. We got where we are today because people voted for some incompetent leaders with questionable morals. Look at recent history – Sheriff Hill and DA Scott, BOE members Sandra Scott, Noreese Haynes. Informed voters – black anmd white- are needed to make Clayton better. We have some good leaders now. Find out the truth and vote accordingly

Fletcher Family

June 3rd, 2010
12:57 pm

I vote for BARBEE. She is the young lady who is running for Commissioner of District 1.
My wife and I had a chance to speak with her on Tuesday at the Commissioners Meeting. She is an amazing person. We had an apportunity to meet all the Candidates for District 1. My family and I made our dicision and we choose BARBEE.


June 3rd, 2010
1:14 pm

I have always conducted due diligence on all the candidates on the ballot. After perusing their legislative record and they have voted or sponsored anything that could potentially hurt me, I find out where they are getting their money from. How many individuals are contributing as opposed to lobbyists and special interests? How visible have they been in the district they serve? If they are a new candidate what have they done in the community? Did they just decide one morning over coffee, “I think I will run for political office.” Than I ask myself, are they a one issue candidate? We have more issues in Clayton other than public transportation. In addition, what is their campaign message? What are they claiming they will do if elected? Is it feasible? Is there money for what they want to get done? I also know a lot of our electorate wants county officials to be responsible for state and federal issues and vice versa. You must know what the position is responsible for and how have they responded when you reached out for assistance. Finally, yard signs, billboards and robo calls don’t move me. If you talk to me personally at my door or call me (without robotics) you have a better chance of getting my vote. Your mailpiece should not just be your resume. I could care less about your church affiliation. Catch phrases like, Bold Leadership, or Fighting for Families means nothing. What the hell are you going to do? If I haven’t heard from you throughout your tenure and you now want my vote==you won’t get it. Just my two cents.

Stacey Brown

June 3rd, 2010
2:09 pm

Thank you Ms. Kimberly for this blog. This is actually my first time here.
Hello to all the AJC bloggers.

How do you choose which candidate gets your vote?

Gladly to say – “Rosa Barbee”.
Last year the Legacy at Tara Apartments were condemned. I was one of those residents that was given a few minutes to collect a few of my personal items and was told to leave my home. We had No warning, No water, No food, No transportation. I saw children, and the elderly crying, it was just a terrible thing to witness. I must admit these apartments were not the best but, it was all I was able to afford at the time. I was a full time student and had a full time job as well.
Ms. Rosa Barbee was there with us for 5 days (day and night). She had brought us water and sandwiches from her home. She made some phone calls and had volunteers with trucks helping us move our items. I have never seen anyone in Clayton County in action like she was. She is a true leader. Not only did she make sure we had a place to sleep, she also made sure that our Clayton County Police Officers had food and water. She gave us all hope that everything was going to be okay. We need strong leaders who care for the people. I love you Ms. Rosa Barbee, and we all thank you and appreciate everything you need for us. We got your back!


Thank you
Miss Brown.


June 3rd, 2010
2:54 pm

Sadly, we have both white and black voters who vote by race. Smart political operators talk race because that’s what works. Even candidates with good intentions (when there are any) find themselves being drawn in, facing a choice of eitehr standing up for principles and losing votes or compromising for the sake of the good they think they can do in office. Once elected, you do need more than your own vote to get things done, so you form alliances and compromise some more.
I don’t think Clayton County has a single political *organization* with genuine good intentions–leaving aside differences on policy. Organization candidates tend to win, for a variety of reasons. The result is the political sinkhole of Clayton County.

Supporter Of Mrs. Rosa Barbee

June 3rd, 2010
3:56 pm

Mrs. Rosa Barbee is a very smart, intelligent, personable, caring, hard-working person who truly cares about people.

Hopefully, the people who say they are for Mrs. Barbee will put time and money behind her candidancy and will bring in others to support and vote for her for Commissioner of District One.

Hopefully Mrs. Barbee is working very hard and tirelessly in her quest to be the next Commissioner of District One because she is running against an incumbent who has the support of many powerful and influential people in Clayton County with deep pockets who will work very hard and will contribute their monies as well as their time and energies to ensure that the incumbent Commissioner of District One will be reelected come July 2010.


June 3rd, 2010
4:02 pm

Most voters do not realize their local elected officials impact their daily lives moreso than a national election. 80% of Clayton registered voters turned out for 2008 presidential election. We barely get 60% of voters to turn out for general elections and less than 30% for primaries. We must do better. Research the candidates and Vote as if your life depended on it.


June 3rd, 2010
4:06 pm

What does restore “promise and prosperity” mean? Are you promising to make me prosperous? Are you promising to leave a pot of gold at my door step? Please no more catch phrases. What are you going to do?


June 3rd, 2010
4:55 pm

Joyce Baul is my choice for Commissioner in District 1.We need a new and proactive leader in clayton county.

Sgt Rock

June 3rd, 2010
6:00 pm

I do intense research into each candidate. I look for integrity and character judged not only by the individual but those with whom the candidates keep company (this tells a lot about an individual’s character that sometimes isn’t obvious).

Scrutiny demands an overall look to include:
1. National criminal search (including county, state and federal courts)
2. National civil suit search (including county, state and federal courts)
3. Personal finances (as filed by the candidate; what makes me think that if a candidate can’t manage their own finances, they are competent to create a multi-million dollar budget through which to tax me).
4. Campaign finances (as filed by the candidate)
5. Investigation of contributors and those offering services to campaigns in lieu of cash.
6. Lexus-Nexus search
7. News Articles, both broadcast and print
8. Tax records (to ensure they are a resident and not delinquent on taxes).
9. Affiliations with Affinity Groups (this shows character in the company they keep).
10. Voting records of incumbents versus campaign pledges.
11. Ability to specifically articulate fact versus fiction. (Generic open-ended statements are a turn off if the candidate can’t recite specifics).
12. Education to include accreditation of academic institution.
13. Business affiliations and positions (to know any potential conflict of interest either real or perceived).
14. Temperament (usually evidenced through items #1 and 2)
15. Ability to comply with Clayton County Signage Code as stated in the Clayton County Code Article 8, Section 8-4 and 8-6 (if a candidate or campaign can’t comply with basic law and code what makes me think they will be ethical in office when greater issues arise (Peter Principle))

These are but a few of the barometers I use to guage a candidate. The process doesn’t stop at the ballot box however. I monitor elected officials throughout their tenure in office (and not in the negative sense). When I support a candidate, I will offer assistance whenever I can to assist in their success because that means success in the County which is what is desparately needed.

finally, regardless of political affiliation, personal philosphy and beckground, please register and vote. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to register and vote. Voting is one of the most precious things we have as Citizens of this great country and to take it for granted is naive. Precious as it is, we are duty bound to educate ourselves as to how we will cast that vote. It is appalling to know that in Clayton County, about 12% of the population decieds the election while elsewhere in the world (and in our own recent American history) people died to be able to vote.

Time, effort, self-education (don’t trust what others tell you, KNOW for yourself) will pay-off in quality officials being elected / re-elected.

Why The Truth

June 4th, 2010
12:48 am

I can’t believe Clayton loss it’s accreditation for ladies either firing a coach, eating dinner with JT or a lady eating two orders of ribs and cheesecake at an ATL national convention; Dekalb stole over millions of dollars! Get your votes ready! Clayton, you’ve been “DUPED”!


June 4th, 2010
8:43 am

Responding to the post by “The Answer for Clayton County” who is actually District 34 Candidate, Travis Spruill…

I am definitely interested in finding good candidates for CC (We need all the help we can get) to vote for, so I went to the candidates website. There I found a some background and a little blurb about “Restoring the Promise and Prosperity” in District 34. However, I didn’t find any of his positions on a lot of issues that are important to us here in CC, such as bringing jobs into the county, economic development, section 8, crime, etc. Since they weren’t on his website, I formulated a list of these issues and emailed them to him so I could understand if he had sustainable plan to actually help the county, or if he was just giving us normal flowery verbiage.

This is the response back that I received from Mr. Spruill:

“I appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns with me, and I assure you that I am just as passionate about restoring the ‘image and reputation’ of Clayton County as you are. Most importantly, its CC residents like you that we need on our volunteer team to ensure that other residents are aware of the issues and that they show up to the polls on July 20th. Please be sure to sign-up to volunteer with our campaign at or call 770-325-0135 for more information. I look forward to working with you to ‘Restore Promise and Prosperity’ to District 34.”

Once again a politician has shown their inability or unwillingness to address issues that directly affect their constituency. Someone said it in an earlier post that if a politician doesn’t answer you now before they are elected, how can we hope to get an answer after they are elected? I truly believe that CC residents will rally around a person with an effective agenda to help our county out. I will continue to look for candidates that have a plan to help this county out. This one doesn’t get my vote…

Clayton Parent

June 4th, 2010
8:58 am

Clayton lost accreditation because the last board put themselves ahead of the system, the children and the county. Wanna know the main difference between Clayton & Dekalb? The accused were removed from the system and charges were filed and in clayton those last four women had to be dragged out kicking & screaming. Talk about being duped lets hope those who live in Sandra Scott’s area won’t be duped into voting for her again, she’s the same now as she was then, just a couple years older is all. Thank God the other three moved on with their lives & aren’t wasting voter time.

Thanks Daryl for sharing that’s what truly concerned residents need to share to keep users and losers out of office. Our current elected officials are far from perfect but definitely better than what we had. Keep anyone with the last name Scott out of office! Somebody should put up a billboard and signs saying that maybe the uneducated will pay attention then.


June 4th, 2010
9:07 am

Why The Truth

You are totally lost. Are you for real? You are a voter?

Tell the Truth

June 4th, 2010
9:46 am

Why the Truth…Tell the Truth

WHEREAS: On June 23, 2008, and pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 45-10-4, Dyane Simmons, George E. Glaze, George T. Brown, Albert B. Wallace and G. Robert Oliver (collectively “Petitioners”) filed charges with my office against Clayton County Board of Education members Michelle Strong, Lois Baines-Hunter, Sandra Scott, Yolanda Everett, Norreese Haynes, W. Rod Johnson and David Ashe (collectively “Respondents”); and

WHEREAS: The charges alleged that Respondents violated the State Code of Ethics, specifically: (1) the obligation to uphold the laws of the State of Georgia, O.C.G.A. § 45-10-3 (1); and (2) the obligation to “never engage in conduct that is unbecoming to a member or which constitutes a breach of the public trust,” O.C.G.A. § 45-10-3(8); and

WHEREAS: I determined that the charges levied against the Respondents raised sufficient, specific allegations that warranted review pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 45-10-4, and I appointed the Georgia Office of State Administrative Hearings to serve as my designated agent to “conduct a hearing for the purpose of receiving evidence relative to the merits of [the] charges;” and

WHEREAS: Administrative Law Judge Michael M. Malihi recommended on August 12, 2008 that Respondent W. Rod Johnson be removed based on Mr. Johnson’s “wish to resign rather than participate in the evidentiary hearing;” and

WHEREAS: Judge Malihi recommended on August 13, 2008 that Respondent Norreese Haynes be removed for failing to appear at the hearing; and

WHEREAS: Judge Malihi recognized that David Ashe was “also dismissed as a named Respondent because he had already effectively resigned from the Board at the time the hearing commenced;” and

WHEREAS: Judge Malihi presided over an extensive hearing and concluded that the Respondents Scott, Baines-Hunter, Strong and Everett each committed ethical violations prohibited by O.C.G.A. §§ 45-10-3(1) and 45-10-3(8); and

WHEREAS: I have reviewed Judge Malihi’s orders and determined that the charges are true.


ORDERED: Respondents Michelle Strong, Lois Baines-Hunter, Sandra Scott, Yolanda Everett, Norreese Haynes, and W. Rod Johnson be removed from office, and that the vacancies thereby created be filled as provided by law.

This 28th day of August, 2008.


Why the truth…if you have factual evidence that contradicts evidence presented to the Courts specifically O.C.G.A. § 45-10-3, O.C.G.A. § 45-10-3(8), O.C.G.A. § 45-10-4, O.C.G.A. §§ 45-10-3(1)and 45-10-3(8) I would suggest you turn it over to the State Attorney Generals Office.

These charges are a matter of public record. Odd how your allegations aren’t but then again, just consider the source.,2668,78006749_119047978_120961335,00.html

Clayton Parent

June 4th, 2010
1:45 pm

Damn, the truth hurts don’t it.


June 4th, 2010
1:47 pm

It is very sad that the information and web link provided by the blogger Tell The Truth is true indeed.

Clayton County is a county that has been virtually destroyed from the inside out by its past and now its present group of elected officals from the past members of the Clayton County Board Of Commissioners, the Clayton County School Board Of Education, the Clayton County State Senators and House Of Representatives members to the present members who hold elected office now (with the exception of the present Clayton County School Board Of Education members who have no choice but to do the right thing and make the right decisions for the citizens of Clayton County because of state oversight and the removal of the school system’s accreditation which was provisionally reinstated).

Clayton County is a county that is right now at the writing of this blog a county that is overpopulated with a majority of people who are of low socioeconomic means mainly from the closed down housing projects of Atlanta, Georgia, full of illegal immigrants who mostly live behind the numerous mobile home trailor and mobile home parks behing the run-down third-rate businesses on Tara Boulevard which include the numerous check cashing places, beauty shop places, automobile car rental places, run-down dirty and dilapatated apartment homes with the dirty overgrown grass and unkempt landscaping, dollar and low-end retail stores, cell phone stores, etc.

Clayton County has taken on the look of the people that now are the majority population in the county and the low end retail stores that now glut the county serve the majority population.

It was Clayton County past elected officials that made the zoning decisions years ago that allowed the virtual destruction of Clayton County to take place.

It is the inaction of Clayton County present elected officals that not only allow the continuation of the destruction of Clayton County to continue, but due to their inaction, no real reserval is occuring.

Not even the election that will occur in July 2010 for Clayton County Board Of Commissioners District One and District Four Seats, the two Clayton County State Senators’ Seats and the Clayton County State House Of Representatives Seats will reverse, change for the better, and end the downward spiral of Clayton County.

Not even the upcoming elections in the summer of 2012 will cause the eventual turnaround of Clayton County for the better.

The only events that can truly turn Clayton County around is the removal of the majority population of Section 8 renters and the return of families and people of middle-to-high socioeconomic means, the closing up and tearing down of all of the run down trailor and mobile home parks and low end retail and “bootleg” businesses that line Tara Boulevard and replacing them with new, modern, upscale businesses, and the thinning down of the overpopulated numbers of people in Clayton County.

Whether by design or by accident, Clayton County Past Elected Officials (namely the past Clayton County Board Of Commissioners) made these zoning decisions many years ago that set in motion the major problems that we have in Clayton County today.

Clayton County is beyond help, beyond saving, and unfortunately will not experience a turnaround for the better and be on an upward trajectory and move no time soon in the foreseeable future.

It is now a foregone conclusion that Clayton County will never be the county that it used to be and is presently now a county that is home for the displaced Section 8 Population of Atlanta, Georgia, home for the people who are renters only, home for the people who are transcient, home for the illegal immigrants, home for the criminally minded youths, young adults, and teen-agers and is no longer home for families and people who are looking for a better place to live, work, and raise their families.

Melody Davis

June 4th, 2010
3:55 pm

Rosa Barbee is my choice for Commissioner. She has diligently worked with Bob Hartley, Brookwood HOA, and concerned citizens across Dist. 1. She is genuine and passionate. I wonder if she has the inner strenght to withstand Clayton County politics? Rosa, get you web site up!


June 4th, 2010
4:57 pm

Looks like Daddy Lee Scott has decided to save some money on the campaign for commissioner. The signs only say “Vote Scott for commissioner” IF the fools of this county vote Scott on the Dem or the Repub ticket, Lee Scott will be the new commisioner for that district. You know his wife will do as she is told to do (just as she did as DA) – and drop out of the commish race. We know bully Lee runs that house – without a doubt.

Thorn from past

June 4th, 2010
6:15 pm

You listen to the words of the candidates – their supporters and their past deeds.

Sheriff Hill – AJC quote “You hear about Hill working the streets for votes, but just try to find him. This past week, not even his campaign manager was much help.” unquote. —— Seems that Lil Vic is as hard to find as he was those last 6 months he was in Sheriff office. FACT -The county lost a $7 million lawsuit over Hill’s firing of the 27 deputies.

Lee Scott – AJC quote “When a reporter asked Lee Scott if he, or his wife, would drop off the ticket if Jewel Scott wins the Democratic nomination, he said: “I don’t know. I can’t predict the futue.”unquote. ———- Well, I can – if the two win their respective political race, Jewel – the ever obedient island wife will do as she is told and drop out. It is all about her husband’s EGO.

Lee Scott – AJC quote “Lee Scott, who is black and the only Republican” running for the District 4 County Commission seat, said the reason he is running is because Clayton is a majority-black county and “people want people who look like them to represent them.” He added later: “Don’t call me a race-baiter.” unquote. ———- I do not know – but if it looks like a duck,sounds like a duck – it is a duck. Do not call him a race-baiter? – well how about egotistical, bully, self-important, run-over-anybody-in-his-way racist. People will not forget your threats to both blacks and whites that disagree with you. Heaven help us if you become county commisioner. There is still a case in Federal court against Jewel Scott and Lee Scott. Hey Lee – when are you gonna stop using that 25 year old picture for your campaign – are you ashamed to let the people see you as you are. They all saw you on the TV – during the Freaknik brouhaha you almost brought to Tara Blvd. Be honest for once. Lee Scott running as a Republican – Does he really think black people are that stupid. I know he hates white Southerners, but does he hate black southerners too.

Jewel Scott – AJC quote “What the county needs is “accountability,” said Jewel Scott, who explained she decided to run for office again because she couldn’t bear to sit on the sidelines and watch Clayton be ill-governed.” unquote. ————– I guess Jewel wants to do the ill-governing herself – like when she was in office. With a young murderer going free because of her incompetent staff, her bullying of a employee over a flag – that led to his suicide, 2 years of backed-up cases, her record as never prosecuting a case – either before, during, or after her tenure as DA, the rumours of leniency for her husbands friends and harrassing her husbands enemies, and her insistense that she would not put any more innocent young black men in jail as a campaign promise. Yeah Jewel – we rreeaally need you back.

Kein Thomas – AJC quote “Kevin Thomas, chairman of the Clayton County Democratic Party, said the election is “interesting” because it has young and old Democratic candidates on the ballot, and if they win, that could help return Georgia to a “blue” Democratic majority.” unquote. ————— Please Kevin – some of these Democrats in the field for the various open offices in our county – do not deserve to be there. Please do not support them – just because they are Democrat and black. This county deserves good individuals, they are there and they are Democrat and they are black. Just a few, as mentioned above are nothing but poison for our county.

Be informed and vote for the good of our county. We did it before and can do it again. Lets keep moving forward. Good day and God Bless.

Too Too Much Truth

June 4th, 2010
6:19 pm

Tell the Truth, you republicans can trump up any charges you want, and make them official. Money buys that for you. However, if there were “actual ethics violations” why not persecute using the state agency designated for that purpose, the “State Ethics Commission”. Fact is the “State Ethics Commission” hasn’t persecuted anyone in years. Tell the Truth, you know yourself if any one of those mentioned in your so-called official rant were ever truly guilty of ethics violations they “would have been” persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You know that! Makes you kinda wonder doesn’t it. The administrative hearing was a kangaroo court; kinda like a 1920’s lynching. I bet you Dekalb won’t have one. Now, I see it was the four citizens that ultimately had accreditation taken! Umm, I wonder what color were they? We, section 8 and poor folks know that! We, see that! I know, Tell the Truth open your eyes!

Truth Seeker

June 4th, 2010
6:32 pm

People like Clayton Parent and truth Teller are still drinking media/quasigovernmental concocted propaganda Kool-Aid, even after two years! They’re so drunk he can’t even see the truth. Even in light of Cobb county school board 57 illegal meeting, Dekalb county unethical bid rigging of millions of dollars on contracts and all the statewide CRCT cheating and your county These clowns was the only one to loss accreditation. I put the county’s condition squarely on your shoulders. You sold accreditation to Sonny for school reform legislation. The other counties didn’t do it; no matter how bad you’re BOE was or is! Stop drinking that mis-informational Kool-aid you’re drinking and sober up. Everyone else, like the majority has! Facts are Facts.


June 4th, 2010
9:05 pm

Some of these conspiracy freaks here make a good case for literacy testing, before being allowed to vote.

Brick House in FP

June 4th, 2010
9:22 pm

Brick House’s Guide To Picking Candidates

I do my research of each candidate by looking into to my mirror . I look for missing hair and winkles and I don’t judged the way I look to others but only by the those with the candidates keep their money between their mattress (this might tell me a few things about an individual’s deodorant that is already is not known).

Criticism demands a closer look to sometimes:
1. Wanted Posters search (including county, state and federal courts)
2. Lawsuit Inquiry (including the street that they live
3. Personal Cash that they have on hand (has recorded by the the friends of the candidate; what makes I think don’t matter too much that if our candidate can’t gamble their own cash, how in the world that they are trusted to a create a empire from a measly dollar credit allowance through my own tax monies).
4. Campaign Costs (as submitted by the friends of the candidate)
5. I always do my research into the donations and those bargaining services to campaigns in return for cash, like lawn care and free meals.
6. Do a google search
7. Newspaper Clippings, rumors on the Internet
8. Driver License Records (to see if they are non illegal residents and not tardy on their getting their food stamps).
9. The Membership in certain groups (this will show you more about their character flaws in the gangs they hang around).
10. Their voting stats of incumbents campaign donations.
11. Their ability to distinguish to separate fact from fiction. (Whatever closed minded idiot -open ended opinionated quotes are a turn on when the candidate can’t recite poetry).
12. Formal Education to does include match book covers of unaccredation schools.
13. Business Buddies and Phony Postions (to know my potential conflict just see my profile).
14. Temporary (usually see throw out numbers #1 and 2)
15. Disability to conform to Clayton County Sign age Codes as it found in our the Clayton County Codes Article 8, Section 8-4 and 8-6 (if a certain candidate with campaign friends can’t conform to our law and our codes what don’t my ears hurts so much, I think its the noise from the low flying aircraft from the Airport(Peter Pan ?))

This is my yardstick that I use to rate a candidate of my choice. The complicated process doesn’t stop me, at me at the meat counter however, I keep tabs on our elected officials throughout their duration in their office (and further more I’m not positive about anything to do in voting). Whenever I lend my support to a candidate, I do so at my own beneifit , offering free lunches whenever I can afford it to assist in my own meal ticket will greatly guarantee me success because that means my own success in this County which is what is I desperately need.

Last but lately, I really don’t about a person’s political group, their opinion and origin, please do yourself a favor learn how to vote. How you vote is done of my business and neither are your family members, your friends at work and your neighbors to just learn how to vote and do it.

Laziness, using little effort, self-learning (I really don’t trust what others tell me, Don’t KNOW for yourself, ask for help if you don’t know) This payoff will having officials being elected and re-elected again, again.

If that don’t work, I always reach in my pocket, pull out my lucky silver dollar, and toss it in the air just like Dave Clark suggested.

Brick House; Over & Out

Big Papi

June 5th, 2010
5:44 am

Well stated Sgt Rock. Another good way to discern good candidates is to vote for whoever the pimps in the pulpit DO NOT endorse. They are harlots who will SELL their endorsement for 30 pieces of silver. Anyone who votes for a candidate based solely on their pastor’s say so is too dumb to vote.