Options for C-Tran riders: GRTA and Xpress

C-Tran riders who prefer to let someone else do the driving should consider the Xpress bus, which currently operates three routes in Clayton: #440 (Tara Blvd. to Atlanta), #441 (Jonesboro to Midtown Atlanta) and #442 (Riverdale to Downtown Atlanta).

Pending FTA approval, three new Xpress routes will be added at: the new Jonesboro Park & Ride Station on Tara Boulevard; the Riverdale Park & Ride Station; and at a new stop to be determined in Morrow. Weekday morning and evening peak service from Riverdale and Jonesboro will be provided at 15-minute intervals, and from Morrow at 30 minute intervals, so the new routes will run more often than Clayton’s existing routes.

Worried what would happen if you had to leave early in an emergency? If you ride a regular Xpress route, the Guaranteed Ride Home program provides up to five FREE rides to your vehicle yearly. I’ve used this service, was taken to my car via cab in less than an hour and it cost me nothing but time to fill out some paperwork afterwards explaining why I needed the service.

Riding Xpress will also qualify you for the Clean Air Campaign’s Commuter Rewards Program, where several $25 gift cards are won monthly just for using clean commuting options regularly.

Yes, Xpress will cost more than C-Tran, and nobody wants to pay more for anything. But the reality is we all are paying more, regardless of how one chooses to commute.

Fares for the new routes are: $3 one-way and $5 round-trip;  20 rides for $45, 40 rides for $85, and 31-day unlimited ride passes are $80. Riders can conveniently buy bus passes online, as well as at MARTA station Breeze machines or the GRTA offices in Peachtree Center. Xpress also provides a free transfer to MARTA and can accommodate up to two wheelchair passengers on its coaches.

Unfortunately this alternative does nothing to assist the needs of paratransit and elderly riders, so hopefully a solution will be worked out on their behalf soon.

Will you give the Xpress bus a try?

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This deal is a temporary fix to keep bus service running for those who need it. “The federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funds that we will be using in part to operate these new routes will expire three years after each route begins service,” says GRTA’s Director of Communications William Mecke. “We will have to find a different source of operating funding when those funds expire.”  At the last meeting, our BOC approved Resolution 2010-61 requesting that legislators introduce legislation at this year’s Georgia General Assembly to find ways to fully fund C-Tran in the future.

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February 22nd, 2010
10:38 am

If we want to improve transportation in our county we’ve got to ensure that more emphasis is put on rail service. The state will have to take the lead on this because we’ve been fooled once before and won’t be fooled twice. Transportation services should be regionally based. When a few counties foot the bill and the rest enjoy the benefits without the burden it’s not fair. I hope the general assembly doesn’t find the money to fund C-Tran and instead funds metro-wide rail service. This might at least create pockets of growth and minimize the impact of sprawl.


February 22nd, 2010
3:43 pm

Congrats Clayton County! You finally got rid of all of us undesirables who shop, work and live in your county. Must be nice that everyone in your county has enough income to have to have a car. And people all around the country think the south is backwards, go figure.


February 22nd, 2010
3:58 pm

Oh and before I get flamed, I am white with red hair and freckles. So no race comments, thank you.


February 22nd, 2010
4:25 pm

C-TRAN was never properly funded and should have never been put in service. The MAJORITY of the riders are not homeowners who pay property taxes. I look forward to the mass exodus of bus riders and increasing property values. Light rail and Xpress buses are the way to go in the future.


February 22nd, 2010
4:27 pm

FYI – if your post contains a racial remark(s) it may get through temporarily, but will be removed ASAP so don’t waste your time or ours please. Thanks!


February 22nd, 2010
5:33 pm

I don’t like the buses either when I see them they are empty or they have about three people on them and it’s a waste of money.


February 22nd, 2010
7:28 pm

One thing that has been mentioned only briefly are the alternatives to C-Tran. My own unscientific research indicates that Clayton County residents are the least active of all the metro counties. A review of the Atlanta Track Club results for area foot races includes very few residents from Clayton County. So, the alternative to bus service is to walk, run, ride a bike, have a family member or friend drive you, carpool or take a cab. All of these alternatives will be better for the environment, your health and the county’s bottom line.


February 22nd, 2010
10:42 pm

I see nothing wrong with this option. There is still mass transit that provides a service to Atlanta if that is where you happen to work. For those that do not work in Atlanta where you can get there via a Marta connection if required, then they must find an alternative method.

I agree with the Board in this case, either come up with the funds to pay for C-tran, cut the service all together or come up with a temporary fix that will still help some of Clayton County residents. They compromised and picked to use the Xpress bus which will not cost the county as much as C-tran did.


February 23rd, 2010
2:34 am

How about, everybody that has a car, move


February 23rd, 2010
7:59 am

I for one am glad that C-Tran is going away…I just don’t see why anyone would think it was beneficial for our county. I expect to see an almost instant improvement in the Quality of Life in Clayton County as a result. I also think the X-Press service is a much better idea, especially in the way that it is funded. Light rail would be nice as well. The bottom line is that there was so many more positive means of spending Clayton’s dollars (we need so much!) than sinking it into the C-Tran money pit…


February 23rd, 2010
10:27 am

I have mixed feelings about this issue…I just recently moved to Fayetteville after virtually living all my life in Jonesboro & Morrow. To be sure, I really only did it for my children as Fayette has much better schools. Honestly I think Clayton County has so much potential if they can just get it together. I am sorry to see C-Tran go as buses can be a great tool for success in a community if done right. Clayton County just has to figure it out, like a lot of other stuff they are falling short on…Right now, Fayette does not have buses, and I miss that service, because sometimes I just don’t like to put all the wear and tear on my car for short trips. On the other hand, you can just tell the climate difference between Clayton & Fayette…I thought I would really miss where I grew up at, but I don’t. Not sure if that is because of the lack of public transportation here in Fayette, I just think it’s an overall more positive feel. I don’t know how to explain what it is, but I know I feel better here about my community and my kids overall well-being. I think it is a shame that we have two counties sitting right next to each other that have such different outcomes. Something needs to be done. I really wish I knew what I could do to help.

Clayton Resident

February 23rd, 2010
4:02 pm

if the poll is any indicattion looks like xpress will be a bust in Clayco.


February 23rd, 2010
4:27 pm

C tran was a failure because its routes were not convenient. If people have to drive a mile or more they will just keep on driving. DC, San Diego, Denver, Chicago San Francisco and just about any Large city with vision knows that for public transportation to be a success it must make it easier for the riders to ride it. That means routes that connect multiple places. stops no further than half a mile apart (and that is stretching it) frequency of buses along the route. Marta and Ctran were not smarter they cut routes, stops were non-existent or too far for people to get to. And if there was a large ridership they would cut the route. Poor management practices.

What's going on?

February 23rd, 2010
7:39 pm

At least bus riders got the express bus, my old aunt who lives in Clayton has no way to get around now nothing. She can afford a car but not a DRIVER to drive it! If I lived there I wouldn’t give the express bus a penny . Changing around the buses won’t change anything there.

Cinnabon Says Today

February 23rd, 2010
8:20 pm

Hmm, where is all that transportation $$$$……?


February 23rd, 2010
9:26 pm

Kim Is it a racial comment – just cause a blogger is criticizing someone who happens to be black? Even tho the comments are on their actions not their race. Why are comments criticizing local political figures routinely removed?


February 23rd, 2010
10:25 pm

Dontrelle, I know exactly how you feel. I too have moved to a new county and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. It’s like a whole new vibe – a positive vibe.

Clayton County had a vibe of “downtrodden” & “hopelnessness” – now I feel a sense of hope, energy & vibrancy.

Clayton County was once a great place to be, I pray and hope that one day it will be again.


February 23rd, 2010
10:32 pm

It’s a shame what some people have done to the reputation of public transportation.

I took MARTA in the early 80’s – at that time, most people riding public transportation were working people — people who had a goal in life. The buses & trains were clean and orderly.

Now, some bus routes have become an absolute mess. Loud talking on cell phones, hearing conversations you would rather not, people arguing with other, etc. — it really is sad.

I had always been an advocate for public transportation, however with “some” of the behavior on the buses & trains today, I can understand why some people do not want it in their communities.


February 24th, 2010
8:52 am

BnB: re: racial comments – that depends on the comment and I think we all understand that and know the difference. Some know it so well that a post or 2 have gotten by because the wording was subtle.

As far as routinely removing comments criticizing political figures, that also depends on the comment. The recent posts re: three of the commissioners and Wade Starr were unsubstantiated hearsay/gossip, which was eventually retracted by whoever initially put it out there. For the record, all comments about local political figures have not been removed, and anyone who reads posts can see that.

This blog is going to follow Kyle Wingfield’s lead, his post nicely sums up the rules for this blog, as well as this post on AJC contributor guidelines if you need any more information. Hopefully this will make posting here enjoyable for everyone.

As always thanks to those who contribute to this blog.

Jimmy (Conservative Brother)

February 24th, 2010
10:04 am

C-Tran is a prime example of what happens when we depend on government to provide subsidized options for some at the expense of others. There are some who are now dependent on those options for an existence. I know it may sound cruel; but there is no excuse to keep something that can not pay for itself. Some have talked of their older relatives or being elderly and needing that option. Whatever happened to family taking care of family.
I have a mother who is in her late sixties and she has aunts and uncles who are in their early and late eighties and none of them have depended upon C-Tran to get around. They depend on family. They can pick up the phone and call a family member to take them anywhere they want to go. We do it out of love and respect for each other. It was long thought in this country that it was not the place of government to be benevolent with the peoples money. We need to get back to that and maybe we could get back some of the family values that made this country what it was then.


February 24th, 2010
10:42 am

As a current resident of ClayCo I have to agree with Cheryl and Dontrelle. There is a feeling of being downtrodden and hopelessness. It really shouldn’t take so much effort for residents to live in a nice community. I hope that recent changes will allow us to return to some form of normalcy. Maybe this is the bottom. That’s about as positive as I can get! By the way, I don’t care that your elderly aunt can’t get around.


February 24th, 2010
11:05 am

The main problem people have with C-Tran leaving is the self entitlement they have these days. More and more people everyday think our government should support just about every aspect of their lives. How about taking care of yourself and quit depending on taxpayers to do it. If you are worried about getting to work, be responsible and save for a car and get that stupid $200 mth cell phone bill cut off. The answer here is less government control, not more.

Clayton resident

February 24th, 2010
11:33 am

Agreeing with Waterboy on entitlement and I really hate that word but it applied in this case. At the commission meeting last week and other times some said having Ctran was a right, no form of public transportation is a right no matter where its at. Losing Ctran is messed up for those riders but if it will help make this county better finanacially and in the type of people that live here then I support it going. The express bus is much nicer anyway!

Clayton resident

February 24th, 2010
11:36 am

and Ctran riders didn’t even want the fare to go up but wanted the bus to keep rolling? come on now unrealistic.

Special Election in City of Morrow

February 24th, 2010
11:46 am

Citizens of Morrow can vote for a new council member to fill a vacated seat on Tuesday, March 16, 2010. There are three candidates in the race. There has not been a council contested race in 5 years. The election is open to all the citizens of the City of Morrow.


February 24th, 2010
2:24 pm

A lot of people on this blog has made some valid arguments on why C-tran was stopped. Not enough funding from the county, riders not willing to pay the increased cost to maintain the service, not relying on a form of subsidy to get you to and from any given location, etc. I understand that this will affect many people and may cause a hardship for some. However, I am in agreement with our new Superintendent when you told the CCSB that because of the shortfall in the budget, they will have to make TOUGH decisions that will be unpopular and not wanted.

When times were good, maybe we could afford to provide this service. Maybe if the medium property values for the county wasn’t so low then we would have a higher tax base. Maybe if the homeowners didn’t flee this county for other counties and then decided to rent out there home here to the first person that was able to write them a check, we wouldn’t have this unbalance in Clayton County. Maybe if we had more “homeowners” than renters then we would see more people caring about their community.

This is just a few questions of many of what I believe is how we got into this situation. I’ve lived in the county for 16 years and I have no plans on moving anytime soon and yes I can afford to move if I want to without a problem. For those of us who is willing to tough it out, let’s take back this county one neighborhood at a time.


February 24th, 2010
2:42 pm

As a 25-year Clayton resident, I will also be here forever. There are problems everywhere, and we must work together to solve them.

If Clayton homeowners band together and demand the state and county procede with light rail, we will be booming again. It’s a shame that our state government is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for this purpose and little is happening. Florida and North Carolina are going to become the financial leaders in the South if Georgia doesn’t get on the train (pun intended).


February 24th, 2010
3:09 pm

Thanks, Kimberly, for explaining the guidelines for this blog. We can all agree to be civil even in disagreement. There is one Clayton blog, run by a regular contributor here. He prevents you from posting if you don’t say what he wants to hear, which makes that whole blog a joke. I’m glad Clayton has Clayton.Talk.

Mojo Mist

February 24th, 2010
3:47 pm

Cheryl and Dontrelle are correct. We made the decision to leave this county a few months ago. By far the best decision we could have made after waiting several years for it to turn around doing as much as we could do to help. I don’t see it happening but hope it does. It was a great place to live and raise a family at one time and has provided some great memories. Good luck to ya’ll. You’ll need it.


February 24th, 2010
4:39 pm

I just wanted to add to my previous comment.

I want all who are choosing to remain in Clayton County to know that I am prayerful that it will one day be a great place to live — because it’s “people” that make any community – and I know that Clayton has some wonderful people.

I lived in Clayton for 25 years. I had a home off of Bethasaida Road. It was a beautiful 3 bedroom brick ranch – I enjoyed living in my home and I had wonderful neighbors. However, that all came to end about 5 years ago when neighbors on each side of me moved.

Both homes were purchased by investors and they in turn rented the homes out. I went from having some really great neighbors to some really bad ones. Loud music all hours of the day, unkept grass and dogs running loose. My final decision to move came when I came home from work and could not go into my own home because a pit bull was on my porch. He belonged to the neighbor next door – when I asked him to get his dog (the neighbor was standing on his porch) he gave me the finger. I had to call the police in order to get into my own home. I had other incidents but this particular one had happened one time too many.

I just wanted to explain that my decision to move did not come overnight — it takes a lot to walk away from 25 years of your life.

As I said before, I wish all those in Clayton County the best.


February 24th, 2010
6:22 pm


Phase I – Remove C-Tran

Phase II – Make Section 8 rentals a rarity in Clayton County

Phase III – Clean up our communities and neighborhoods

Phase IV – Raise property values (Yes that means higher taxes)

Phase V – Attract industry & middle class families to set-up roots.


Nuthin but da truf

February 24th, 2010
11:13 pm

Cheryl is on point. That’s the problem in my neighborhood – too many renters, not enough homeowners.

Clayton County will never prosper when we have over 65% of residents being renters. These people don’t take care of their residences, don’t vote, don’t watch their kids, don’t clean-up after themselves, and don’t care.

Basically trash in, trash out.


February 25th, 2010
2:54 am

Clayton County will have to come up with more incentives, to lure residents and businesses to our county, to assure that they will benefit from their initial and long term investment.

It’s a sad fact this county needs a major overall, with plenty of opportunities for repairs, maintenance, and improvements on existing structures, but the area is a prime location for Reconstruction.

In time, we can see more revenue from businesses with more residents, without the need for raising taxes; but it will take a lot of hard work on our part by raising our own standards in this county.

Moot Point

February 25th, 2010
9:59 am

Clayton County will continue to regress for another ten years before any recovery can begin. The tax digest simply cant support any recovery sooner. The national housing market, job market, progressive lawmakers will all have to align perfectly for this to happen. So it will get worse before it gets better.

John The Revelator

February 25th, 2010
10:59 am

C-tran loses 8 mill a year, C-tran riders did not want a fare hike, and Home Owners who pay property taxes said ENOUGH! That being the case C-tran was doomed. I am truly sorry for those who are disabled and handicap who depend on C-tran, but the truth is it should have never been in the county in the first place. With C-tran gone the county is making a step in the right direction. The next thing we need to do is tear down some of the apartment complexes, limit section 8 housing.

If we the county can go back to being a county and community of HOME OWNERS, not just a county of renters and people in transit then things will turn around. The next thing we do have to do is really,really limit the number of section 8 housing.

i like to watch

February 25th, 2010
11:18 am

whats going on…..maybe its time time for auntie to go into a home.


February 25th, 2010
11:56 am

The leadership of Clayton County has to change before any real “change” can happen.

Just like Haiti, until corrupt leadership is removed, it doesn’t matter how much money a community receives, it comes down to who the leaders are — and if the leadership and “mindset” of the people do not change, then history will surely repeat itself.

Just like in Clayton County, the cycle of this recent political corruption must stop in order for the county to move ahead.


February 25th, 2010
12:14 pm

@ John the Revelator — you are on point in regards to limiting Section 8. I know of a community that began this type of initative about a year ago, and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made.

The community is slowly coming back to life.


February 25th, 2010
12:53 pm

What options are available to limit Section 8 housing in ClayCo? Especially since Equal Housing Opportunity must to be afforded to all and Clayton Co. has the least expensive housing in the metro area.

1) Raise property taxes on properties that are not occupied by the owner. The county already has a mechanism for this, Homestead Exemption. You can bet that the investors that have recently purchased properties are going to try to reduce there property taxes to reflect the new lower values they have helped create.

2) Much like a condo association may have, is it possible that the BOC can put a limit on the number of Section 8 tenants that live in a community?

3) What about some sort of verification process? Isn’t the theory that many of these Section 8 residents are claiming to live in Fulton Co. or Dekalb Co. for the higher subsidies when they actually live in ClayCo where the subsidies go further? Aren’t these folks lying on their forms and isn’t that fraud.


February 25th, 2010
1:51 pm

bigdogears, the community I was referring to is a condo community. They updated their by-laws, wrote a letter to the HUD-Section division, notifying them that they will no longer be accepting Section 8 tenants.

In the meantime, they notified all homeowners who had Section 8 tenants, that these leases cannot be renewed – and to reinforce the message, they implemented a stiff fine.


February 25th, 2010
2:13 pm

Arlene, good for the association homeowners! However, I can foresee a situation where 1) too few residents are willing to volunteer to serve on an association’s board and 2) investors out-number residents and are able to vote down any rules that would protect the community and property values. County-wide ordinances are the best option however, than enforcement becomes an issue.


February 25th, 2010
2:39 pm

A few weeks ago, I was listening to WSB’s Perspective Radio Show, and the guest on the show was a man from “Resources for Residents & Communities (RRC). The discussion was about how RRC has helped to transform communities in the Reynoldstown/Cabbage area.

I am going to contact them for some guidance and advice about the subdivision/community I live in. My home/community is located off Highway 138 near Church Street and we have some real issues going on. The biggest being rentals, Section 8 and abandoned homes.

If anyone else is interested in contacting them the info is:

Resources for Residents & Communities
(404) 525-4130


I am happy for Dontrelle and Cheryl but I cannot afford to move. Maybe C-Tran leaving might be the stepping stone we need to get our community back on track.

Next Generation

February 25th, 2010
7:30 pm

We have people on this blog bragging about leaving the county, we have folks who can’t afford to leave crying. Then, there’s some who talk in racial terms, in code word as in the majority of “Section 8″ recipents in this county. Now, let’s flash back to reality! As long as Atlanta is the so-called “Black Mecca” and Hip- hop capital of the world for many blacks and minorities places like Clayton county, with its close proximity the downtown ATL there will alway be this problem. Some folks on the blog talk about living here since the 1960’s. Even without section 8 and rentals times have changed. All the metro counties are experiencing the same things. However, counties have many more exclusive communities like “Lake Spivey” or better! The bottom line is crying about a bus line will do you cryer no good. You will be dead and gone before this resolve itself. Anyways, good luck in your pointless endeaver!

Distant Past

February 25th, 2010
7:46 pm

Even Delta and it’s employees was long ago that Clayton county was going to be overrun by low income people; way back when Clayton county was known as a trash dumping ground. That’s why they located in Fayette. Clayton’s residents since the 60’s obviously didn’t have any forsight.


February 25th, 2010
11:01 pm

CTran should have eliminated service to hardly used routes, added service to full routes and raised fares… that this never happened indicates the leaders aren’t leading. Not convinced? School system lost accreditation, Riverdale mayor office in termoil (previous mayor), sheriff office mess,etc. … Y’all need to vote in competent leaders! You don’t see this type of nonsense in Cobb or other affluent counties!

Yes, the more homeowners and fewer rentals the better, but until that happens all homeowners and decent renters need to band together to route out the trouble makers sending them to jail or letting them know they had better change their behavior. All good people need to rise to the occasion.


February 26th, 2010
2:35 am

I drove by several churches today. The have minivans and buses that aren’t being used 6 days out of the week.. Why not combine forces(ALL CC chirches)…and start van pools to downtown, the airport etc.

1. you will make money for your church
2. create jobs for the drivers
3. provide a needed service for those without cars.

Individuals can pool resources to purchase vans and adequate insurance to start a van pool service. In a “bad economy” sometimes u have to create your own job.


February 26th, 2010
1:39 pm

Double Action- Just curious about the location of all these “shanty shacks” that you are referring to. And we happen to have many “decent” homeowners left in this county. We just need more of them.


February 26th, 2010
1:45 pm

I think the BOC should ride out with C-Tran. Bell does not want the bus system to go, as he is thinking about those votes.

We need to get rid of all those beauty stores, package stores, car wash etc from Clayton. It’s just ridiculous. I am tired of Riverdale and Tara Blvd. looking like a dump. I am willing to sign up and do whatever it is to make this county a better place as long as those yahoos on the BOC are not re-elected. If Bell and Edmunson are re-elected, I am out of here.


February 26th, 2010
6:09 pm

Next generation, since you are posting that you think we are crybabies because we recognize the state of our county is just slightly better than Chernobyl, what pray, tell is your solution…? We offer possible solution…You simply state we are crybabies…Who is just wasting keystrokes????

old timer

February 27th, 2010
4:25 pm

City of Morrow: Do your research about the election. There is one person who is running that needs to go and two people who will try and do their best. One lady is really sharp and wouldbring new ideas!!