More budget cuts coming to CCPS

Clayton County Public Schools Superintendent Edmond Heatley recently proposed across the board budget cuts which could save $85 million by the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Among other things, the budget offers a school year shortened by five days, some jobs will be restructured and/or lose pay and benefits while others are eliminated completely, summer school programs will be restructured for high school students and eliminated for elementary and middle school students.

Some have wondered what happened to the money from SPLOST IV voted in last year. According to the ballot, those monies were earmarked for various construction projects, acquiring land, new and upgraded school buses, instructional and administrative technology improvements, etc.  CCPS also wisely turned down $14 million in federal stimulus money (The Qualified School Construction Bonds allocation), which would have put the system further into debt since that money had to be repaid.

As per the Clayton News-Daily, some new positions will be created, including “… 18 new kindergarten-teacher positions (at an anticipated annual cost of $1.14 million), and 23 in-school suspension paraprofessionals (at an estimated annual cost of $443,053).” But even if all of the proposed cuts are accepted, Heatley still forsees CCPS owning a $18.3 million budget deficit by the end of fiscal year 2012. You can view the Superintendent’s budget presentation detailing the cuts online.

Which proposed CCPS budget cut would hurt students most?

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Do you agree with the Superintendent’s proposed budget cuts? What cuts would you like to see stay, and what would you like to see go? Is anything missing?

Don’t just post your opinion on this blog! Go to the CCPS web site to offer your own budget suggestions, and let your school board representative know where you stand before the preliminary 2010-2011 budget goes in front of the BOE in March and/or they vote to adopt same in May.

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Rev BillyBob Whiskey

February 17th, 2010
10:57 pm

I rest my case. You have no ideas – just putting down those in leadership positions. not much effort there. Since you seem to be so versed in these out of the box efforts – enlighten us -we want to hear some. I have been at many meeting with Heatley where parents and citizens were present. never saw the behavior that you claim , maybe it is just you and your disdain for those in leadership. He has shown more leadership than the past 5 supers put together.

Anyone can come up with a surplus in good economic times. Even a blind squirrel can find a acorn under an oak tree. But it was those actions and behaviors of the old BOE that scared homeowners and business away from Clayton County. our home prices were going down 2 years before the present recession. Add to that the recession of the last 2 years- fewer taxes collected, fewer jobs, foreclosed homes. You wind up with deficit. and cutbacks and tax increases – just in an attempt to keep your head above water. Local and state governments by law have to balance the books – they are not the federal govt which feels it can run trillion dollar deficits until we – the US collapses. I am continually amazed at the short-sighted uninformed who are convinced their inadequate talking points will change minds.

Shannon, M.Div.

February 18th, 2010
11:52 am

1) Wow, renters don’t pay local property taxes? Isn’t it lovely that those developers and landlords, out of the goodness of their hearts, absolutely *refuse* to pass along the tax expense of their properties to their tenants. That’s a kind of generosity that we rarely see in business. What’s that? You think they probably *do* pass along the taxes? Well, so do I. To claim that “renters don’t pay property taxes” is asinine! Just because they don’t pay it directly to the county doesn’t mean they don’t foot the bill.

2) I’m horrified to hear about bus driver benefits being cut. That isn’t right. People should protest. I would far rather see administrative personnel take a 10 or 20 percent pay cut and use that to fund the bus driver benefits. Why is it that in times of need, those in power naturally turn to those with the least power and expect them to make sacrifices? It might be human nature, but it’s also morally abhorrent.

3) Those advocating that free lunches should be abolished are also morally wrong. I sincerely hope that none of you wanting to cut free lunches claim to be Christians (you obviously aren’t). If you do claim to be a Christian, may I please direct you to the New Testament? There are some relevant passages about “the least of these,” “suffer the children to come unto me,” and “blessed are the poor.” Even if you believe that the parents of those children are wicked sinners who squandered their chances at a successful life (which is ridiculous), why would you punish their children? You probably would then expect those hungry kids to perform well on standardized tests, where you’d like to tie teacher pay to their performance. Your callous cruelty nauseates me.

4) Some of you would like to be rid of the public school system altogether (along with most other government services–but not roads! Never roads! Roads are a God-given right in the Constitution, unlike that wicked, wicked mass transit that is only used by “those” people)… Well, that’s sickening, too. Everyone should have the opportunity for education. Vouchers? You want to move to for-profit education? How’s that worked out for healthcare? (Answer: we in the US spend more per capita on health care than any other country, and our health outcomes are lower).

5) Why, *why* do you not trust government–but you’re willing to sign over education, healthcare, and everything else to *corporations*? Government is at least responsible to citizens. Corporations are responsible only for making profit. They don’t exactly have a good track record of your best interests at heart! Work to make government better–because you *can* work to make government better. The more we privatize, the less we control… the less say we have in how things are done… the less power in the hands of the people. Sure, businesses would love to get their hands on those education dollars–but don’t deceive yourselves. It’s not for altruistic reasons.

Clayton Taxpayer

February 18th, 2010
12:18 pm

Well, those so called “part-time” positions that you think should be cut are bus drivers who start at 5:00 am getting those buses warmed for your little ones, to working well past 5pm to ensure that students can have remedial help. And for all those hours in between, you are “on-call” to do whatever the transportation administration deems necessary – from mandatory last minute meetings, picking up route sheets with last minute changes, etc. You can’t have another job to support yourself because CCPS says they are number 1, yet Heatley is ready to throw us up under the very buses that transport those children for the teachers to teach and the superintendent to supervise. Bus Drivers DON’T do this job for the money – it’s FOR the benefits.

fed up

February 18th, 2010
4:32 pm

Do teachers in Clayton County still have the right to a due process hearing before termination? According to information presented by reliable sources, we do not. Heatley has stated that there will be no reprimands, just immediate termination. How many lawsuits is he willing to have thrown in his face? Will Clayton County ever choose a local superintendent; someone who has a vested interest in the county. We don’t need a superintendent who only wants to show that he has the power. Napoleonic complex, I suppose.

No smoke No smack

February 18th, 2010
7:26 pm

Heatley has a habit of being condescending with parents. I do not know what meetings you were in but I know the ones we were in and it was terrible the way he responded to some parents questions and comments. Perhaps you do not know this but we elected the BOE and they hired the superintendent. All of them get paid including the BOE who receive a monthly check. They work for us not the other way around. So go ahead and lick and lap if you want to but some of us are viewing this whole scenario with eyes wide open. The mere fact that you come on this blog and banter with me tells everyone a lot about where your head is. Short-sighted, uninformed and trying to paint a picture that does not exist fits you.

Rev BillyBob Whiskey

February 18th, 2010
9:14 pm

wow – what a stinging comeback – NOT. I have been in the trenches in this county for the past 12 years, I have seen all that happened from early on in our school system. The BOE pay is meager when you understand all the information – responsibilities – decisions – BS – they must deal with everyday. And our BOE does this for about 55% of some other metro area BOEs get. You must be extremely sensitive to straight talk from Heatley – you must want Heatley to coddle you like you want him to coddle your little darlings.


February 18th, 2010
9:24 pm

CCPS is in a finanical “Dire Straits”, how can they afford to pay an independent investigation for wayward CRCT testing at those schools. It’s something sinking about all this CRCT cheating that “Directly” affect students and student acheivement, but no SACS intervention, Hmmm! Now, it’s beginning to look like Clayton got “Duped” with accreditation loss! A loss that caused the ecomonical landslide for the county. Those responsible should be ashamed! One thing “we do” know is the loss “wasn’t” because for those old final four board member! They didn’t have that kind of money or power! Hmmm, I wonder who it could have been that caused this?

jimmy (conservative brother)

February 19th, 2010
10:27 am

My two cents, What is a good environment for students? We have fallen for the lie that teacher to student ratio really matters. It does not. We have fallen for the lie that year after year we need to spend more and more money to educate our kids. We do not. The best environment for students is one free of those who do not want to learn and one where the teachers are there to teach instead of “facilitate.” Yet students who want to learn are forced to try to compete with students who are there because the school has become nothing more than a daycare for some parents and teachers are told that they are there to facilitate learning and not to teach.
It is plain and simple. The system is screwed and needs to be scrapped. The system of Public Education in this country was designed by an elitist group of people who only wanted to create “worker bees” for the elites. Is it no wonder that students who graduate with honors from the public schools in this country more often than not have to take remedial courses once they go to college. I would suggest you read any book by John Taylor Gatto on the history of the public education system in America. Then read anything you can find on John Dewey who helped establish our system of “progressive education” then see if you do not come away with a little better idea of why we are where we are today with the messed up system we have.
We do not need to waist any more money on this system. We need to use the money in a more effective manner. I will not entrust my children to a system which was designed for them to fail.


February 19th, 2010
1:47 pm

You are right but not in the way you may think. The final four were not the only reason accreditation was lost – but were a good part of it. You have to go back a few years to another group lead by Nedra Ware, Connie Kichens and the other three influenced women on the BOE 8 years ago. Acceditation loss was a culmination of years of infighting – influence peddling, micromanaging.

But you are also right about wondering why Atlanta Public Schools are not drawing the ire of SACS. Guess it would be embarrassing to bring up probation to a system that had soo many schools on the cheat list, esp. just days after their Superintendent got an award for doing such a outstanding job with the Atlanta School system. GO figure. Maybe someone should call SACS and tell them (complain) about Atlanta schools. Isn’t that how the Clayton cebacle was supposed to have got started.

crazy in clayton

February 19th, 2010
4:36 pm

I have worked in this county for over 10 yrs. and I am devastated by his new proposals. All of us at our school have talked and talked this topic to death. He’s cutting jobs that benefit children!! I help 1st graders who are on Kindergarten level everyday-I work with Kindergartners and have to daily go to a 1st grade class to get them on level. People say”Kindergarten is just play time.” Have they seen the expectations for a kindergartener? Good Luck helping children after these cuts!!! We have had our heat in our school turned down until the children and adults wear our coats all day. Our school offers 3 options for lunch EACH day, 4 milk choices, 2 fruit choices, 2 vegetables and at times -pudding( 2 flavors). How about cut the food choices?? How about a 4 day work week? Maybe cutting remediation programs that show NO improvement–including paying teachers $25. per hour and then supplying a bus ride home on top of that!! If the parents want improvement in grades maybe they should be willing to pick-up their own children!!!! Getting rid of teachers and paras is NOT the answer!!!

Concerned Taxpayer

February 19th, 2010
7:27 pm

Now that the school system has agreed to spend $400,000 for GPS systems on maintenance vehicles and buses, how about using the End of Course Test results to evalutate teacher performance? And by the way, if you want to know where the folks who drive the maintenance vans with the Clayton County Schools seal on the side are in the mornings, try the Chick-fil-A on Mt. Zion Boulevard between 8 and 8:30 a.m.

Sarah Livings

February 19th, 2010
7:34 pm

NO NO NO to cutting media secretaries! NO NO NO to eliminating second librarians and bumping other librarians too.

No smoke No smack

February 19th, 2010
9:12 pm

You just do not get it. Some day maybe.

See It Coming

February 20th, 2010
2:42 am

Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut to the bare minimum that what they deserve! First, those employees were hum about only the BOE in they’re corner. Then they allowed the plutocrats to take accreditation for nothing but money for the “fairer” of them all. Now they’re screaming about “Cuts”. Send them all to the unemployment line! However, make sure you’re “Fair and Impartial” in they’re cuts; let’s no have a black school district ran by “them folk”!

Just a thought

February 20th, 2010
9:47 am

Cutting the school week down to four days will save tons in transportation cost, school operation costs such as electricity, lunch, etc. It’s not popular because as parents, we have to find alternative ways to educate our children on the day considered. Let’s please not be transparent and argue teachers should be there to teach. Then, you would sound like the school has become an institution that provides child care services. Use the time to take your children to the library. Education must first begin at home. It should be explored.

Sick n tired

February 20th, 2010
9:58 am

Why should kindergarten parapro’s be cut so that we can have more ISS parapro’s? Just send them all the Youth Detention Center for their rehab time. Why should the tax payers have to fund thugs? Why punish the para’s. This is a very screwed up system.

fed up

February 20th, 2010
12:06 pm

Clayton County PS are in a mess!!! The BOE has hired an aloof superintendent. The children run the schools. Teachers can’t teach because of severe discipline problems, and they can’t refer them to the office. Heatley can go back to the hills of Chino Valley. The CC BOE needs to find a superintendent who is genuinely concerned about education in the public schools. Heatley’s mantra regarding “It’s all about the children” is so cliche. Maybe that is why CCPS is one step away from being taken over by the state. CCPS should be all about EDUCATION; not supporting the welfare of a bunch of future illiterate prisoners.

Brain Dead

February 20th, 2010
1:05 pm

Wow! $400,000 for GPS systems on maintenance vehicles and buses, big money spent on a parlimentarian, big money spent on a so-called “Ethics Commisson”; everything other districts don’t have. Oh, that why CCPS’s broke! Come on, man! Why not spend the money on the least of these; like I see on the billboard (the endangered Species”!

Sgt. Rock

February 20th, 2010
1:50 pm

It is interesting reading the comments addressing the potential cuts. I know it is difficult to consder cuts especially if it affects you personally BUT

Every day in private industry there are cuts and restructuring (in both good and bad times). I have, over the years, also been affected by both.

And why not the same in Public Schools? Why not create efficiences? While there is no direct correlation to “profitability” there should be cost containment at a high rate of quantifiable efficiency of services provided.

That is the reality of what is occuring now. Yes, it will affect many of you personally. It affects people in private industry every day. It’s the nature of a competitive market.

What ever your background and profession, please don’t be lulled into a mentality of entitlement to the job (and yes, I mean government job too). In this “veil of tears”, nothing is promised and all can be lost instantly. Whether you are in government or the private sector, now or at any ohter time, your job is not safe. Always keep your eyes open and KNOW what will be “your next gig”. Anything less is being naive to yourself and cruel to your family that may depend on you.

On the Edge

February 20th, 2010
3:23 pm

Heatly’s budget proposal did not include one item related to athletics. Why? Is sports more important than teaching and learning? I think not, yet not one cut from the athletic dept. We do not need a 7th gr. team and an 8th gr. team. It’s one school. It should have one team for all to participate in. Cutting out all 7th gr. teams would save money- from the coaches stipend, equipment, officials, buses, fuel, building costs…etc., etc. If he is tring make make cuts equitable for all then it should include cuts to athetics as well.

Cost Cutter

February 20th, 2010
4:31 pm

Some ideas.
Close some schools . Half the county left with foreclosures. Shorten the school day, double up like other systems have done in the past (double sessions,half go mornings,half go afternoons)
Eliminate sports, band, and extra curricular activities in the schools, until more money is available.
No more charging lunches over a certain amount.
School system start its own version of home school (similar to
Pay cuts like everyone else has had to do recently.

Still Hoping

February 20th, 2010
4:45 pm

Think about it “On the Edge”. Athletics IS teaching and learning. Not to mention what it does for morale, promoting teamwork, motiviation, discipline, and a host of other things it does. It also provides a path for many to continue on to college. If you eliminate the feeder programs (7th grade), you now have thousands not learning the valuable things it provides and the likelihood that they will at home is small. It also means that thousands are at home and bored while their parent(s) are still at work. What do you think happens next?


February 20th, 2010
5:24 pm

Much as I hate to say it…Dr. Heatley is doing the right thing. People are out there screaming about this or that being cut, but the bottom line is something has to be cut….and I guarantee someone or some organization is not going to like whatever it is.

I say Tough…!!!!! My family and I have learned how to live off one meager income in this recession. It was hard at first, but we adjusted. The School System as well as every other bloated organization can and should do the same.

There is a lot of short-sighted people that are not going to like what I say next…It’s time for Clayton County to raise it’s taxes and reposition itself as a middle class county instead of a low-income haven. I think we should really look at raising the apartment/condo rental taxes two-fold as part of the increase. (I wonder if it is possible to write legislation make it tougher for people to buy housing and turn it into Section 8 housing?)

We also need to look at nearly eliminating the corporate taxes for industry. (I hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth, already….!) The increased taxes and loss of revenue form business taxes will hurt at first, no doubt. But eventually, it will raise the bar for homeownership and living in this county. We will attract more families and community minded people to move in and stay. It will also bring in much needed industry and jobs. The increased revenues can go towards cleaning up the County’s image (Just think what a revamped Tara Blvd & Hwy 85 could doing for our confidence!) and revitalizing our infrastructure.

sick n tired

February 20th, 2010
5:36 pm

To Sgt. Rock – I too have been affected by cutbacks. I worked for Delta for almost 20 years and just about every other day, rumors would fly and eventually come to pass. Many of us CAN get other jobs making much more money. However, many of us are there for MORE than the money. Being self-employed and having a child with special needs, puts me in a unique situation that enabled me to have affordable insurance ( from 1200 a month to 172 a month), plus, when my child was out of school – holidays and summers – I was able to care for him. Most daycares won’t take children like mine – or if they did, it would cost a fortune. Plus, do you really think that a parent worth their salt, would allow strangers to care for a child that can not convey how they were treated or mistreated? So, for most of us working these kinds of jobs, it’s not just about the money. Heck, take the pay and just leave the benefits alone. Before working for the county, I couldn’t even get life insurance on my son. How dare you insinuate that we are all so ignorant to believe that we are untouchable, however, unique situations – one of which I’m sure that you can’t comprehend, cause us to beg out to GOD to help us out. We aren’t asking for government help – just what we were promised when we were hired. Capish

sick n tired

February 20th, 2010
5:37 pm

and I meant capice!


February 20th, 2010
5:40 pm

Thank you Sgt. Rock…I knock it’s painful to lose a job, especially one where you have been on for a while. That being said, me and my family have learned through it all that we didn’t need all our “stuff”. Now we just have the essentials and our lives are much more fulfilling.
The job I am on now pays less than a half of what my other did, yet we are here and doing fine. The CCPS needs to take a hard lesson from the millions of Americans that lost their jobs and had to tighten their belts…

Cinnabon Says Today

February 20th, 2010
7:53 pm

I agree. We need cuts to start at Central Office. No more bloated bureacracy! No more double dipping or ‘consultants’ who were former employees. Next, cut out the food and out of state travel budget of the BOE. Also, implement furlough days for Heatley – he too can share in the pain like teachers. It’s time to trim the fat!


February 20th, 2010
10:03 pm

Let’s talk about the cheating scandal. The principal of the year must have learned those techniques in her on line doctorate program. Actually, most of the so call, “Dr.’s” in CCPS have those degrees. The state of Ga. is about to stop recognizing them. Just look at the list, the top cheaters are the “Dr.s”. The Dr. at Lake Ridge cheated and still did not make AYP, go figure.

Oh Please Spare Me

February 21st, 2010
6:20 am

CCPS could save alot of money by eliminating all those academic coaches, school improvement specialists, etc. that spent VERY little time as classroom teachers, but now click around on their high heels and hold their clipboards and go around from school to school inspecting bulletin boards and asking kids “what standard are you learning?” How about ditching administrators who can’t speak with proper grammar, who can’t conduct a staff meeting with professionalism, who can’t write a coherent memo, and who seem to think it’s acceptable to humiliate teachers in front of the whole staff? I could throw up it’s such a farce. We need to go back to basics. This system needs to cut from the top those who are totally unqualified, and then down the line to the thug/thugette teachers who spend their day texting messages to their peeps.

cut sports

February 21st, 2010
2:22 pm

If sports at the middle school level are cut, parents will definitely go beserk. They place more emphasis on sports than academics. Truthfully, some of the bus routes should and can be eliminated to save money. At the end of the school day, there are more buses on the streets of Clayton than cars. If parents can drive their children to the bus stop and wait for the bus to come, they can certainly drive them to school.

leave Clayton

February 21st, 2010
2:25 pm

Lake Spivey’s residents should do what Sandy Springs residents did: consider becoming a separate village apart from Clayco.


February 21st, 2010
8:18 pm

Oh spare me please…. you are sooo right.

Sgt. Rock

February 22nd, 2010
4:36 am

DA, you may want to review my post where I spoke of taxes in particular where I mention “Now is not the time to raise property taxes for the schools”. I have advocated higher taxes in the past (only for Clayton County) but now it would not be prudent to do so.

Sick n Tired, I do appreciate your need for benefits. All children and indeed those with special needs requiring extensive health or behavioral care return to us in love much more than we sacrifice for them as caretakers and family members! Every situation is unique as you stated and I will certainly be sending petitions of prayer for you and yours. You stated “We aren’t asking for government help – just what we were promised when we were hired”. I would encourage you to ask for help if needed. There is a time to do so regardless of personal feelings about it and I fully understand your willingness not to. The word “promised” that you used is interesting. It brings to mind promises employers have contractually made to me and colleagues over the years. One unique answer I received once concerning this word “promised” that I’ll never forget; “We’ll never lie to you, and what you were promised is true BUT the truth always changes”. Reflecting on that wouldn’t it be nice if promises were indeed a bond. I wish you only Best Regards and written with the utmost sincerity, Sgt Rock


February 22nd, 2010
10:02 am

Get rid of the commisioner and the rest of the board that’s robbing us blind. Victor Hill was a problem, they railroaded the police chief, and now wants to cut the budget which may affect our school systems again. We need and adminstration that’s for the people of the county and not for the profits of personal gain. The man was a crooked police chief in Fulton County that headed the notorious “Red Dog Unit”, and slide his way right down the road to Clayton County to continue his onslot. “Now that’s Gangsta”.

sick n tired

February 23rd, 2010
6:03 am

Did anyone happen to catch the article in the Clayton News Daily about Heatley wanting to spend $1 million dollars to update technology? What a joke…..half the people in this county don’t even own a computer. What’s he going to do, give all the parents who don’t one a new computer? Crazy – and everyone wonders why the employees are so upset.


February 23rd, 2010
9:03 am

I could not believe my ears at the CCPS Board Meeting last night. In the midst of the worst financial crisis in the systems history, some fool stands up and requests a million dollars for a new technology toy. Who is this idiot. We can’t afford to pay our teachers and he wants new technology. I’ve got a better idea. Don’t buy the new toy and fire this idiot. We’ll save the million plus his salary.

Who is the idiot identified as "old timer"

February 23rd, 2010
7:31 pm

It is apparent, from you “comments”, that you are out of touch. Your comments are ridiculous (both content and context). Have you ever been a teacher? Do you realize we have evolved from the 1950’s? Have you ever heard of a Standards Based Classroom? Heatley can “cut” all he wants. The only people who will suffer are the students of CCPS and the communities that the schools serve. We have issues of achievement and accountability in this district. The CCPS of old (pre Joe Hairston) didn’t do ANYTHING for children. We accepted the status quo. The few kids who managed to “excel” were the privileged few from the old Jonesboro High School (i.e. Lake Spivey’s mizers who didn’t want to pay the tuition to Woodward). Whoever you are, you need to wake up and spell the coffee. The world has changed; DEAL with it! However, the support for the school district needs to increase. Cuts need to be made wisely, not based on what a few people percieve. Have you even thought: How are these cuts affecting academic achievement in CCPS? What support do teachers and administrators need to meet the demands of NCLB? Focus on those two points and let me know what you think. Hey, check out and get updated. We are no longer in the one room school house with the textbook driving the curriculum. You are a joke! Seriously!


February 24th, 2010
9:18 am

Wow. I guess we just heard from the idiot. Clayton County Schools are equipped with some of the best technology available anywhere in the world. Technology that was purchased with proper funding. SPLOST. In order to obtain SPLOST funds the district had to have a plan and sell the citizens on the merits of that plan. Your rhetoric about standards are the words of a fool. The SPLOST that we recently passed includes 50 million dollars for technology. Have you already squandered that money. If this new toy has merit why did you not include it in the SPLOST and let the citizens vote on it. Why can no one find any reference to the company they want to pay a million dollars?. Is your brother-in-law starting the company today?

Bur most of all it is stupid and cruel to put your wants ahead of the needs of the students and teachers. If we can’t afford to keep them in the classroom, all the technology in the world won’t do any good.

cc taxpayer

February 24th, 2010
10:35 am

check out what else YOUR splost money is going to pay for….astroturf at two stadiums. i suppose that is for the benefit of our students as well. as a teacher AND taxpayer in this county, we have lost sight of what is important and that is the students.

it is stealing from the county when an employee (those with the high paying salaries) is completing school work for their masters and doctorate degrees while on the clock.

furthermore, there are telephones in every room at my school for a teacher to take care of SCHOOL business. yet 90% of the teachers spend valuable class time talking on the phone to friends and family (i witness this on a daily basis). parents should and would be disgusted if they truly know how little time was being spent teaching their child.

i am seeing no return on my money yet every day i am forced to looked around at how it is being squandered and that is sickening. taxpayers, especially those with children in the school system – get involved, voice your concerns. we will never see change if we do not demand it and we cannot demand it if we do not speak up.

Blood Bike

February 24th, 2010
2:09 pm

A great deal of crying going on here. The one person who is ultimately responsible for your kid is you. No amount of money or any other person besides you will make a difference. Read, study, and go over homework and other work assignments with your kids. Plus, higher taxes aren’t the answer. Getting the best bang for your dollar and holding people accountable is the way to ensure success Clayton County. Fire or vote people out who aren’t doing what they are suppose to do.

My 2 cents.

90 minute block schedule=too much money spent

February 24th, 2010
10:07 pm

How about eliminating this ridiculous middle school block schedule? I can certainly teach more students in less time every single day therefore eliminating the need for so many teams and teachers. Get rid of the sorry ones (yes they do exist even in the best middle schools) and keep the good ones. The good ones who care and don’t just turn their heads the other way because it is easier.


February 27th, 2010
6:34 pm

I bet if all employees had a few sick outs, money would be found and cuts would be found from the places they really needs to be cut. Teachers especially are the wimpyest of all employees! Let’s decide a day every week and everyone call in. If you have the sick days you will not lose pay. They can do nothing if you just take one day at a time. Don’t believe the threats the school system leaders! Showing them how valueable we are is the only way to bring about change. John Trotter and his small band of pickers willl do nothing for you NUMBERS COUNT. Mr. Chapman and CCEA can talk until they are blue in the face. The rank and file have to step up to the plate and get up off you A____ and take the days. This would be easy to plan by word of mouth! You just have to remember to stay home that day, if you are found at the mall or nail shops you can get in trouble if you call in sick and are caught shopping or playing. You DO NOT have to provide a Dr’s excuse for one day at a time and you cannot be denied the day off if you call in that day and say you are sick. You can’t schedule your day a week in advance. Everyone just start calling in around 5:00 pm on Tuesday night continue until you get sub-finder if you can’t get sub-finder call the school in the middle of the night if they have message machines, if not call as soon as someone arrivies at the school Simply say you are sick and will not be there very firm and if they want to say No that you must come in tell them you are about to throw up (gag) and also you must go to the bathroom before you go in #2 in you cloths, you will see them tomorrow and hang up. So everyone take one day ( the same day maybe a Wednesday) a week for a month. I bet things will change. Stop beginning wimps and do this!!

Ivan Cohen

March 5th, 2010
1:04 pm

It is only a matter of time before the State steps in to run your school system. Does become agonizing to see Clayton County tortured over and over again by the media. The inference is that there are no competent residents who can operate a school system. Someone, please say it isn’t so.